Top Surprises Guy for Birthday

Top Surprises Guy for Birthday

When the birthday of a loved one is approaching, I want to surprise him and make a gift that was presented on this day for a long time remaining a pleasant memories and pleased the birthday name. When it comes to the question, to give a young man, it is worth showing a seammer and imagination. Especially if you are going to make a gift with your own hands. In this article, the top best surprises guy for a birthday.

What to gift?

First you have to find out the interests and hobbies of your young man, ask what his hobby is that he likes to do what he lives. When choosing a gift, even if it is made with your own hands, it is worth repelled from his needs.

Therefore, a single answer that to give, does not exist, for each person has their own hobbies and hobbies that you should reveal in advance.

Here are some simple recommendations. As mentioned above, the guys have various interests. However, many of them, for example, love cars, bicycles or motorcycles. If you have a culinary talent, it is quite possible to surprise your young man’s grand cake in the form of a car / motorcycle / bike. If you don’t know how to make cakes, you can order such a delicacy from the master who will make a job for you.

The athlete can make braided bacelets-bachers with a brand logo, which produces sportswear, and a programmer can be surprised by a self-made postcard with an encrypted message written in a decimal calculus system.

Ideas of unexpected presents

There are many interesting options for gifts-surprises.

  • Photocollazh. Make it extremely easy. Ask your friends, acquaintances or relatives to take pictures with the letters printed on sheets. Inscriptions can be different, for example, “happy birthday!”,” Happy anniversary, my dear!” and others. Every letter congratulations should keep one person. Then you need to print photos, stick them on Watman of the size that you will need.

Photo collage can be issued in a beautiful frame.

  • Gift certificates. The speech here is not about those certificates that go in exchange for some extraneous service. We are talking about homemade certificates. Take an ordinary A4 sheet and print this very gift certificate on it, for example, on 1000 points. Next, write “Services”. They can be any. For example, “Massage” – 200 points and so on. In the amount of all “services” must come out more than 1000 points so that the guy can choose the most random options.

  • Community execution tickets. Tickets are being done as simple as Gift Certificates. However, unlike the latter, there are no scores in the tickets. Print on tickets various possible desires for your boyfriend. For example, a ticket number 1 – the execution of any desire. Beautifully place these tickets: Choose an interesting font, add some illustration.

  • Cake from candy. Creating such a cake does not require special efforts or culinary talents. You just need to choose a template for which you will collect cake, buy candies, chocolate in the store and start cooking. Ask your young man in advance what kind of delicacies he prefers most. However remember that not all guys love sweet.

  • Write down video spending. Ask your friends about help and create congratulations. Speak greetings sincerely, not embarrassed. And you can connect friends to congratulations. Let each of your friends tell a few words Birthday.

Edit video will not be labor. In your computer, probably there is a program that enters the required minimum of programs. It is called Windows Movie Maker. There are many interesting ideas that can be removed on the camcorder. You can even make a small movie if you own video editing skills.

  • Create a movie about the birthday room. This is a very funny idea that your boyfriend will surely like. Hook a young man on camera at different moments. It is advisable to do it imperceptibly. Then you only need to mount the video recorders, if desired, add interesting inscriptions, wishes, etc.

  • Presentation in chronology. In the presentation, turn on the pictures that were made from birth. And then by year to the present. A similar gift, most likely, will bring your young man delight and will surprise him.

The original gift in the video format will be, if you ask unfamiliar people (passersby on the street) say a couple of pleasant words Birthday. This unusual congratulation must pay your boyfriend.

Congratulations on paper

If you do not know how to mount the video, you can prefer no less interesting gift, such as congratulations on paper.

Options may be several. We offer you a choice of a couple of ideas.

  • Photos of your young man on Watman with signatures, wishes, emoticons, stickers and so on.
  • Map of wishes. You will need sweet delicacies. Attach chocolate or candy to Watman with signatures. Example: “Let your life be a paradise enjoyment like Bounty”. Draw an arrow from wishes to a pre-attached chocolate banty bant. Turn on fantasy and create.
  • Photos of the birthday from the moment of birth and so far.
  • Ordinary collage with photos.

Top of the most original gifts

Complete the selection of ideas by the top of the most interesting surprises, which you can organize yourself and which will stay in memory for a long time in your young man.

  • Fascinating Quest. You can arrange a game at home, leaving letters with tips in various places of the apartment. All letters will lead a person to one place, where his long-awaited gift is kept. And you can withdraw a similar game to the level of urban scale, perhaps with the help of friends.

  • Extreme. Give your young man flying on a balloon, jump from a parachute or a jump from the bridge on a special cable. Such a gift will definitely not leave him indifferent. However, consider: if your guy negatively refers to the extreme view of recreation, then such a gift is unlikely to please him.

  • Paintball. Collect the team in advance, but so that your young man does not know about your intention. Let a taxi driver take it to the right place. For a larger effect, you can tie your eye a guy so that the trip to the end remains intrigue to him. Then, when he arrives at the playground, it will be a big surprise for him.

There are many ways to surprise a young man for a birthday. We led several examples that will help you when choosing an original surprise. Showing his smelling sufficiently, you can come up with incredible gifts that you can make with your own hands. After all, the present who performed by you personally is always more valuable than the branded. The main thing is to always push out the guy’s interests so that the gift brings him pleasure on his birthday.

In conclusion, we suggest you watch a video about how to organize an interesting holiday for a guy.

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