The best gifts adolescent 14 years for the new year

The best gifts adolescent 14 years for the new year

What to give a 14-year-old teenager for the new year? Such a question can worry both parents of a boy and other his loved ones. I want to make a pleasant and necessary surprise who will remember for a long time. We offer you ideas for the present in honor of the New Year, suitable for a guy in 14 years.

Luxury gifts

If you have a sufficient amount of funds, you can buy a decent and necessary gift to the boy for 14 years for the new year. In Santa Claus, he no longer believes, but knows that close people are able to carry out his cherished dreams. Here is what a luxurious surprise can be presented.

  • New computer. This thing is needed both for study and entertainment. The boys dream about the most squeezed laptop or a powerful stationary iron friend. Such a surprise will make him jump from delight and forget what an adult is already.
  • Journey. Parents who gave her son to the new year’s trip to their new year, will be superheroes for him. Maybe he dreams of a trip to Veliky Ustyug or Lapland? Themes are just suitable for the new year.
  • Dear smartphone. Probably all children dream of the newest gadget. The desire to boast before classmates is quite normal. Therefore, for the family holiday, it is not bad to buy it that is such a gift.
  • clothing. Teenagers – those still fashion. Therefore, the purchase of fashionable jeans or sports suit in the corporate store will be a pleasant surprise for them. Find out which brand wants to buy a boy, and reduce it for new things just first January.
  • Game console. It’s a dream of any boy. Give him this thing and see it genuine joy. Now he will be able to remove his energy on a virtual battlefield with cosmic aliens.

Budget presents

If you want to give anything nice to your friend, who is 14 years old, or elder brother, then you will not fit expensive surprises. Yes, and parents could give everything the most necessary and grand. These are some inexpensive, but very nice gifts can be given to a teenage boy.

  • Headphones. Surely he likes to listen to music. And this accessory is often breaking, as it is used often and not always carefully. Even good headphones are fairly inexpensive, so you can buy them almost anyone, even a schoolboy.
  • Portable speaker. A gift similar to the previous one. Now it has become fashionable to listen to music everywhere. The volume of the dynamics of the mobile phone is insufficient to sit and enjoy the track in the company. But the column will just help make the party brighter.
  • Souvenir do it yourself. Oil painting, leather bracelet or other thing made by hand will give a boy memory of you. Such a surprise for the young man will not remain unnoticed.
  • Key ring. Such a gift is always useful. Keychain can be attached to the backpack, and to the keys from the house or locker in the locker room.

Inexpensive, but a practical surprise will please guy.

Sports Equipment

The child at this age want to look at all hundred to be successful in the company. At the age of 14, girls are already starting to like, so the guys begin to follow the figure and try to become more athletic. As the way, a gift for sports has been available in the New Year.

  • Punching bag. Reach anger on the offender, stretch, burn energy per day – all this can be done with a pear for boxing.
  • Ball. What is a teenager fond of? Football, basketball or volleyball? Buy him the ball for one of these sports and please it.
  • Bicycle. Great gift for active guy. Let it not summer, but spring is not far off. In the meantime, the guy will be able to find the necessary accessories for your new iron horse.
  • Rod with pancakes. Many boys dream of becoming like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and will help them with their own rod. With her, they will be able to make cares and squats, strengthening and developing their muscles.
  • Subscription in the gym. If he long wants to walk there and engage, give him such an opportunity in the form of an annual subscription. Let the new year begin for him with a healthy lifestyle.

Useful little things

If you want to give some nice little trifle to your friend, brother or son, which is 14 years old, then look at this list.

  • Diary. At this age, guys are already such business, which will surely want to lead their personal records in the diary.
  • Pen. School or technical school obliges to record a lot of information. Beautiful handle will make this process more enjoyable.
  • Wallet. Store your pocket money in the wallet is much more convenient than to look for them in your pocket with any purchase. Boys often forget to buy such a necessary accessory, so you can give a wallet.
  • Organizer for stationery. And such a surprise is useful to the disciple. How nice when the ruler and eraser lie in their places, and not lose among the countless number of notebooks and textbooks.
  • Deodorant. Teenager already want to care for me and like girls. Therefore, to give good and nice smelling products of hygiene is quite appropriate.

The right things

There are such gifts that otherwise do not name. That’s what you can attribute.

  • Books. Now few people love to read, but often books in the life of a teenager play an important role. Divide into the study of the subject of interest, read about idol, learn more about your hobby – presented in this presented literature.
  • Flash drive. Now it’s just nowhere without this little thing: listen to music from a friend visiting, print photos or abstract by study. And except this subject is also almost no.
  • Language classes. It is possible that the boy will not be too glad to give such a gift, but then realizes how important it is now well to know the language.

Paid language courses – a wonderful gift for the new year.

Cute surprises

How can you please a teenager on January 1? To do this, you can make him a cute gift – independent or as an addition to the main.

  • Kulok sweets. Even at that age the boys still remain children, and, it means, sweet toes. Give the guy a set of favorite candies and chocolates, and he will gladly eat them on New Year’s holidays.
  • Plaid. This present will help him not to climb cold winter evenings. And if the color of this accessory will be fashionable and unusual, then the plaid will still decorate the interior.
  • Puppy or kitten. If the child has long dreamed of a dog or a cat, then the New Year’s Eve is the best time to implement his dreams. Just imagine the joyful face of the boy and go to the nursery.
  • Slippers. Home slippers with a pattern for New Year’s theme will cause a smile on the face of the guinea. In addition, in winter they will definitely be.

Practical gifts

There are such surprises that are simultaneously pleasant and may be needed every day. Not scary if you will repeat with someone and give two identical objects. Because they are not unnecessary. That’s what now let’s spell.

  • Umbrella. Bad weather finds us surprise, and umbrellas are lost, then forgotten at home. Therefore, such a gift is always useful.
  • New pair of sneakers. Almost all adolescents are sneakers, and an additional couple will not be superfluous. Learn the size and preferences and buy high-quality shoes as a gift for the new year.
  • Hat. During winter cold, it will not hurt to insulate the head and ears. Caps again in the trend, and the boy will be delighted with a new head fault.


If a specific guy is difficult to please, You can try to make him an unusual modern gift for the new year.

  • Cove ticket. Currently, a fashionable passion for various quests. This is an adventure that develops logic, deduction and teaches to act in a non-standard situation. Ticket to such an event will like any teenager.
  • Excursion. This gift will help the guy learn something new, disperse and a little to travel. The main thing is to find such an excursion where it will be interesting.
  • Cool movie tickets. If the teenager is a fan of some genre or a certain actor, then it will make a ticket for the corresponding movie. You can purchase a few tickets to go there along with friends.

A gift for a teenager at age 14 for the new year is really difficult to choose. At this age, children are so categorical and difficult to communicate.

If you do a surprise with love, then the boy will still feel this and will remain grateful.

Examples of gifts can be seen in the video below.

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