Top gifts for the new year

Top gifts for the new year

Choosing gifts to relatives and loved ones before the holidays takes a long time. Festive vanity reigns everywhere, shops shops mounted by advantageous offers, and the hands still have to buy some bauble. But in order not to guess with the choice, it is necessary to maintain composure and preferably in advance to make a list of who and what you want to hand over the coming holidays. In this article we will tell, what kind of presents are better to give the new year family members, friends, colleagues and children.

The best unusual gifts

All gifts for the holiday can be bought in the nearest store. But it really wants the present to be memorable and useful, and not dust on the shelf or in a long drawer. Therefore, the main rule is Refuse the banal New Year souvenirs and think about what a gift can please a certain person.

Live tree in a room pot with a set of small toys will serve a cute presentation for the holidays. Such a gift will become a unique and unusual Christmas decoration in Eco-style.

One of the key characters of the winter New Year holidays are tangerines. They can be used as a cute addition to the presentation or present as an independent gift.

Bright orange fruits can be collected into a single composition with fir branches, it turns out Aromatic bouquet. Such a present will raise the mood and will look stylish and unusual. For the manufacture of the composition you will need: tangerines, wooden spanks, fir branches, tape and beautiful gift paper for packaging.

Coniferous branches attach to wooden spanks with a transparent scotch. Connect 3 wooden spanks at the base with the help of the tag, and the tangerines will fasten the top. Do the same with the remaining tangerines and coniferous branches, and then neatly connect all the elements for the base of the wooden speakers into a single composition. Securely fix the base with scotch, so that the skewers fit tightly to each other and did not disengage.

And final barcode – gift paper packaging. Dense colored wrapper hobs all traces from the tape and make the aromatic composition bright and beautiful.

If you wish, you can dilute the combination of branches and tangerines with fir bumps, candy, cinnamon sticks.

Champagne is another symbol of the new year, which is why A bottle of sparkling wine is considered the optimal presentation. A bottle of champagne can be decorated in New Year’s topics, present in a basket with fruit or arrange, as prompts fantasy.

The easiest option is to prevent a bottle of alcohol in the form of a pineapple or a Christmas tree. To do this, you will need to push the bottle of bilateral scotch, and the sticky side carefully close with candy or tinsel. Such a present will undoubtedly become the original decoration of the festive table.

Family photo session on the eve of the New Year and Christmas can be the beginning of an excellent tradition.

And can also be presented as a gift to parents or close relatives Family photo album with your shared pictures. But you should not fill the album completely. Leave most of the pages empty so that the new winner of the photo album has a happy ability to choose the pictures that want to save in the printed format.

Picture that needs to be punished independently, It will be a wonderful gift for both an adult and a child. Such a gift combines not only an exciting creative activity, but will continue to serve as an excellent decoration of the interior. Creative person will also like the coloring-antistress for adults. In large stores of stationery, you can find a whole book with different pictures that can be painted with markers, paints or colored pencils.

In the process of disaggregation, the nervous system calms down and well-being improved. And all family members can take part in this process, so such a gift is suitable for both adult and child.

Tickets for a musical group concert or a performance with your favorite actor – such a gift can be presented with a close family member, friend or colleague. If you could not choose a suitable concert or event in the event of events, you can give Certificate with a nominal amount. Then the owner of the certificate himself will choose the event that he wants to visit.

Salt lamp is not just a cute and beautiful subject of the interior, but also a very useful present. Salt lamp cleans air, saturating it with useful ions and has a beneficial effect on the well-being of people. The lamp is a dense hydrochlorian pink or orange shale with incandescent bulb inside. When heated from the light bulb, the thick layer of salt begins to select the beneficial substances.

Salt lamp helps to fight various viral and chronic respiratory diseases, stabilizes pressure and improves well-being.

Set for cultivation – such a simple and interesting gift will appeal not only to children, but also adults. In a specialized store you can buy ready-made sets with soil, seeds and a pot, or you can make a gift on your own. First, select the plant you want to give. It may be spruce, pine, mandarin, orange, coffee and any other plant at your request. Pick up the suitable primer and a beautiful pot into which the recipient of the gift himself will plant a plant.

And also take care to find the instruction, how to care for the plant, this information will be useful to the owner of such an unusual gift.

Knitted hats, scarves and mittens are indispensable in winter, and if you present warm and cute little things as a gift for the new year, they will accurately appreciate their advantage. Such gifts can also be made independently by creating an exclusive present.

Books are undoubtedly relevant as a present. And on how responsible you will react to the choice will depend on the success of the gift. If you are unknown by the literary preferences of the recipient, it is wiser to choose a classic work in a beautiful binding or an old book from an antique bench.

Gourmet and novice culinary like Culinary apron or set of towels with New Year’s theme. Also fit Beautiful dishes or kitchenware, For example, the electric listure or convenient coffee grinder.

A set for the buyer will be the perfect gift for the connoisseur of bath procedures.

This set can include brooms for steam rooms, caps, mittens, slippers, essential oils – everything you need for a comfortable stay in the bath and sauna.

Gift set overview

Tea or Coffee Set – Such a wonderful gift can be presented to parents or colleagues for the New Year. Choose a set can be used for every taste and wallet. Luxury and popular tea and coffee varieties Can be supplemented by sweet presents or a set of beautiful dishes. Add a gift can also be beautiful packaging. Create your own label with new year symbols or wishes of well-being and happiness.

