That you can give the boss?

That you can give the boss?

Choosing a gift for the boss – the task is not simple. This is due to many factors, such as relations in the team, age and gender is aware, the number of money collected and the reason for the gift. Therefore, in order for the gift to cause only positive emotions from the manager and did not have an ambiguous subtext, you should consider this issue with all seriousness.

What to take into account when choosing?

Before you start choosing a gift for the chef, regardless of whether a man is or a woman, should take into account a number of important points.

  • The solemn reason is the determining factor when buying a gift to the boss. For example, the present on February 23 will be very different from a gift that was presented in connection with the anniversary, retirement or a transition to a new position. However, whatever the reason, you should remember that according to the rules of etiquette, the gift should be significantly more expensive than a gift to ordinary employees. The exceptions are small teams with the generated corporate culture. In such organizations, the position of the manager is often nominal, and therefore does not bring any special preferences.

This is more characteristic of a young acting team, where all its participants are one big and friendly team. In such cases, there is no need to allocate for a gift to the director too large amounts, and it can be limited to the same money as everyone from employees are going to.

If the present is chosen on the anniversary to the general or commercial director of a large enterprise, then, of course, we can talk about a large-scale purchase.

In such cases, it is customary to give an expensive VIP gift, which is much higher in its value and significance gifts for general holidays.

  • The following important factor that affects the choice of a gift for the authorities is Pauliefer. And if a man-boss can give anything – from expensive alcohol to good hours, then with a woman or a girl, the leader is somewhat more complicated. In this case, it is important to remember that the gifted is, above all, a woman, and then the boss and often, in addition to responsible work, has family and children. Most women bosses are forced to live in a mad rhythm, as a result of which many of them stay in constant stress. Therefore, a gift chosen by such a manager should show the team’s warm attitude and be the most useful and pleasant.

Standard options

For holidays that are not related to the personnel of the manager and are state or folk, there are several win-win gifts, which are always relevant and in most cases it is very accurate by the way.


Traditional gifts for men-managers are business items for office, written sets, flash drives, diary in leather binding, keywords and folders for documents. For the head, whose “everything is”, you can purchase a souvenir on the desktop, the original stand-organizer or desktop weather station.

The young leader of a small friendly team, where the age of all employees, including the chef, is about the same, and the relationship is more friendly than official, you can give a corporate handle or a mug with a company logo and a congratulatory text. In the New Year, an excellent gift will be a calendar with a photo of the entire team and warm wishes, complemented by a flask in a leather case or a bottle of good whiskey.


For women-bosses Standard gift option is an originally decorated bouquet of flowers, a leather wallet or a business card holder. Well perceived original statuettes and cute little things that can be decorated, as well as small pictures depicting a bright sunny day, beautiful nature or water.

To reproductions of famous artists, as well as autumn or dull landscapes should be approached very selectively.

Such stylistics is designed for special connoisseurs of art and people who do not understand the painting can cause sad emotions and inspire asleep thoughts.

An excellent option will be an orchid in a pot, a nominal vase or a certificate in a jewelry salon. A subscription to a beauty salon or a gym can only be given in the event that the boss is in friendly relations with subordinates, close to them by age and spirit and will not perceive the present as a hint of a bad physical form.

Original ideas

Creative gifts, as well as the options “with a surprise” give only if the Chief has everything in order with a sense of humor, and the post occupied by him still allows him to give it original and unpredictable presents. Such gifts require certain training and thorough development.

  • Among the original gifts for men can be attributed The first edition of the antique book. However, it should be given only if the culprie of the celebration is interesting to the topics of the book either he is a passionate admirer of the antiquity.
  • A good unusual gift will be ivory souvenir or aquarium with exotic fish.
  • For the heads standing at the origins of the company’s creation and selflessly devotees, you can prepare Album about the history of becoming His children with congratulations of old staff with whom he started his work way.
  • For a head with a good sense of humor, the team has a healthy atmosphere and a friendly atmosphere, you can order big picture with caricatures on himself and on all his subordinates, and add a set of expensive alcohol to it. You can also purchase Cup with Golden Medal And make a comic inscription on them, for example, “Best Boss”, “Brilliant Director” or “Honored Workaholic”.
  • An excellent original gift for a woman manager will be Charging for iPhone, performed in the form of a bracelet. This decoration will help not only charge the phone from the computer, but also throw off the necessary files from it.
  • Unusual and interesting presentation will be Web for self-cultivation, located in a beautiful ceramic machine. It is absolutely undemanding to care and needs only in regular spraying and trim. Moreover, the machine body can be used as a platform for notes. Recording important information will be marker, which is well erased from the surface with a wet napkin. In addition to the green set you can hand Diploma with the inscription “The best boss in the world”.
  • A good gift of the gift will be Florarium, Presenting a spherical vase with exotic species or bonsides planted in it. Plants for such sets are usually selected the most unpretentious, which will not give big hassle to their owners.
  • You can also donate Round Aquarium with Gold Fish or Room Fountain with Greens and Illuminated. Water calms the nervous system well, moisturizes the air indoors and forms a comfortable microclimate that promotes health conservation.
  • And women and men holding posts of high-ranking chiefs, as an original gift you can give Name Star. An affiliation of the luminarier of the celebration is officially registered in the international catalog, which certificates are issued in the Golden Frame written in English and Russian. Apprailed can go to a special program at any time and online to watch your star.
  • Interesting gift will be Professional photo session or parachute jump, However, such a present will be more suitable for a young and creative boss and must be agreed with him in advance or indirectly approved.


