Road decoration options for February 23

Road decoration options for February 23

February 23 is a truly solemn and important day, which in Russia is celebrated with a big sweep. Women congratulate their colleagues, spouses, grandfathers and fathers, as well as brothers and, of course, sons. The overall mood of the holiday must be reflected in the decoration of the premises.

In our review, we will look at the main techniques that should be adjusted when decorating your home, shopping complex, the assembly hall in kindergarten or school.

Review of jewelry

When making halls by February 23, camouflage shades predominate in the color scheme. In the decor you can use the Palette of the Russian Tricolor, the combination of gold with black, as well as traditional contrasts, for example, white and black.

For the thematic decoration, you can use the Russian flag, camouflage net, reproduction of military years, boutoform weapons, layouts of soldiers, lights, military maps, army suitcases, gas masks, camouflage tents, and helmets and other military seats.


Universal Option – Use Balloons. Nowadays, they are represented in a wide color palette, so it is easy to choose a green-brown gamut that will definitely be associated with soldiers ammunition.

There are special finished balls in the topics of militaries, you don’t even have to pick up special shades. Of these, you can weigh the garlands in four rows or simply spend them under the ceiling.

The spectacular decoration of the room to the male holiday will be the figures from balloons – aircraft, tank or even comic figure of a serviceman.


By the way, flags can be made from balloons. You can also:

  • Collect garlands, decorating the columns or scene+
  • arrange small fountains in the shades of the Russian tricolor+
  • On the festive tables to place bouquets of three bowls of scarlet, blue and white+
  • Stretch the walls of the color rainbow, alternating balloons of the desired colors+
  • Well, finally, create a flag of steres in the form of a panel.

However, you can always use the usual flag of Russia from the tissue canvase for the decor.

Paper elements

Quite a lot of interesting decorations can be made of ordinary paper. The easiest option is the decor from the aircraft – They can be suspended under the ceiling or simply fix on furniture, doors and walls with two-way tape.

Very stylishly watch posters for military topics. 100% hit in the topic will be paintings with agitation calls for times of the Second World War or Modern Festive Posters.

Camouflage fabric

An indispensable in the interior decor on February 23 will be camouflage fabric or camouflage mesh. It can be purchased in specialized vending points or borrow from familiar fishermen and hunters. It is used to drape the walls and creating thematic stands. This matter you can wrap large boxes and place photos of Russia’s servicemen of different eras.

How to make a photoozone?

Photosone is a place in the festive hall, where all participants want to make a memorable photo. So that everything is most festive, build a background of inflatable balls or canvas, placing the soldiers’ helmets and buttiforski weapons nearby, put a cloak.

Here are just a few of the most interesting ideas for decorating photosons.

  • Trenches / bunker – Similar entourage will allow to recreate the realistic situation of the military period in the hall. Any holiday participant may touch weapons, protective equipment and switches.

  • Very spectacular looks panorama of different battles and eras. This is one of the most creative and successful ideas by February 23. To organize such photocons just enough to find the reproduction and print the optimal size banner. The main story should attribute guest guests to the largest wars in the history of our country – Elevate in the Patriotic War, the Patriotic War of 1812 or a seven-year war. You can also use the reproductions of the Kulikov Battle and Ice Easy.

  • For larger decor near the panorama Need to put the doubts of guns, tanks and aircraft.

The photocouple arrangement can be ordered by specialists, although it is not difficult to build it with your own hands. To do this, you will need:

  • Prepare a big poster with the image of warriors and tanks, as well as the text of congratulations+
  • Cut from dense cardboard helicopters, BMP and other volume figures+
  • Make a small corner of “field conditions” (for this, a sheet of drywall is tightened with a dark cloth, a tent is installed nearby, a shabby suitcase and a field)+
  • Tantamarski, depicting bears with weapons look very stylishly+
  • Big flag, stretched over the whole wall will also create a patriotic mood.

Registration of different halls

There are features of the design of various functional premises. Thus, when decorating photocast stores to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland will bring a festive mood to the pavilions and make shopping more positive. The foothold of trading complexes allows you to prepare a large-scale and truly impressive decor – these are necessarily enjoyed by their owners to attract buyers.

Most often, the photoconge is arranged near the main entrance. It can be a volume composition with soldiers and battle machines, a 3D image or the most common poster of militarized theme. Not less impressions are made and glowing neon figures, most often it is the stars or the numbers “2” and “3”. And of course, all over the room can accommodate stylized garlands with Georgievski ribbons, images of flags and tanks.

On the eve of February 23, the matinees are held in kindergartens and schools, so the design of the actual or sports hall should be paid special attention. Usually when designing, cardboard tantaamars. The topic of militaries can be used in different ways – to arrange a solemn table, recreate real asylum using a raincoat or prepare a decorative panel. On the curtain hang images of cartoon soldiers.

Especially relevant in children’s institutions inflatable balls. By connecting fantasy and calling for the help of pupils, you can build figures of the military. Very spectacular look at volume garlands from multi-colored paper. As a rule, they consist of triangular flags and stars – stretched through walls, such figures create a resistant sensation of the celebration.

And of course, On this day it is impossible to do without wall newspaper. Girls with great pleasure will make texts of congratulations for their boys and dads, add pictures and photos to them.

By February 23, it should be prepared for all fronts, so it is impossible to leave ignore and your loved ones. That is why it is desirable to pay the time to decorate the apartment. Your strong half will probably appreciate all the efforts, will feel your love and care.

In the home photowon, it is necessary to collect everything that anyway reminds of the interests of a man– airplanes from candies, wooden boats, plastic soldiers and model models. Don’t forget that the star is the main symbol of the male holiday. Stars can be made from cardboard, newspapers or magazines, they are five or eight-pointed, volumetric or flat.

Be sure to prepare for your men greeting check boxes, collect garlands from them, decorate the room with posters with festive inscriptions and photos. And in order for the holiday to be more touching, hang on the walls of children’s drawings.

If you do not like Militari, you can decorate the house with ribbons in the shades of tricolor – They should simply fix on the cornice or create bulk compositions. If those who served in the army live in your house, you can make a corner with photos that will reminde the past army past.

Beautiful examples

We offer some interesting ideas for the design of the premises by February 23.

  • Schools.

  • Kindergartens.

  • Shopping centers.

  • Office.

    • House.

    Master class on the creation of voluminous stars for decoration on February 23 in the video below.

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