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The atmosphere of magic and magic is better reconstructed on a stylized party on the topic Harry Potter. To prepare and carry out such a holiday, a lot of effort should be made, since the main task of the event implies not only an appetizing treats and a standard entertainment program, but also the real transgression of parties from real space to the world of sorcerers and sorcereev.

Organization of the holiday in the style of “Harry Potter” is ideal for birthday, new year, prom.


Mark the holiday in the subject of a young wizard can be at home or in any other place, and it should be selected for the event to take into account the number of guests and the need to divide the space on some thematic zones. Party can be arranged in the apartment, in the country, as well as in a cafe or in nature. Be sure to take into account the age of the audience. So, for the children’s holiday, bright and spacious premises are suitable, where they will not be able to scare images of monsters. And one hundred and older guests can be called in “terrible dungeons”.

The decor of the room is considered the most important and responsible stage of the preparation of the party, in which the event will be held. Home hall can be issued in the style of the Gryffindor Living Room or the Big Hall Hogwarts Hall. Already crossing the threshold of the house, guests must dive into the atmosphere of sorcerence and magic. An excellent solution will be passing through platform 9 3/4. As a brick wall, you can use the most ordinary curtain with the appropriate structural pattern.

To create an atmosphere of Hogwarts to the ceiling of the living room you need to suspend the candles. They should hang vertically, as if a waters in weightlessness. Will very effectively look at the scattered balls of blue, yellow, burgundy and green shades in accordance with the basic colors of the faculties of the secret school. Thematic posters are usually hanging on the walls with the calls to free the house elves, the volumetric letters of the crochets, images of unicorns and centaurs, the map of the oblique alley and the photos of the most famous wizards in the world. I wonder any tantaamarski in the epic story.

Magic ornaments must be present in the entourage. It can be old parchments, a glowing ball for divination and, of course, ghost. You can make them from the balls with a strained marlevant.

For greater entourage, you can draw a huge mouth and frightening eyes on the fabric.

On bookstands It is necessary to place all sorts of banks, bottles and other containers filled with multi-colored liquid. For the manufacture of potions with worms and blood you can fill the flask with a liquid of scarlet color with the addition of boiled spaghetti. For potions with the claws of the dragon, a green liquid with almond plates and algae – fantasy here is not limited to anything. It looks very impressive in the corners of a gray web and garlands composed of bats. In the decor are welcome stuffed in different animals.

On the doors of the room you should hang thematic pointers. For example, the living room designate the “Big Hall”, the toilet is “Ironing-room”, the kitchen will become an “pottery room”, and the outdoor outlet – “Forbidden Forest”. Be sure to place real brooms in the corner, and the most beautiful of them will be Nimbus. No party in the subject of a young wizard can do without a distribution hat.

The chief attribute of the holiday can be made independently from any submitted means or take on time in the costume workshop.

Invitation and meeting guests

To the celebration should be prepared in advance not only the holiday organizers themselves, but also prepare their guests for him. A few days before the event, all friends need to hand invitations with information about the time and place of the holiday. If you do not have the opportunity to give the invitation personally, you can use modern communications tools – e-mail or messenger. The easiest way is to use ready-made automatic templates – they can always be downloaded from the Internet. They will probably become a good memorable gift for guests.

A successful idea will be the design of invitations in the form of a ticket for Hogwarts express. As you know, this is the only vehicle that delivers students to a closed school. For their manufacture, there will be white sheets of paper, as well as multicolored markers. It is advisable to soak paper in coffee or strong welding and fall out the edges – so they will look more ancient and mysterious.

Text is better to write from hand or use computer littering programs. Text may be approximately: “Boys and girls will come to arrive on Sunday at 20 o’clock in school magic and a sorcerence, located at x. We will meet you on platform 9 3/4. Password: “I swear that plotting a prank and only prank”. Another interesting option of invitations – letters in the style of those who bring owls younggas when enrolling in school. You will need colored sheets of paper, color handle, envelope with Hogwarts symbols, wax or seasheets for printing, as well as a red ribbon.

Write an invitation on paper: “The director of Hogwarts informs you about enrolling in a commodity school. With yourself must have a magic wand, as well as a fun mood. Provided the magic dress code “. At the entrance of guests with invitations can meet a complete lady, letters only those students who will say password. The lady at the same time presents every guest wand, as well as a mantle and other magical attributes that will come in hand to him in the future celebration.

