Traditions of celebration of the old new year

Traditions of celebration of the old new year

January in Russia is rich for holidays. The first number of the whole country celebrates the new year, 7th – Christmas of Christ. And on the night of January 13-14, another holiday comes – the old new year. When and why he originated how he was celebrated in Russia and European countries, which rites are carried out and what is usually prepared for festive dinner – we will tell further.

history of the holiday

Additional festive date arose as a result of using different ways of summer. While most European countries counted the days of the Gregorian calendar, Russia lived in Julian. Sometimes because of this discrepanation of time, incidents occurred: the letter sent from the Russian Empire could be received by the European addressee used to be the date indicated in it.

In 1918, Russia moved to the Gregorian Soulship, according to which the new year “moved off” back to 13 days. This is how the tradition of celebrating the old new year.

By the way, this holiday is noted not only Russian. He is also present in the calendar of those countries of Europe and Asia, which in the past passed from one system of the summer to another, like Russia. Here are their list:

  • Switzerland+
  • Tunisia+
  • Algeria+
  • Finland+
  • Montenegro+
  • Japan+
  • Serbia+
  • Greece.

Customs and rites

Old New Year is considered a mystical holiday. It is not surprising that his eve is held a lot of rites associated with the involvement of wealth and good luck in the house. Here are some of them.

  • To meet the old new year, it is customary to prepare new clothes, and burn old, to get rid of failures pursuing in the past. It is also desirable to throw in the fire the things of children in which those suffered a disease.
  • January 14, in the morning you need to take 3 candles, light them and get around each room with them, moving clockwise. It should be baptized, and at the end of the rite, take an ax and knock on the threshold slightly, saying: “Life, health, bread”.
  • If you have a private house, and you keep your cattle, then you can spend the next ritual to protect it. Bake cookies in the form of animals and put a dish with him on the New Year’s table. Optionally, you can treat them animals.
  • To protect the fruit trees from malicious insects, gardeners shake them in the morning of January 14, saying: “How fucked by I (name) Bel-Fuck Snow, so devouches in the spring of the worm-gada of all saint Vasily”.

As for the festive table, according to the custom, it does not put dishes from a bird or fish so that happiness does not focus on or not sailed away from the house. But the pork, horse or calf meat is welcome – with the help of these eats, you can attract good luck, money and rashes.

Also on the old new year prepare special bun. The recipe and order of her preparation were taken from the Slavic traditions of the meeting of the New Year.

  • You need to start boiling a bun for at night (in 2.00). If subsequently, it will not be eaten, it is impossible to throw away the dish – it is necessary to give all the remains of the birds or animals.
  • According to tradition, the dishes were prepared from buckwheat or barley cereals, but today is more often used. Dried fruits (raisins, kuragu), a variety of nuts, honey to taste are sure to add. The more rich in the filling, the better. Each component has a sacred meaning: nuts symbolize good health, raisins – long life, honey – nice news.
  • After installing the pan (pot) with porridge on the slab (stove), the hostess should closely monitor the cooking process. If the cat is “climbing” from a saucepan or pot suddenly crawls – to be trouble. However, it is not necessary to scare. “Poor” porridge along with the capacity you need to throw into a hole, and then failures will be afraid of you. Well, if Casta managed to glory, eat it without a balance, then luck and wealth will surely come to you in the coming year.

Another old Mr. Slavonic tradition is the Saty Guides. But they are not quite like on Christmas. In accordance with the church calendar, January 14 celebrate St. Vasily’s Day or Basil Generous. That is why carols on the night of 13 are called “generosy” from 13 to 14: they walk on houses and scattered there grain. You need to meet them are welcome, it is strictly prohibited. The larger the quarrellies of the grain, the richer and luck will be the family living in this house.

The eve of the old new year is the best time for burning and reading various conspiracies. Unmarried girls are guessing the narrowed-rude, family ladies – on fate.

Here are some interesting examples of fortune telling.

