Rock Style Party

Rock Style Party

Party for Rockers and Lovers of this Music Direction is a large-scale event to be carefully prepared. Holiday in such style can be organized to congratulate someone from friends or relatives Happy Birthday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the company, meetings of classmates, – the reason to find it is easy.


Preparation for the holiday begins with design and distribution of invitations, choosing a room for a party and its decor. Refuse to shop – you need to create a unique invitation design. They can be:

  • Concert Athis+
  • Guitar+
  • Collage with pictures of rock musicians+
  • CD.

Another option is to carry out a small rocker photo shoot, select the best pictures and place the invitations with them.

Invitations can be decorated with photos of famous rockers, images in vintage style. Come up with the design that will pass the mood of the upcoming holiday.

At the next stage of preparation, you need to choose a pad for an incendiary evening. Do not forget that such events are always noisy.

Hardly neighbors will be delighted with loud music. However, if they participate in a party, you can organize it in the apartment. Otherwise it is better to rent a room. Then it will be possible to include music in all power and have fun at least until the morning. The main thing is that the leased platform was good musical equipment.

Decoration of the room where a party for rockers will be held, special attention is paid. Excellent idea to stylize a platform for a rocker club or create a genaus imitation, where the team of musicians is rehearsals. In bright lighting there is no need. It is recommended to replace light light bulbs with neon lighting.

As an additional design, use posters on the walls and pictures of rock singers, photos of attractive girls. Decor can serve as old plates and CDs. Posters look more specthectic in neon light, when printing fluorescent inks, they can be made in printing houses.

It will not hurt to create a thematic photocon. Use drum installation in its design, other musical instruments that enjoy rockers. Let everyone try on the role of artist’s heavy music.

Photowon can be issued using the growth cardboard images of popular rock singers. If Elvis Presley or the Kinks group will be attended on the holiday – the founders of this musical current, to make selfie with them will be abused.

The easiest option is a photowon, decorated with rocker posters, borrowed from old magazines or printed from the Internet. Photos taken on the background of such a “Wall of Fame”, ideal for social. Networks.

Responsibly come to the selection of musical tracks. Prepare a playlist in which there will be songs of foreign and domestic performers. Modern tracks are recommended to dilute with old.

In the presence of a projector on the site, write down on the flash drive performances of rock stars and twist them during the party.

If possible, it is worth inviting professional performers to sing the most famous arrangements. However, it can make guests in karaoke competition.


In the style of hard rock you can arrange corporate or organize a holiday in honor of the birthday. For children of the celebration in such a topic, few people organize, but for teenagers – this is a good option. But such events are still more suitable for adults, mainly for young people.

You need to prepare the script in advance, come up with interesting contests and quizzes. Consider promoting victory in games. A gift can be purely symbolic or more expensive, such as a CD or a ticket to a rock band concert.

You can prepare a whole concert with the performance of rock performers.

The party is best to start with Fais Art. Invite a wizard for meeting guests in a specially designated zone, he will apply to those who want to celebrate the holiday of makeup.

While the invited will be gathered, you can offer them to put in the photo model, to taste the cocktail or to open a hookah.

After collecting all guests, go to the implementation of the festive scenario, namely to the quiz and competitions.

Start with karaoke competition. For this guests are divided into teams and arrange the competition to reveal the best performer of rock compositions.

After that, you can check how well those who are familiar with the history of foreign and domestic rock music. Make a list of guest questions. To simplify the task to them, prepare 3-4 answer options, of which the participants of the quiz to choose the right. The main thing is not to overdo with the dates so that the guests do not bounce. Make the focus on exposing and informative facts – it will save interest in the quiz.

A good idea to organize a contest “Destroy PPSU!”. Secure on the target wall to play darts, fix images of pop singers on them and invite those present to the accuracy.

If you can invite an operator to a holiday, remove the rock clip with guests. Let them have fun in full – all this will be imprinted on video. After installing the clip, send it parties as a commemorative gift about the celebration.

The script for the corporate party in the style of rock is almost similar to the birthday party. Empting add-ons. Arrange a contest for the most successful snapshot in rock topics. To do this, you need to photograph guests during the celebration, and closer to the end of the party Show pictures on the big screen. Best photo choose by voting. Snapshots can be printed and hang in the office.

Alcohol contests are suitable for men. Arrange the competition, who will speed the liter of beer faster. Ladies can drink non-alcoholic drinks.

You can choose a winner among colleagues for the most successful rock image, original makeup and hairstyle.


Divantized by Distribution, demonstrating your vocal data and having received bright emotions, guests will want to have a snack. You can send snacks, popcorn, make small sandwiches with sausage and cheese or mini rolls. Be sure to add low-headed cucumbers to them.

Many like garlic snacks, wrapped in a molten cheese Lavash Red Fish.

On the table there should be sausage and cheese cuts, bacon or buoyhenine, pickles.

Turn on the dishes in the menu for sweet tooths, such as marshmallows or leavel.

Try to preform a table, use fantasy.

Real rocker parties do not fail without alcohol. All rockers and bikers love beer, it is recommended to purchase several varieties at once. Beautiful ladies can mix foam drinks with fruit juices or liquors.

Can be included in the list of alcohol for the rocker and whiskey parties, combine it, for example, with a cola.

It is important to correctly calculate the amount of alcohol, so as not to overdo it and do not divide anyone. An excess of alcohol can lead to pogrom, and this can not be allowed.

Will not hurt to clarify the guests in advance what kind of alcohol they prefer. Foam drinks and whiskey perfectly correspond to the rocker style, but many like more gentle alcohol: champagne, sweet wine. Try to disappoint anyone.


The appearance is very important, it is necessary to dress correctly in order not to look like a “white ravener” among other guests.


The rocker party is best to get dressed careless. We recommend putting leather pants or, if any, there are no, black jeans, slightly torn in different places. And no classic costume – such clothing under the ban.

Girls will easily create a rocker onion due to black coloring dresses, anted skirt, shorts above the knee in combination with sleeveless crooked shoes. Your dressing code can be followed by a leather or jeans jacket, mesh tights, high-heeled shoes.

Completed image make accessories: chains, other jewelry, leather motorcycle gloves, bandans.

Hairstyle and Makeup

On the eve of the party to girls, it is not necessary to visit the hairdresser. Made hairstyle houses – what is needed for such an event. If the hair is short, negligent laying is created using a gel. Locks below shoulders are cleaned into the tail or just dismiss.

Before the holiday, it is recommended to use a colored hair tonic to give a brightness. This Council is relevant for guys, especially when laying the chapels in the Iroquim, creating a punk style image.

For girls, it is important to make a bright makeup: several layers of carcass should be applied on the eyelashes, and the lips cover the red lipstick. Perfect Neil Art – Black, Scarlet or Motley Neon. You need to create a truly coup image.

On the rocker party makeup do not only women, but also men. They will not hurt to make a black eyeliner in the spirit of Merlin Manson.

INOcherinka in rocker themes is an excellent chance to have fun and release steam. On such holidays you can sing loudly, dance and do not restrain emotions.

In the next video you can see a small excerpt from the Rock style parties.

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