All participants in the entrance event should be assigned a magode name to which he will have to respond the whole evening. The culprit of the celebration may be Hermione or Harry Potter, and his friend – Ronald Weasley. Do not forget to have such heroes like Draco Malfoy, Neville Dolbupps, Severus Snow and Albus Dumbledore. Family couple can depict Mr. and Mrs. Weasley or Tonx with Lupine.

For guests not to get confused in the names, each party participant needs to issue a bageik indicating his magician name. The participant of the party who will respond to his real name must be fine. It can be a tasting of candies with different tastes. If there is no such treats at hand, you can expose the participant to the spell Imperius. During this test, a stratum guest will have to perform instructions, for example, to proceed three times or spark on a panion around the room.

Choose an outfit for a party

Dress code at the celebration of the style of “Harry Potter” is very simple. It is difficult to imagine magicians without a magic stick, books of climbs and mantle. All major attributes can be made independently or purchase in specialized stores. Organizers of the event in advance should be prepared by mantles, scarves and colorful ties.

If desired, guests can come in Hagrid costumes, as well as Dobby, Beltodes, Volan de Mort, Teachers of Treloni and other actors. Witch costumes and other non-dust.

At a festive party in a magical style, everything should be fabulously, including those offered dishes. Festive dinner in Hogwarts should include canapes from fish, cheese dishes, and cheese sticks. In films about wizards often mention baked potatoes and pies with meat. It is better to offer pumpkin cookies, marmalade, as well as sweets in the form of volatile mice and spiders.

Special attention should be paid to drinks. Guests will have to taste lemonade, juice, as well as pumpkin juice. Cocktails best suite strawberry drink. It is very easy to cook it – just cut into strawberries and pour gashed water.

As well as guests should be offered butterfly. This is one of the most mentioned drinks in the book. You will need such ingredients:

  • Milk – 1 l+
  • Ice cream – 500 g+
  • Caramel – 40-50 ml.

All components are whipped in a blender and bloom on glasses. It is impossible to celebrate a holiday without a cake, especially a birthday. Such a treat is manufactured either independently or professional conferseers, but necessarily in the relevant subject.


The scenario of the holiday should include a gaming program, intelligent competitions and gifts to party participants. Consider some interesting ideas.


The very first entertainment will be the distribution of faculties. To do this, in the center of the room are placed with a hat, a leaflets with the names of faculties are put in it. Each participant must get one piece. According to the results, it will be clear to which one of the four faculties each party party will relate.


This game is a modification of the popular entertainment crocodile. Since all participants in the parties have already been distributed, then from each faculty are chosen by one representative, who must depict the conceived personality of the fabulous world, an animal or a piece of furniture.

Interesting pantomimes are obtained on a werewolf, the root, climber and Bellatris Lestrange.

Guess the password

As it was intended to go for a holiday, you should find out the password. It is reported, for example, a complete lady at the entrance. In the process of the game, the participants in turn ask her questions for which the lady can answer exclusively “yes” or “no”. Communication may look like this:

– This animal?

– No.

– This is a man?

– No.

– This is a subject?

– Yes.

– He belongs to Maglam?

– Yes.

Distribution may continue until one of the participants does not solve the word.

Catch dragon

For this game, you will need a poster with a dragon image. Participants of the holiday are issued improvised spears with plasticine tips. Compeant tie the eyes of a golk and spin. Then each player must try to get a spear of the monster straight into the eye.

Flying on the broomstick

If there is a big free space, you can spend a sports game. This will require at least 4-5 players. Everyone is awarded broom. Player’s task – as soon as possible to surpass the distance. Complete task can demhangers who run through the entire trajectory of the participants and trying to intimidate them. Perhaps the most interesting entertainment may be a quest where participants will have to look for a philosopher’s stone or a counseling. The essence lies in the gradual rays of the prompts. Solved one puzzle, participants will be able to find out where the next. Thus, you need to go through the way until the desired subject is found.

Tips need to be based on the age and interest of players. It is recommended to arrange from 7 to 19 steps, but in children 6-10 years old should not be too much. For adult guests, the tips must be the maximum number.

IMPORTANT: It is advisable to combine riddles that have references to the works of Harry Potter, with overall. Perhaps not all guests know the books of Joanna Rowling, therefore participants in the holiday that little know about fabulous history and young wizard, it will be quite difficult to play.

If you do not have enough time and fantasy to make your own unique adventure search, you can purchase a ready-made quest-set on specialized portals. Very by the way on the holiday based on Harry Potter, the soundtracks will be the soundtrack to all parts of the film, and complement the audition of the composition of the teams The Parselmouths and Swish and Flick, which received fame just the execution of music about this wizard.

About how to organize a party in the style of “Harry Potter”, see the next video.

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