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Corporate, birthday, wedding or any other event you can arrange in the style of “Great Gatsby”. At the beginning of the 20th century, elegant parties were arranged in the United States, for which the best homes and estates stand out. Here it was possible to hear a popular jazz at the time, see the ladies in brilliant outfits and full chaos.

Such sentiments are permeated by one of the most popular novels – “Great Gatsby”. After the release of his adaptation, people began to massively give preference to this style at parties. It should be noted that the child’s event in this style cannot be performed, since the main attribute here is always a sea of ​​alcohol.

Registration of the Hall

The decoration of the room is one of the most responsible tasks, because it depends on it how good everything will pass. In addition, the parties at the time were extremely rich in appearance, so no alay is allowed here. The style of “Great Gatsby” suggests that the owner has an exquisite sense of style.

First of all, it is necessary to revise the well-known screening to understand how much the mansion of a mysterious person was. And also worth paying attention to holiday scenery. Closer attention needs to be given the choice. The ideal solution will be the Loft, the distinctive features of which allow you to create a party in almost any stylistry. In addition, you can use the restaurant if it is decorated in a classic style.

Mandatory indoor attributes are high walls, the presence of old furniture or classic options, as well as a light interior. Of course, the big house is also suitable for such purposes.

The choice of optimal color solutions is also extremely important. These must be white, black and golden shades. You can mark several basic ideas for scenery.

  • Upholstery fabric – One of the optimal solutions when you need to replace furniture, made not in the style of “Great Gatsby”. In addition, this way it turns out to cover up modern technique, which can spoil all the impression of the party.

  • Using crystal chandeliers and sconces. The presence of such an element will allow you to instantly raise the partner’s bar several times. Create spectacular and original imitation can also be possible with dyshki from plastic bottles. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to immediately find the room with a designer chandelier – it will look extremely interesting and exquisite.

  • Translucent balls, which appear at the beginning of the film. This item is necessary in order to make a holiday more relaxed and magical. In addition, due to their versatility, such products will perfectly fit into the overall style of the room.

  • Vertical garlands, which are designed to ensure a sufficient amount of light and gloss. They will simply be incredibly looked at high ceilings that give the place of delight.

  • Bright butterflies. They could be found almost everywhere in the novel “Great Gatsby”. Of course, living options are extremely expensive, so it is worth limking to decorative models. They can be hung everywhere – starting with the curtains and ending with garlands.

  • Dear vases and big bouquets, which are an element of decoration almost any item.

  • In the original film you could see some small Fontanov. If it is a country house or restaurant, you can try to equip a similar item.

  • Frames from plinths. They can be pre-painted in golden shades, so that it will be possible to create original old paintings. They can hang up the types of American cities of the early XX century.

In addition, a great solution will be photographs of beautiful ladies in the evening outfits, which in those days were found almost everywhere.

Close attention in the process of design of the room you need to pay Organizations of photocons. It is worth using all your capabilities and fantasy, because it is this element that attracts the maximum number of guests and is remembered for a long time. However, it is necessary to do everything at such a level so that any corner of the space used for the parties could be an excellent background for photography.

Excellent solution – the creation of a historical zone, where the old sofa, carved tables and several items from that era will be born. In Fitzgerald’s novel, you can see elements such as an ancient phone, ashtray, exquisite handmade cups.

Ideas for organizing a photographing zone can be spacked in the film.

Invitation guests

It should be noted that in the film “The Great Gatsby”, guests did not need to get an invitation to a party. Every resident of the country could attend this event – here spent the nights.

However, now other times, and without the invitation of the owner, it is unlikely that someone wants to come to a party. To somehow not disrupt the atmosphere, it is worth using stylized invitations.

The ideal solution will be the use of antique paper on which the corresponding fonts and geometric elements will be. In addition, the “Great Gatsby” logo must be brought on the invitations. In those days, it was not accepted to issue invitations to events without envelope. Therefore, it will be necessary to purchase them or make them made of paper, and if you wish to decorate artificial pearls, which looks elegant and rich. You can add originality by putting photos from movies to envelopes. This will significantly simplify the training, since the guests will already know how to seek what to look for for the party.

Choosing an image

The creation of the image must be given close attention, as it depends on how much a person will fit into a thematic event. Here it is necessary to be guided by the images that were relevant in the 20s of the last century, and dressed appropriate.

For women

Extremely chic looks like this style for the beautiful half of humanity. Here you can use original, shiny and bright outfits. You can not constraint yourself in anything, because minimalism does not work here. Dresses allowed to decorate with gold beads, pebbles and pearls.