Gift basket with jam and honey will be a useful gift for sweet tooth. You can collect and checkout the set in the New Year Stylistry yourself. To do this, you will only need to buy natural sweets or prepare yourself, package on beautiful jars and add beautiful labels.

Beautiful dishes in the New Year Stylistics – Pleasant Present on Winter Holidays. As a gift, you can choose an elegant tea pair, a cute brew, molds for baking and any kitchen accessories. Such a set will be a welcome gift for relatives, friends or colleagues.

Cosmetic kits, Perhaps you can attribute to the category of simple and pleasant gifts for all holidays.

The set can be collected yourself, taking into account the wishes of the recipient of the gift, or find ready-made presents.

And if the choice of suitable cosmetics seems to be a challenge, you can always stay on the purchase Certificate of Cosmetics and Perfumery Store, Then the owner of the card will be able to make a choice itself.

Another simple and always winning gift – Certificate for SPA procedures. Such a gift you will prevent a person unforgettable moments of bliss and relaxation. The certificate in the fitness club can be given only to the person who is actively engaged in sports or dreams of visiting the fitness club. But if such a gift is given to a person who is complex because of his appearance, weight or has health problems, with a lot of probability it can be said that the subscription to the gym will insult or offend his owner.

Christmas christmas toys – Such an exclusive gift will please even the most picky person.

And it is not necessary to buy expensive gifts in the store. Make the Christmas decorations can be made of hand from the remedies: felt, wool, cardboard and t. D.

And the New Year souvenirs can be presented as Gingerbread painted with bright icing.

What to give an adult?

Gifts for adults can be conditionally divided into two categories: budget and expensive. To more accessible gifts, but not less significant and useful can be attributed Thermocroup. Perhaps this is a necessary gift in winter. Especially if the person you want to please, loves to drink hot coffee and often late in the morning. Just imagine that the invigorating drink can be taken with you to work and drink driving in traffic.

Cozy warm bathrobe or big plaid – Great gift for loved ones and relatives. Such things will warm their owners with cold winter evenings and remind you of you.

Modern models Smart watch Categories more expensive gifts. Such presents are suitable for both women and men.

But when choosing a suitable model, you must take into account the phone model, since otherwise the functions of smart watches can be limited.

In the century of modern gadgets will be a very useful gift POWER BANK – Portable portable battery that does not take up much space, you need any person. Such a gift will not be dusting on the shelf and will delight its owner for a long time.

Rating ideas for children

Each child is looking forward to the new year, when Santa Claus fulfills the cherished dream and will give the desired toy. The best way to find out what wants a child for the new year, ask you to write a letter to Santa Claus. But if this option is not suitable, we offer options for gifts that will delight kids.

Most educational and desktop games are suitable for both boys and girls. Establish when choosing such a gift is necessary from the desires of the child.

These games include sets for drawing, modeling, needlework, design or From the series “DIY”. Also very popular use desktop Children’s games “Monopoly”, “Imaginarium”, “Ekivoki” and T. D. If the child is engaged in sports or enjoys an active holiday, present the appropriate gift. It may be Subscription to the pool, skiing, snowboard, skate, bike or skates. Such a gift will not only be useful, but also welcome.

And, of course, modern children dream of getting any holiday Fashion gadget. It can be a phone, tablet, player, laptop or headphones. With such a gift you won’t lose, it is only important to know what kind of brand the child wants to get, and if a gift is placed in the budget, it will be the perfect option for the New Year present.

And the most memorable gift for the whole life will be Trip to Santa Claus to Veliky Ustyug.

But the trip must be prepared in advance to buy tickets and find a suitable hotel for staying all family. All New Year holidays can be held in a circle of the closest people in a magical place and plunge into the world of fairy tales and miracles.

Cool presents for boys

Every boy dreams of a typewriter or helicopter on the control panel. Such a gift will appeal as a child aged 3 years and a schoolboy. As a New Year’s gift, you can also present Designer “Lego” or a large railway. Disk with computer game or big comfortable headphones will appreciate a teenager.

If the child dreams of a home pet, but parents are not ready to start a four friend, then you can give a young animal lover toy in the form of the desired pet.

For example, it can be an interactive soft toy in the form of a cat or dog. Schoolchildren and older children can give tickets for a concert, in a circus or a performance.

Best Souvenirs for Girls

Little kids under the age of 3 love to play with bups. And here is such a karapuz, which you need to feed from a special bottle, change clothes with small clothes, will be a wonderful gift for a little girl. Older girls prefer other dolls and most often give preference to beautiful Barbie in luxurious clothes. In addition to the already existing Barbie, you can give a carriage with a horse, a house or a set of new clothes.

Many girls dream of having their own cosmetics: various nail polish, lipstick, blush and eye shadow. Set of own children’s cosmetics It will be a pleasant gift for the girl after 12 years. Diversify decorative cosmetics Set of jewelry, jewelry, rubber bands and hairpins.

And if such cosmetics do not interest fashionitsa, then you can give a little arrival at the beauty salon for children’s manicure. Master in the cabin uses gentle and safe tools for working with skin and nails of young lady. And the girl can choose a girl alone.

The first trip to the beauty salon will definitely be remembered by the girl and will give a lot of positive emotions.

See the top of the original New Year gifts in the next video.

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