Memorial gifts are given in the following cases: when the chief “everything is” and suggesting something necessary and practical no longer makes no sense, as well as at retirement, dismissal, raising or moving to another city.

Memorable gifts for the most part are things are decorative and practical applications that are not having, because of which, when choosing them, you need to be guided by good taste and personal preferences of the belonging.

For example, for the military boss, you can choose a cavalry checker and make engraving on its blade with a gift inscription, while for the head of the railway organization, the expensive miniature model of the steam locomotive with a memorable text on a golden record or a silver cup holder with a Russian Railways logo and commemorative engraving.

The office man-director will be appropriate to give a golden clamp for a tie, and the boss of a large enterprise – an expensive antique souvenir. Another category of managers who are customary to give memory gifts is the director of universities, stresses and general education schools. They can be given wall mounted or desktop clock with an image on the dial of their educational institution, a big picture in the office or a globe bar made of natural wood. If a gift is made not from the whole team of graduates, but from someone from them individually, then a great option will be wooden chess or a good book.

Useful presents

Large practical gifts are often given by prior arrangement with the culprit of the celebration either at the prompt of his relatives.

  • It may be New forged mangal, electrocamine in the living room either Cottage attic telescope. A woman-supervisor can give a new laptop or expensive chandelier.
  • Fashionable and at the same time useful gift is Antique wood samovar, which gives the boss having a country house or cottage and loving appeals in the fresh air.
  • No less useful presents are considered Indoor barometer, plasma panel for video conferencing, massage chair and air humidifier. In this case, the choice of a gift entirely depends on the amount of the sum and the preferences of the chief.

The next category of useful gifts are objects associated with a hobby or chef passion.

  • For example, if the head is a fisherman, then new boat, good spinning or box for fishing gear he will surely be happy.
  • You can present a loved one to hiking New tent and picnic kit, And the hunter will appreciate the good Knife or Arbalet.
  • If the head is an athlete, then the gift will depend on the sport that he is engaged in. In such cases, any relevant will be Sports inventory ranging from exercise bike and ending with a fireboard for surfing.
  • The active leader of a large business, which regularly traveling around business trips, you can give Leather Case, in which he will put things in the way. Typically, such cases are equipped with a multitude of compartments, which are easily placed not only documents, but also the personal belongings of the owner together with the laptop.
  • Motorist bosses can be bought Accessories for cars: It can be DVRs, set of carpets, massage or fur capes on the backs of the chair or car vacuum cleaner. If a gift is chosen on an ordinary date or public holiday, you can limit the objects for relaxation, such as Newton or AromaMpa Balls.
  • Women managers will be happy Handmade blanket either forced cashmere shawl.
  • From intangible, but no less useful and interesting gifts can be noted A ballet ticket or a good performance, a certificate in a spa and invitation for a seminar According to the chief of interest to the topic. With subscriptions in beauty salons, on horseback rides and parachute jumps need to be careful and give them only when there is a complete confidence that the boss is like this gift. Otherwise, the money will spend in vain, and the gifted feeling of awkwardness and dissatisfaction with the gift will arise.

The following category of gifts is conditionally “useful”, and includes smoking accessories.

  • Smoking supervisor you can give luxury lighter, inlaid by gemstones or Dear gilded cigarette.
  • Common gift are hookahs, smoking pipes and cigar sets. You can also give antique ashtray either silver mouthpiece.

Gifts from the whole team

Collective gifts are usually expensive and overall. Options are thinking in advance and are taken for discussion. The general meeting is then chosen the most appropriate gift, the team collects the necessary amount and acquires a valuable thing. A collective gift, in contrast to the individual, can be very expensive, which will not be perceived by the chief as a subhold.

