Options for children’s quests on the street

Options for children's quests on the street

In recent years, it has become very fashionable to hold children’s birthdays in the quest-Rummy – special premises equipped for thematic games. Spectacular scenery, musical and light escort, professional animators and intricate scenarios will make any holiday unforgettable. Unfortunately, the price of this entertainment begins from 3 thousand. rub. But this is not a reason to despair – a holiday that you can arrange your own in the fresh air, will bring no less positive emotions and good impressions. In this article, consider the options for holding children’s quests on the street.

Rules of organization

Save statistics says that modern children are almost 80% of their time sitting in the room. It is far from the best way to affect their health. That is why it is so important to use any opportunity to get on fresh air and actively move. As a rule, children with great pleasure take the idea to arrange a quest. In this exciting game, participants perform interesting tasks, solve ciphers and puzzles.

They overcome complex obstacles and with the help of the received prompts find valuable items or reach another important goal.

Initially, the quest was exclusively a computer game, but a couple of decades ago he came out of virtual reality and turned into an adventure game offline. Such games can have the most different topics. They become a good alternative to televisions, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Such games are useful to any children without exception – they not only develop the mind and the intelligence of the child, but also improve his physical form, form stamina, stretch dexterity. During the game, the guys hire a surcharge search skill. The game is commanded, so the team is rafting, teaches mutual assistance and mutual support.

Let us stay more on the features of quests for children and young people at different times of the year.


Adventures, organized in the fresh air in winter, create a special mood. Snow turns the household plot to the fairy forest, and the house – in a magical hut. The weather gives the entertainment program its highlight, makes trials more exciting.

However, planning winter fun for the child, his parents must remember the following important rules:

  • It is not recommended to conduct a quest at air temperature below -10 degrees+
  • Another contraindication for the event will be strong wind+
  • All the participants of the quest must be dressed in warm, but at the same time not to the movements of clothes + carefully make sure that all participants in the fun are busy in moving games, otherwise they can freeze+
  • Weighting hair, rapid breathing, painted face – All these are signs of a disorder of heat exchange in a children’s body, an indicator of excessive load intensity + when such symptoms appear, it is best to send such a child to the room, and to switch other children to more relax+
  • Remember that first of all the quest must be safe – explain to the children that during the game it is impossible to throw snowballs in the face and head, push each other, to come across the slide + it is strictly forbidden to touch the tongue and wet hands to the pipes and any other metal surfaces.

    On winter days, you can go along with your children in search of treasures buried by pirates somewhere in the forest or in the country area. On the eve of the New Year, you can go to the search for gifts that evil creatures kidnapped at the good Santa Claus. Adventures on the frost can be diversified by the following activities:

    • Drawing on the snow with sucks+
    • Passage of labyrinth on confusing tracks+
    • Overcoming strip obstacles+
    • Excavation of tunnels+
    • snowfall exactly in target.


    In the warm season, it is practically impossible to stream at home, which is why many people travel around with the onset of summer – who is at the cottage who is on a tour bar who is in the camp. Long daylight and hot weather create ideal conditions for quests. Girls will probably like the tests with riddles, culinary competitions, dressing and dance buttons.

    Boys will be happy to save the planet, look for evidence and lead the team in search of treasures.

    However, hot weather is in danger. So, you should not hold the game if the air temperature exceeded the mark of +30 degrees – otherwise you risk getting a heat blow. Keep in mind that the sun is most actively from 11 to 16 hours, so try to hold a quest in the morning or closer to the evening. All participants in the event must be dressed in the weather, it is obligatory to have a headdress. During the game, you must have drinking water with you so that the child’s body does not suffer from dehydration.

    Important! You should explain in advance to children that the animals and insects cannot be touched during the search for tips, as well as try unfamiliar berries.

    It is strictly forbidden to enter any dangerous objects, whether forest thickets, abandoned structures or construction. Do not hold games near the water.

    Ideas topics

    The subjects of the quest can be the most different, respectively, differ and locations. So, you can arrange a small holiday in my yard or arrange a city quest-rod. The easiest on the street to implement one of several ideas.


    This is one of the most popular with modern children fun. It is a computer game, the main character of which lives in a special universe consisting of blocks and cubes. In this world, the player produces useful items, builds houses and even cities, find a weapon, cooks potions and hides from night monsters. For each correctly performed task guys get a card element.

    Their task – to find all the fragments and read the code word. It is it that will indicate the place where treasures are hidden.

    The most interesting tests will be the following:

    • Decorations and puzzles+
    • Overcoming strip obstacles+
    • Erecting high tower of cubes.

