Packaging paper for gifts: species and features of choice

Packaging paper for gifts: species and features of choice

Despite the abundance of a variety of ideas, surprise someone today is becoming more difficult. However, whatever the present, it is the packaging that gives him a status-based appearance, responsible for the aesthetics and psychological perception of surprise. Packaging paper today can be different, and therefore we offer to familiarize yourself with its varieties and nuances of choice.


Classify packaging paper can be classified several. For example, it is different according to the method of manufacturing, size, thickness, texture, color solution and design. In some cases, it complements the decorative film layer, in the others it is deliberately rude. Other varieties and come to the postboot.

In view of its features, paper is distinguished by nuances of assembly and packaging. For example, some packaging can be collected in the fold, the other does not provide, because too dense. However, it is precisely a variety and allows you to significantly expand the possibilities of decorating gifts through paper.

An additional bonus of such packaging is the fact that it can be combined with each other.

For example, one species may be an intermediate layer between decorative packaging and the present. At the same time, the paper can be combined with each other in color, design and texture. For example, the wrapper itself can be embossed, and the internal gasket – made of translucent or lace paper.

By the type of relief, packaging paper may be smooth and embossed.

According to the processing method, paper is bleached, painted, parchment, with a pattern or without it, rough or soft.

In the texture of the surface, it can be matte, rugged, satin, shiny, pearl, holographic, foil.

By way of packaging, it can be finished and needing wrapped.

According to the degree of transparency, it can be an opaque, translucent.

By the method of manufacture, it can be production and fulfilled at home.

As for the manufacture of packaging paper for gifts at home, then, in fact, this is the process of printing the desired option on a color or black-and-white printer. On the expanses of the World Wide Web, you can choose an option for every taste, and then print it, substituting a sheet of desired density for printout. For example, a lot of beautiful options can be found in the paper sections for scrapbooking.

Depending on the variety, gift wrapping paper is distinguished by the form of release. For example, it can be sold in rolls and as a sheet material. At the same time on the basis of its composition, it will be distinguished by the degree of softness and volume. For example, some options are pretty elastic, while with a different paper for wraping, you need to be extremely neat in operation so as not to break it.


By design solution, packaging paper may be universal or thematic. For example, today it can be chosen for any holiday and even a narrow-profile celebration. In addition to a variety of decorations for New Year’s holidays, March 8, February 23, Birthday, Easter You can choose options for cool gifts. At the same time, there are often funny inscriptions on them, which is relevant for packing comic presents to the boss, chief, colleague, friend, friend, brother, parents.

By manufacturing material, packaging paper for gift decoration can be represented by such options as:

  • Cardboard packaging+

  • gift bag+

  • Kraft paper+

  • Newspaper decoration+

  • Foil material (shiny foil).

Each view has its own nuances and develops in its own way.


Decorative packaging paper is not only leaf or rolled material. Today, manufacturers in order to attract the attention of buyers have developed a wide range of paper products for gift packaging. Packaging can be represented as:

  • Self-wrappers+
  • ready-made packages with beautiful handles from ribbons or ropes+
  • Original envelopes for the presents of small size or money+
  • Boxes with a rigid form to eliminate deformation or damage to the product.

In addition, today you can buy packaging paper in the form of ready-made patterns for self-folding. At the same time, the form of such packaging may be the most diverse. For example, besides familiar boxes and all kinds of packages, which can be collected without much difficulty, it can be an assembly of such unique forms as children’s booties, elf boots, umbrellas, hearts, a variety of wallets, bruises and other original types. The convenience of such packaging is the ability to independently select the size.

Features of choice

Choosing one or another gift packaging, you need to consider a number of factors. For example, the key of them is the purpose of the gift: it will be that it will determine whether the present will “dressed” in flower paper either on it will be molded by funny christmas deer. In addition, you can choose the option with the presence of the address on the package – this will allow you to write comic congratulations or just sign, from whom this gift.

Special importance is the gift itself. For example, if you want to give a candy or other edible bouquet, it is worth choosing kraft paper. It looks very solid, giving a special status to the presentation. And often it looks great together with rude rods or even a surgown.

When you need to decorate a gift for a newborn, preferably to do with a film: Paper in this case will close all the beauty, thereby spoiling the appearance of the gift.

Color wrapper paper – Wonderful packaging option for boxes or rectangular gifts. OIt is perfectly stacked by bending, able to “memorize” the form, is easily fixed with a transparent scotch or satin bow. Even if it is thin, it can be used for the manufacture of gift bags, gluing to a sheet of ordinary paper and collecting a package according to a specific algorithm.

As for the transparent film, it is only with a large stretch can be found to the discharge of paper, the reason for which is the composition of the material. Packaging paper makes wood, annual plants, waste paper, rags, as well as woolen and asbestos fibers. In the production process, the binders and filler include binders.

Polypropylene film is obtained by extrusion with a mandatory stretching of low-pressure polypropylene or high pressure. It is supplied with stabilizers to prevent the polymer chemical reaction.

What to pay attention to?

Depending on the variety, packaging paper for gifts is distinguished by susceptibility to moisture. The weakest is the newspaper modification. Other selection criteria include its quality characteristics. Choosing one or another option for making a gift, it is worth paying attention to several indicators:

  • Strength (must be high)+
  • density (for printing thin sheets use)+
  • Smoothness (relevant for high-quality print)+
  • White (important for color packs)+
  • Resistance abrasion (should not suffer when making a present)+
  • Transparency (depends on the wrapping technique).

If the festive paper is necessary for packaging the present by adding to several layers, it is more expedient to purchase an option thinner. When from her are going to make a paper bag, it is better that it is tight. As for the color solution, this factor depends on the taste of preferences, as well as the stylistics of the design of the gift. For example, gothic presents can be packaged and in black, but provided that this will be understood by the addressee correctly. The same can be said about such a holiday like Halloween.

However, for other cases it is worth choosing options with greater color dynamics. For example, the perfect colors of the color palette will be gold and silver. Together with other shades of gold or silver paint will give a special solemn status. Let’s say, they harmoniously look with bright blue, emerald, wine. It looks very nice in packaging foil paper, it is great for decoring new year gifts.

For example, with its help you can make a large candy with a rectangular form.

If you need to choose two types of packaging paper for designing one gift, their design should be combined with each other. For example, one type that will be thinner may be translucent or with an openwork edge that gives the kind of packaging itself. Picking up the components, you need to watch them to combine the subject or color. It can be a monophonic basis and pattern elements on a thin layer.

9 Gift Design Ideas – In the following video.

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