  • For men, managers can be purchased Cabinet Chair or Desk, Antique Compass or Unusual Lamp. If you allow the size of the cabinet, then you can stop your choice on outdoor fountain or big original statuette.
  • And for men, and for women, a great presentation will be set of pens, made of valuable trees, such as oak, male and alder. At each of them you can make laser engraving name-Sami Chaff and Darment Date.
  • If the head is a coffee lover and does not have a personal secretary, then you can give Coffee set with coffee machine. You can also present a silver coaster with a teaspoon of the same metal, ordering engraving with a congratulatory text on them.
  • From intangible values ​​can be presented Personal number newspaper. To do this, you can agree on the printing house and place on the first page a photo of the director, and on the turn – good reviews of his subordinates and a selection with wishes from each member of the team. If there is a local newspaper in the city on which the organization signed, then the article can ask the editor-in-chief, order a journalist and pay for its services.

In general, when choosing a collective gift, you can be guided by the following rule: if the gifted – the head of a large scale, has a solid wage and does not need anything, it is more expedient to buy something for his office.

It can be a reproduction of Aivazovsky paintings, leather sofa or antique desk lamp. If the chef does not yet belong to the category of heads, who have “everything”, then the gift should be destined not for the workplace, but personally for the perpetrator of the celebration.

After the collective gift is bought, you must think of how to hand it right. For this, the congratulatory speech is pre-writing, the time and circumstances are determined, in which the present will be awarded, and the employee is selected, which will voice congratulations. The main thing in this business is to observe the thin line between excessive familiarity and panibrate, and try to find simple and mental human words.

Edible gifts

Tasty presents are given to the general holidays, as well as in addition to the main gift for personal events. So, the leaders’ men perceive the sets of dear tea or coffee, which can be supplemented with a thermocrus or coffee set. You can add a box of candy or chocolate tile of the highest grade to this presentation. Great Presentation will be a set of premium cheeses and a bottle of good wine.

Women boss can also give a coffee or tea set, fruit basket or popular recent fruit-berry bouquet. For young girls, you can order a candy bouquet and add it to a soft toy. If the time to order a sweet gift does not remain at all, you can make a photo of the team, write a wishes on it and make a pack of candy box out of it. A good gift will be a personal cake made by an individual order, made in the form of a company logo or diploma “Best Head of the Year”.

Well, finally, a wonderful gastronomic gift for the authorities of both sexes will be dinner in a restaurant for two. It will be necessary to ask for a colorful certificate from the administrator’s institution and solemnly hand his boss.

What to give is not worth?

There are a number of gifts that give the leadership in no case can not.

  • Men should not give various Facial and body skin care products, clothing and personal belongings, comic gifts and jewelry (exception is only the golden clamp for a tie).
  • Not recommended to give Medical devices, souvenirs of own manufacture, socks, perfume and pets without prior approval or personal request perpetrator celebration. The main criteria when choosing a gift are neutrality, friendliness and respect.

As for female gifts, there are much more restrictions than men.

  • So, a woman manager should not be given Certificate for advanced training courses or skill on the subject of entrusted to her. Such a gift for a long time offended the boss and then there will not seem little team.
  • Also do not need to give Cosmetics and Spirits: Gay with the aroma is unlikely to succeed, and offend a woman hinting to her that it smells badly, it will be quite good.
  • It is impossible to give I Underwear: Even in a fully female team, it is considered a movietone.
  • No need to present and Purely men’s gifts, such as case or expensive alcohol.
  • Pro Subscriptions in fitness clubs already mentioned above and give them alone.
  • Next are the presents in the form Kitchen utensils, which are also not a good option. This is due to the fact that the boss will be able to buy a saucepan or a frying pan and herself, but she is most likely not to cook. Therefore, there is a high probability that such a present will be stored on a long shelf for many years, not even unpacked.

Chiefs of both sexes should not be given large gifts, such as cabinets, piano or large sofas. This presentation is very difficult to find a place that it will force the chief to make an unplanned permutation. The acquisition of such things should be negotiated in advance with the culprit of the celebration.

Whatever gift is selected for the boss, it is recommended to always add it a bouquet of colors.

For women managers, you can order delivery of a chic bouquet to the house. As a rule, such surprises are very well perceived and remember for a long time. When buying colors for a man you need to say about this florist, which will choose the “men’s” plants and will make a beautiful and solid bouquet.

How to choose a gift boss look next

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