In the process of creating an image relevant will also be fur, which is perfectly combined with any clothing.

The perfect solution for the girl will be a straight dress, the length of which comes to the knee. As for color, it is better to give preference to black, brown and white options, but the silver will look extremely interesting. These dresses on the back must necessarily have a small incision, which was relevant in those times. To add an image, you can use embroidery, beads or fringe.

Of course, no female image can be created without high-quality makeup. Party in the style of “Great Gatsby” suggests that he will be pretty bright and causing. Lipstick should be only bright red, and eyebrows – as thin as possible. It is allowed to use carcasses on the eyelashes and arrows to highlight the eyes. The main feature of such makeup is that he highlights his eyes and lips. It is worth remembering that in those days the main highlight of the girl was considered a mole on the cheek, which can be drawn with a pencil.

When selecting optimal hairstyles, it is worth preferring the variants of a short or medium length. The final element of such an image will be a hat, which is a rather stylish accessory. In case the party passes in a closed room, you can add a hairstyle with an ostrich pen.

As for the decorations, the pearl beads, earrings, as well as bracelets are perfectly suitable for the event in a similar style. The handbag should be small, and even better choose a bag on a lace, which was very popular in the USA that era. You can not argue yourself in choosing decorations – the main difference of parties in the jazz style was an unreal abundance of accessories.

For men

    Create a male image is much easier, because in the 20s of the last century the choice for a strong half of humanity was small. He included the following elements:

    • Troika costume that can be added using a tie+
    • hat+
    • Oxfords who are considered in those days shoes of real gentlemen+
    • cane or cigar.

      In addition, a small rose can be attached to the lackcan.

      Musical accompaniment

      When choosing music for a party you need to be extremely attentive. To keep the situation real, it is worth a preference to such performers as Louis Armstrong and others who are often added to the players of the 20s.

      In the United States, when conducting parties in the style of “Great Gatsby” necessarily include the song A Little Party Never Killed Nobody.

      Considering the features of this event, the Budget Party in the “Great Gatsby” style will not be called. Here must be exquisite treats that are not allowed to most people. Or it is necessary to simply organize the original feed of the original dishes so that each person can feel a special. After all, this is the meaning of this event.

      In order to hit guests, you do not need to buy tons of food in advance. It is enough just to develop a large range in small quantities. It can be seafood, meat, smoked delicacies, fish and various fruits.

      There can be no big feast here, as it is a dance party, where everyone came to have fun and actively spend time. Therefore, an ordinary buffet will be enough. Of course, if this is a wedding, you can arrange small tables for 3-4 people in the hall. Waiters should be as professional as possible so that the food appears as if nowhere.

      When choosing desserts, you can prefer chocolate, nuts, cakes and dragees. But drinks represent a separate topic. There should be a huge variety: wine, brandy, a huge number of cocktails and, of course, champagne.

      In the process of serving, you can use satin tablecloths, rings on napkins, as well as live flowers. The dishes should be served in a special dish for several levels.

      An excellent decoration of the table will be ice sculpture.


      To the party to be as interesting as possible, it is worth thinking of any thematic contests. Among the most popular at that time, a number of competitions can be distinguished.

      • Male cancan. To carry out such a competition, the attributes of the dancers of cabaret will be needed – hats, corsets and feathers. It will be necessary to fit in all this and dance Kankan. Several participants or even participants compete with each other, after which the viewers choose the winner with the help of ovations.

      • Corset lacing. For the game you need a couple of girls and guys. It will be necessary to lace up, and then it is to divide the corset on the body partners.

      • Check accuracy. Here you should prepare a bottle of champagne or other drink in advance. The bottle is located at a short distance, and the contestants are trying to get a hat so that it is on the neck. If it happened, then a person can pick up a bottle of alcohol.

      • Creating an exquisite hat. This contest suggests that the hat will decorate. You can share participants for several teams, and for the competition will need rhinestones, glue and colored paper. The main rule – the teams should have the same amount of primary means. The team that will be able to create the most elegant hat for the allotted period of time.

      • Best dancer. Competition should be spent at that moment when it’s time to warm up. All regrets are called on the dance floor, after which the dynamic song is included. Everyone in turn shows what he is capable of, and the audience is applauded, choosing the most liked version of the dance.

      Thus, Party in the style of “Great Gatsby” includes many difficulties in preparing, however, thanks to his grandeur and thoughtful trifles, it will be remembered for a long time.

      How to get rid of the Great Gatsby Party Party Looking at the next video.

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