Options for Girl’s Birthday Options

Options for Girl's Birthday Options

Engaged in the organization of the children’s holiday, it is important to place in the room or on the street a beautiful photoozone. In this case, the birthday and guests will make bright photos in memory of the holiday.

What can be decorated?

To decorate the photowon, you can use a variety of materials.

  • Ribbons. Colored or monophonic tapes are tied to a horizontal bar, which is located at a height of 2-2.5 meters. This bar can be fixed on the door or hinder the thread attached to it. Such a composition can be completed with beautiful bows.

  • Paper flowers. Such a simple ornament for the photocons can be made independently or in the company with your child. Corrugated paper is usually used for work. Ready-made flowers are beautifully combined with light illumination and balloons in bright color scheme. You can also make cute paper pompons.

  • Paper garlands on the threads. This is another decoration that can be easily made with your own hands. On the threads you can clipped paper butterflies, hearts or the same flowers. Such a decor for photocons can be both monophonic and color. If there is no desire to make paper garlands with your own hands, they can be bought in a special store.

  • Balloons. To decorate the room it is best to use balloons with helium. Them should be a lot. Beautifully looking and arches or big letters made of balloons.

  • Slate. Such a background looks unusual, but gives a lot of opportunities for creativity. On a rubbish board, you can draw any images or writing thematic phrases. Now there are not only classic square and rectangular boards, but also curly products.

  • Photos. The photocone space can be decorated with favorite family pictures. In this case, guests during the holiday will have the opportunity to look at memorable photos and replenish the board with new photos.

In addition to the main items, preparing for the holiday, it is also worth buying PhotoButaforia on chopsticks. All these lips, hats and other figures usually stand in vases next to the photoconstruction. Guests can use them at their request.

Ideas for the smallest

By organizing a holiday for a child of 2-5 years, you can make a photoozone in the style of your favorite cartoon or baby fairy tales.

  • “Puppy Patrol”. Photowon with images of cute animals will enjoy both girls and boys. You can decorate free space with colored balloons.
  • “Cold heart”. You like for children 3-4 years old and photowon, decorated cartoon about Princess Elsa. For its design, a beautiful background with the image of the princess, a snowman figurine and a large number of garlands raised at low artificial trees.
  • “Peppa Pig”. Children 2-3 years old will like the photowon, decorated in the style of one of the most popular children’s animated series. For her decoration, two figures of acquaintances of all characters are used, as well as balls. Such a composition big digit decorated with paper flowers.

Beautifully on a children’s holiday will look at a mononographic photowon, decorated with different types of bows, ribbons and bulk flowers.

Registration of zones for younger students

Photowon for the birthday of girls 6-7 years should be more thoughtful. Excellent option – registration in the house corner of princess. For its arrangement, chiffon and fatin fit. Against the background, it is worth placing a big castle, carriage or throne. Supplement the composition large balloons, garlands, stars and colored hearts.

Engaged in the organization of the holiday, indoors can be equipped with a photocon in marine style. For its design, simple marine attributes will be needed: networks, shells, colored flags, ships and anchors. Children’s photowon, decorated in this style, accurately like the birthday and guests.

Options for teenagers

Decor of photocons for a teenager usually make more simple. Theme in which it is framed, must match the hobbies of the child.


If the birthday girl loves to watch movies, he will like a Hollywood Party. For the decoration of photocons you will need a red walkway, a golden background and balloons in the tone. Do it yourself a child can make gold stars from foil or several thematic figures.


If the teenager actively uses such social networks like YouTube, Tiktock or Likee, you can organize an unusual thematic holiday for him. TAkaya Photowon will like the teenager 10-14 years.

A monophonic white background for photos can be issued in red-black tones. Thematic decorations for photowons can be easily made with their own hands. Such a simple decor will be perfectly combined with colored balloons. They can be fixed on the top of the photocons or form the arch.

This photowon is perfectly suitable not only for creating various photos, but also for shooting short video.

Beautiful examples

In the process of registration of thematic photosone, you can use ready-made examples Beautifully decorated corners for photographing.

Photosone for kids

The child will be happy at 2-3 years, if for his holiday parents issue a photoconne with balloons and large letters. Color gamut for such a holiday is best selected by light. Beautifully look at the photowon, decorated in blue, beige, pink or green.

Fabulous scenery

Another interesting option for children’s photocons – Fabulous scenery. Corner for photographing can be drawn by figures of fabulous characters and magic trees. Beautiful on the background will look at the original castle or a high house.

Rainbow Holiday

For bright photo places, balls and flags of all colors of the rainbow are used. In addition to them, on the background you can position the figure, denoting the age of the child, as well as the figure of the rainbow with blue clouds. The wall of this photowon is worth decorating with monophonic blond curtains. Beautifully on a background will look and colored garlands.

Shut down the photosone best in the brightened place. In this case, photos will be obtained beautiful and clear.

Option Photo Into Birthday Girls.

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