Wall decorations from tinsel

Wall decorations from tinsel

Decorations on the wall of Mishura are very important and promising. Knowing how beautiful to hang tinsel in the form of a snowman figure how to make a hand bell and snowflake on the wall for the new year, you can spend a pretty holiday. But on this available variety of figures does not end – it is necessary to study other options.

Creating a Christmas tree

Prepare the decoration on the wall of Mishura for the New Year – the solution is much more pleasant than it is usually. Thus, you can make the most creative and original design compositions. Decorative Christmas tree size varies greatly. Consider:

  • Dimensions of the room+

  • Available amount of materials+

  • time that can be spent on homemade.

The symmetry of homemade decoration is best achieved if it is not alone, but with a partner.

To work will be required:

  • 3 meter or 4-meter tinsel+

  • Normal styling pencil (simplifying marking)+

  • Fasteners.

Fix Mishura to wallpaper using English pins or ordinary sewing needles. In other cases, apply the tape of various types or contact paper. And other attachments are suitable:

  • Buttons (tinsel wound on their contour)+

  • Steel hangers+

  • Self-adhesive hooks+

  • Cable sites.

It doesn’t matter whether a Christmas tree is created with or without balls, the technique is approximately the same. First of all determine, on which wall the composition will hang. Then it is placed. Mishuur fasten starting with the top of the figure. Work carefully, excluding any savings and carefully follow the markup.

Type of tinsel to create a fir choose at their discretion. Green and blue monophonic models look equally well. It is advisable to use fluffy material. Very good option – a Christmas tree of one color with silver ends of “CHINO”. This is the optimal imitation of snow or frost.

How to make wreath?

This is also a great way to decorate the wall before the New Year holidays. The framework of the wreaths is more profitable not to buy, but do it yourself. For her take paper, durable fabric or wire. Not bad option – a festive wreath based on tinsel, dense cardboard and Christmas balls.

It is only necessary to ensure that the decorative parts are combined clearly in colors and visually complemented each other.

Stages are as follows:

  • Cut the cardboard bagel (its size is chosen ourselves)+

  • Place Christmas toys and other decorations as they like more+

  • Fasten the details on the scotch+

  • Fix the tip of tinsel behind the bagel – again with scotch+

  • Misuur wind at all prepared products in a circle+

  • Make two more such windings, only with the Mishair of Other Color+

  • Copy ends at each winding+

  • additionally decorate the product with a golden lace or a silver rain.

There is an alternative. Start working, twisting the newspaper in the tube and making the ring. Increase its strength will help wind up additional sheets. Ends of the newspaper should glue. Further:

  • Paper napkins are wound on the ring+

  • Obtained an organza attached by glue+

  • On top of the foundation fasten the end of Mishura+

  • wind it on all ring+

  • Again the tip of tinsel+

  • decorate the composition at their discretion.

How else can you hang tinsel to hang?


Making this figure with your own hands is very simple. You need a 2×4 cable for work. Clean the insulation + how much exactly – depends on the growth of the snowman. Three cable circles of different diameters are associated with scotch, optionally glue a bucket, and pens with a broom. Multicolored tinsel wound on top to figure.


This version of the New Year’s composition in the room you like almost all. Its creation is very simple:

  • Create 2 or 3 bells from the tape+
  • Tie an elegant bow+
  • Stretch Mishuru+
  • Print it+
  • complement the composition with christmas toys.


Such, it seems, a simple design element looks sometimes better and more interesting than the decoration of the room for the new year using thematic paintings. Subsequence:

  • fold stripes on the manner of the cross+

  • wind each other+

  • do it in a circle until you get 8 rays+

  • Prepare ends+

  • depart from the middle and prepare a new circle+

  • wound all the rays in this circle+

  • make another circle and end it+

  • If necessary, cut excess with scissors.




This symbol of New Year’s celebration from Mishura is created in just 10-15 minutes. Basically better taking a metal hanger. In it, unlike simple wire, there is even a hook for fixing crafts. First make a wire star + on it already wrap a tinsel recorded by scotch. Hold winding firmly will help her stroke with a fishing line or rain.


Implement such a plan so:

  • Cut the cardboard circle+

  • stick on it glue PVA white paper+

  • In the middle glued smaller foam circle+

  • Print any photos or pictures with clock on the printer+

  • Camping the workpiece with the use of a thermopystole (carefully monitors the numbers remain clearly visible)+

  • Cut the cardboard pendulum+

  • glue a golden self-adhesive film on it+

  • Add to the desire of the figurines+

  • Surrounding the composition of Blue Mishur+

  • Copy it with a Christmas hat+

  • Other details add to taste.

Father Frost

Whatever figures have tried to raise, whatever patterns do not use, without the main year of New Year’s character, it will seem that something is missing something. Santa Claus is preparing like this:

  • Cut wallpaper blanks for the housing and sleeves (the hands themselves are still visible will not be, and you can skip them)+

  • Make eye blanks for cheeks, nose and mouth+

  • form wallpaper tubes+

  • cut strips width 5 mm+

  • stick on the rectangular basis of part of the face+

  • put beard, eyebrows and mustache+

  • stick face to the housing (not forgetting about the reserve of the seat for the header)+

  • Printed tinsel to the body+

  • Sleeves join+

  • form a collar fur coat+

  • Print the wallpaper rectangle “cap”+

  • complement the headdress, again, Mishur.

But on this, of course, the possible options and ideas of cooking for the holiday do not end. You can still do:

  • New Year’s frame+

  • Olenya+

  • Improvised Christmas balls.

Watch the video on the topic.

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