Tree souvenirs and gifts

Tree souvenirs and gifts

Souvenirs as a branch of gifts do not pass positions even in the most economically difficult times. Yes, perhaps a close person as a present, most will choose something more personal, but there are still a wide range of people who also periodically need to hand something: business partners, colleagues, chief, teachers and coaches of children, in the end. And here it is very often for the help that souvenir products come.

Tree souvenirs – Ta Niche, which requires a great skill and high artistic taste, so that the business for the manufacture “went”. The market is oversaturated with cheap wooden crafts, but, oddly enough, the buyer often wishes to pay a higher price, but also get high-quality goods from a good tree.

Tree – relatively inexpensive raw materials (some breeds are very uncomclosed, however, for example, relative to the value of the Mammoth’s tusca – quite), especially since it is not necessary to start working at once with red rocks or a moraine oak. Birch, spruce, ox, pine, cedar – in the middle lane of Russia of this material is very and very much for a good price.

Tree is so popular among our fellow citizens, as it is natural raw materials, warm, and if the master sampler, then the product from under his hands comes out, colorful, bright. Of course, such a present will not be able to please.

Experts believe that business for the manufacture of souvenir and gift products from wood needs to be started to those who have an idea of ​​working with this material, experience, skills.

If this is not, you will have to start from scratch, studying the theory, and then for a long time to train in practice. And at the same time guarantees that it is your products “shots”, no.

In the event that work with wood for you is not new, you like it, and it turns out to be good, you can open your business. REGISTRATION IP – the case is simple. Nevertheless, there are many little things that need to be considered.

The best ideas of gifts

Which wooden product is better to choose as a gift? Simple tree souvenirs may look very exquisite and fine, if they are made with taste. Decorative Christmas toys will delight children and adults. They can be both already painted and released in the form of blanks, and then they can be painted independently.

The desktop fittings are interesting – the organizer, the stand for the handles and pencils, made in the form of a carriage, vegetable, cameras and many other things, for which the fantasy.

Wooden decorations – badges, brooches, earrings or necklaces – should be given when you are absolutely sure that they will be worn. Such a jewelry looks very challenged, so it will risk to wear not every woman, but those who dare will not lose – decoration from wood will always highlight its owner from the crowd.

A decorative carved horseshoe will be a good gift on the housewarming, which should be hung over the entrance door. Miscellaneous genus You can give a pair that does not reject similar things and does not consider them an anachronism or superstition.

Board games made of wood can also be an excellent gift. Chess, checkers, backgammon – find out what is fascinated. Carved chess pieces should not necessarily be standard.

An interesting solution – Chess in the style of 1812 with the armies of Napoleon and Kutuzov. Or just with carved figures of soldiers.

Corporate gifts made of wood always look more expensive than decorations made of metal and plastic. Wood – natural material, in the light of fashion on all natural currently very much in demand. Wine cork eco clubs, leaves, bells or hammers, anti-stress puzzles, focus, eternal calendars made of mahogany – All this can be handed to employees of the team on the occasion of the new year or the anniversary of the organization.

Optionally, it can be expensive gifts. Pencils and notebooks in a wooden cover with a logo of the company, fridge magnets, branded badges – excellent printmen. The main thing is quality performance and good material for manufacture. For employees who have children, you can make logo-tree toys in the shape of horses, balls, christmas trees, snowmen.

Exclusive options

If you need to do a truly exclusive, rare gift, stop your product from valuable wood. It may be handmade clock from an array or sleeve, a press papier of mahogany or carved backgammon. If you are not limited to the gift budget, hand the original safe, metal from the inside, outside of a good tree. Wine cabinet – no less practical present that few people will not appreciate. A pair of bottles of good wine is in every family, and if you deal with a real connoisseur of this drink, a wine closet – a thing is undoubtedly very necessary.

If the wine wardrobe is still too expensive, or you just do not have time to order it, and the time to give approaching, packaging from the tree for one or two bottles of wine or champagne (or brandy) – a great output.

Carved caskets or authentic statuettes (maybe even antique) can be a good gift if a person is fond of such a culture. For example, a fan of ethnic, African culture will like a mask or figure Aboriginal.

How to do?

Create wooden products independently can be if you have an idea of ​​how it is done. You can make a cutting board, panel, something out of kitchen utensils (ladle, spoons, rolling pin), decorate this pattern or text. You can stay on the creation of a key, porridge, wooden or wicker furniture, photo frames or mirrors. You can decorate these products, too, in different ways: to someone with a decoupage, and someone hand painted. Options are a huge number.

Starting with a small one, you can always move either styling, covering an increasing amount of products (so do it better when your technique is initially high, you have a skill on wood cutting, turning and other), or, so to speak, deep into the improvement of your skills, making a small amount of products, but with every time all the best quality.

If you are planning to make wooden furniture, take care and about the place where you do this. After all, finished products will have to cover a rather spacious epoxy resin.

Consider technicians in which you can work. For example, you can start from the branches. Of these, there are excellent frames for photos, paintings or mirrors, packaging for bottles with alcohol. You need to prepare good, strong branches, give them the length needed for your product. Sections do both corner and perpendicular. In the first case, it is oval, in the second there is a circle form. Next, the blanks are connected in accordance with the diagram with the help of a glue gun, twine or wire. All this can be purchased at the building store.

If decoupage attracts you, this technique can also work with a tree. Either do yourself or buy a workpiece that you are going to handle. The surface before work should be clean and shattered. Next, the primer is applied – this is a special composition or white acrylic (you can even take paint). Need to work with brush or sponge. The billet should dry, after which it should be checked how smooth surface. If there is no ideal evenness, the procedure for applying primer repeat. Once the surfaces are missing and stains, you need to take what you will do decoupage. It can be a special card, rice paper or even a plain napkin. An image is either cut, or pluck down. Glue is applied to the surface, after which it smoothes the applied paper. When all images are glued, the missing is drawn with a brush. Next, the product is covered with varnish and dried.

In the technique of burning using a special device on a blank from a tree, a drawing is applied or inscription. Work appliance for burning akin to a pencil string. It requires great accuracy and accuracy from the master – unlike a pencil, the unsuccessful barcode is not allowed anywhere.

In the Technique of Wood Threads You can create real masterpieces from this material. Beginners should be known that on a flat surface, it is much easier to work much than around the round – a cupboard or a vase. Thread is performed using special tools – knives and chisels. The pattern is cut out the relief by the pre-drawn contour. Currently you can work both “in the old manner” and using modern laser cutting.

If you have an idea of ​​drawing with a brush and paints, you can quite try yourself in wood painting technique. So you can create unique painted products, none of which will not be repeated. You can work in templates and drawings, and you can create your own patterns – it all depends on how developed your fantasy is developed.

Technique of work coincides with the decoupage stages. Here, too, it is necessary to primitive, dry, apply lacquer.

Beautiful examples

We offer options for wooden souvenirs for inspiration:

  • Branded corporate products looks very expensive and efficiently+

  • Wooden calendar looks much more interesting and original paper+

  • Organizer from expensive tree breeds looks truly exclusive+

  • Original wall clock will decorate and residential premises, and office+

  • Organizer of an unusual form will make an office table truly stylish.

About how you can decorate simple wooden items using the burning technique, see the following video.

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