  • Fortune telling. Need to write a few men’s names on the pieces of paper, after which put them under the pillow. In the morning, at random should be pulled out a piece of paper and read the name specified on it – so will call the groom.
  • Mill wax. Take a small wax candle (better than church), break it on small pieces and put in a spoon. Prepare Cold Water Capacity. Keep a spoon with wax over the flame of the candle until it melts, after which you dramatically pour the molten mass into the water. Wait about a minute, you can begin interpretation. The symbol will be the resulting figure. It is believed that an angel means receiving help over, Horseshoe foreshadows the implementation of conceived plans, the machine symbolizes the beginning of a new way (or you will get a car as a gift, how to know). Interpretation of many other characters can be found on the Internet.
  • Fortune telling on dog lady. A very unusual way to find out what spouse will be. On the night of January 13-14, the girl should go into the courtyard with a knife, go to a snowdrift and start to prick him, while saying: “The damn, not silent, the fuck, tell me, what husband will come to me, cry Il to laugh?”. Now you should listen to the dog lady. If you hear a sliding and ringing gavage, then the husband will be good, funny and good-natured. If you hear a malicious growl, then it will come to you. Hoarse bark says that the narrowed will be much older than the bride, and the puppy – that he will be young. And if you suddenly hear howl – it is very bad: the marriage will end with a divorce or widow.
  • Divination on marriage on threads. Girls take the ball of threads, cut off the same segment and set fire to the thread. That who has a thread of the dog faster than everyone, the first and marry will go. If the fire swings on the middle of the string or immediately, it will have to be like “in girls”.
  • Divination by shadow. Take a list of newspaper, doubt it, but not too flatter, otherwise nothing will happen. Put the paperball paper on a flat heat-resistant dish, put it on the table opposite the wall and burn paper. Do not move ashes. Now take a lit candle and install it so that the outlines of the burnt newspaper sheet dropped the shadow on the wall. By its contour you can determine what the year promises you. This fortune telling is similar to the casting of wax, and the interpretation of the figures is the same.

Folk signs

    Any holiday, washed by a halo of mysticism, has its own signs and superstition. Old New Year in this case is no exception.

    • If you get sick on January 13-14, then the disease will not let go for a long time.
    • It is impossible to pronounce the word “thirteen” out loud.
    • It is forbidden to consider minor money (coins), otherwise you will cry all year.
    • On the morning of January 14, pay attention to the branches of the trees. If they are covered with fluffy run, then the coming year will be rich in honey.
    • Morning snowfall foreshadows a protracted and snowy winter.
    • Holly tree symbolizes a good harvest.
    • On the old new year it is decided to put up. If you do not bury the ax of war, then you can run into trouble. That is why since morning, January 13, it is advisable to try to forgive unfriendly workers, as well as apologize to all those you offended by a word or affair.
    • Take a look at the night sky – if there are no clouds on it, and the stars shine brightly, to be just a little frost.
    • People born on January 14 will never be deprived of wealth and well-being.
    • It is prohibited for the old new year to borrow money, as well as leaving them. If you do, finance will be treated through your fingers.
    • Forget about the quarrels, do not swear and do not eat gracious words, otherwise you will be angry all year and swear.
    • Buying a new thing promises frequent wardrobe update during the year.
    • On the night of January 13-14, it is necessary to make a desire. It will surely come true.
    • Try to spend a holiday with a scope, fun, cover the rich table, invite loved ones. This promulits fun and joy throughout the year. If you have a bad mood, then the year will pass under the banner of sadness and despondency.
    • January 14 is forbidden to endure garbage – so you will bring happiness from the house.

    Interesting Facts

    The Gregorian calendar was admitted to the institution in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. Despite this, Russia did not go on it, continuing to use Julian. And only in 1918 he was accepted in our country for official summer. The Orthodox Church to this day uses the old Julian calendar.

    Unlike the new year, the old new year is not the “red day of the calendar”, so the working people do not receive an additional day off on this day. However, many love to celebrate him at no less than the new year: make gifts to loved ones, waiting for the onset of midnight, getting ready to accomplish the old year again, and after they go outside and launch festive fireworks.

    Not everyone knows that the difference between the two calendars of the calendar with each century becomes more. Now it is equal to 13 days, but from March 1, 2100 she will “grow up” for one day. Respectively, Since 2101 and Christmas, and the old new year will “move” a day later.

    On the unlawful tradition of the tree do not bring to the onset of the old new year.

    More about the celebration of the Old New Year, see the following video.

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