    Tips can be hidden in balloons with pyatchets and tails drawn on them. Guys will gladly burst to discover a map fragment. Members of the event will be happy to fight with Ender Dragon. To do this, you need to draw a villain on paper and attack it crumpled paper.

    Fort Boyard

    This quest was based on a fascinating television show, whose action unfolds in an ancient fortress near the shores of France. She hides indispensable treasures. To get them, players will have to go through a lot of complex tests for a very short time. The ideas of testing are easy to implement, namely:

    • Cut the neck of the plastic bottle and put the key on the bottom of the foam float + the player must pour so much water in one minute to the tablespoon so that the float can float to the level where it can be handed+
    • Put metal banks on the bench and hide the key into one of them + to get a trophy, the guys will need to knock down all the banks in a short time.

    Fort Boyard unthinkable without a wise elder wagon. Let him ask the quest participants an interesting riddle, for example: “What we can see with closed eyes?”.

      Participant who answered correctly will get another key. All the prompts received during the game should give an indication of the place where the treasure is hidden. For example, the keys “student”, “textbook”, “lesson”, “Parta” point to the place where the culprie of the celebration does lessons.

      Olympic Games

      Tsar Iphit lived in ancient Greece. Unable to look at the suffering of your people, he decided to come up with a way to stop wars, stop robbery and violence. This is how the tradition of the Olympic Games originated. With this legend, you can start an educational and sports quest for children. In such a game, participants will have to not only demonstrate logic and erudition, but also to show physical activity.

      If the number of participants allows, it is better to break them into two teams – it will increase the glow of passions and will make the event even more exciting.

      Olympic Games are unthinkable without a torch, he is hidden somewhere in the corners of the labyrinth and is guarded by a fierce minotaur. Only one who more than more and faster all the tests and tasks will take the right to carry fire. For this quest, you need to choose sports contests, mounted by historical certificates, rebuys, riddles and quizzes. In the courtyard you can organize a bar of obstacles. The battle of the jellyfish gorgon looks unusually – for this, the player will have to get into the image of a mythical being, standing back to him and looking only in the mirror.

      Questions for quizzes may have a different degree of complexity. For example, who ignites the Olympic fire, who was forbidden to participate in competitions in ancient Greece, what a marathon is and so on. As a historical reference, you can tell the guys that before the winners were revered as national heroes. In their honor, there were laudations of ODY, they put monuments during their lifetime.

      And you can also tell the guys that the initially intertwined Olympic rings symbolize the friendship of the peoples of all continents.


      The smallest participants in the holiday will not remain indifferent to the quest for the knowledge of the rules of the road. Start the adventure with the report that the hooligans stole a traffic light and only the holiday participants will be able to bring order on the road. In the process of such a walk, children will get acquainted with road signs and main traffic rules. Do not forget about active games – Racing on scooter and running with overcoming obstacles will be 100th in the subject of quest.

      Stages of preparation

      To any quest you need to carefully prepare. To begin with, carefully examine the themes and select suitable tasks, taking into account the interests and age of the participants. Most often use several tests.

      • Fingering ink. Everyone knows that the text written by milk is manifested after the sheet of paper warms over fire or drive the iron. Mirror encryption – in this case, you can read written through the mirror.
      • Enciphen. Code text can be encrypted with emoticons, and can use characters. In the latter case, participants will need to find a decoder.
      • Graphic tasks. The guys get a drawn tip, it is necessary to determine in it, in which place the following task is hidden.
      • Logic tasks. Typically, players are given several images or items, they should guess that they are united. The opposite game offers the kids to find more superfluous – solved it, the guys will understand, in what direction to move on.
      • Search assignments. In this case, quails lovers will have to go throughout the site and collect hidden tips.
      • Well, classic entertainment – rebuses and riddles.

        Preparing the game for children is very important to alternate intelligent tasks with sports and entertainment.

        A kind of excitement in the game brings several competitions.

        • Pautinc. The rope is wounded between pillars or trees so that the guys had to try before reaching the cherished key.
        • Labyrinth. In this case, you need to draw in advance on the asphalt maze of crayons, choose one child and tie my eyes. The essence of entertainment is that the rest of the guys with the words “led” him on the right road. At the same time, he should not intercepted on the line of the labyrinth – if this happened, the game begins first.
        • Popitories. You can drip a plastic container in which spiral-like pasta is placed. The guys will have to consider them all because the note with the prompt only in one of them.
        • A lot of interest is a photo octot. To do this, you will have to take a picture of the nature in nature in advance, where the prompts are hidden, offer to the participants of their fragments. If you spend the street quest for kids, it is better to print photos and hide in countersight places. Teenagers will probably have the soul of the option when the images are sent to them on a smartphone.

        How to organize a children’s detective quest, look in the video.

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