What to give on occasion and without?

What to give on occasion and without?

Give gifts no less pleasant than getting them. Pleasant presents help people establish good relations, express appreciation, tell about their feelings or just delight. You can hand a gift for any solemn occasion or even for no reason – at the venue of the soul and heart. It is especially nice when we give something unexpectedly and pleasantly doubly if the gift was long-awaited and is of great importance for being beloved. Whether it is a small child or an adult solid man, but receiving a present, people smile. Probably for the sake of this happy moment we give to loved people of gifts, smiling at the same time with them.

Consider the topics

The theme of the chosen gift directly depends on who we want to give it to and on what occasion. Most popular reasons when people give something to each other may be the following.

  • Birthday – on this occasion will be relevant to almost any gifts that you can figure out, showing your fantasy. If you are familiar with a birthday room or birthday, then you probably know what this person is passionate about that he likes to do what his hobby.

It is possible that in moments of trust conversations, the man spoke out loud that he would like to get as a gift, and this information will be a great help for you in search of the necessary present.

  • Anniversary – Such a reason happens when people celebrate any significant date for them. Anniversary can be not only in humans, but also, for example, a company, brand and even just some kind of events. Anniversary may be related to one person called the anniversary and to the group of persons. Often the event celebrates two people when they celebrate the anniversary from the day of their wedding.

Given these circumstances, a gift should be a sign and emphasize the anniversary date.

  • wedding ceremony – Gifts for this occasion are solemn subtext. Usually, relatives and friends are invited to the wedding, so there can be beautiful items for arrangements for living, luxury objects, tourist trips, art objects, computer and household appliances, dishes.

Often you can see how the young family is awarded at the wedding, the keys to the apartment, car, family values ​​or decorations.

  • Housewarming – This event is noted not only by a narrow circle of loved ones. Often the neighbors are invited to such a holiday in order to ensure strong good neighborly relations. To preserve the memory of this day, newly elements are made to give gifts related to home, everyday life. It can be furniture, sets of dishes, carpets, plants in pots, household appliances – in a word, everything that may need a person who seats his home.

  • Birth or christening of a little child – This is a very exciting and memorable event for all family members and the nearest Rodney, during which the baby family is customary to give such gifts that will be useful for a child. Relevant and necessary gift can become stroller, bed, bathing bath, chest, highchair, floor swings, clothes and toys for baby.

In such a day, close relatives of the child can present the family values, a nominal icon, a photo frame in the form of a genealogical tree.

  • New Year – during this holiday gifts get both children and adults. A person can be any things or objects, including sweets. New Year’s gifts can be symbolic or incarnate long-standing dreams.

  • February 23 – On this day in our country, it is customary to congratulate all the male population. Gifts may have a practical character or symbolic. Often women give men humorous presents who are quite appropriate in such a holiday.

  • March 8 – This spring day does not leave anyone indifferent – people rejoice in the arrival of spring and give each other living flowers. In such a holiday, men congratulate their wives, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends and loved ones, as well as employees at work or classmates, classmates. Gifts can be in the form of flowers, candies, cosmetics, spirits, decorations.

Every year, each of us repeatedly faces the task of choosing a gift, although in fact it is not so difficult if you approach the decision with the fiction, humor and good intentions.

A gift selected with care will not leave anyone indifferent, and when looking at this gift, a person will have pleasant emotions and a good memory of the giving donor.

What to give people different ages?

In different age-related stages of life, a person is interested in certain types of gifts, and the fact that today the baby pleased, after 10 years it will be quite irrelevant, and another quarter a century may seem even absurd. The person grows, growing up, changes and together with him and change his interests, ideas about life, values.

Choosing a gift, necessarily need to take into account the age of who you are going to give it.

Newborn and children up to 1 year

Baby Most often give soft toys, rattles, mechanical carousels for cradle, knitted booties and caps, beautiful blanket envelopes for extracting from maternity hospital, sliders and sprawers.

Children 1-3 years old

The kids will be interested in developing toys in the form of cubes, pyramids, designer for the development of motility hands, balls, dolls, soft toys, cars, swing, books with pictures. In addition, children give clothes, sweets.

Children of preschool age

Greater, the child begins to be interested in books with fairy tales, cartoons, drawing sets, modeling, comics with pictures. Recomplyed Magnifying Magnifying to prepare for the fact that they will soon go to school, so they will be interested in educational games, alphabet, training computer programs.

Toys and sweets still have high importance and children always happy to them.

Pupils of primary classes

Children at this age are very active and love to move, so the win-win gift for them will be bike, skates, skateboard. Instead of fairy tales, they will be interested in adventure books, travel, cognitive encyclopedias for children on various topics. Cartoons and educational games will also be a good gift option, as well as sweets.


Teenagers will be happy if you give them something that will allow them to feel adults. A great gift will be visited by the quest-room with friends, a trip to another city or even a country, a subscription to a gym or fitness club, fashionable things and shoes are also relevant and welcome. Girls are interested in cosmetics and perfumery, and young men at this age are very interested in computer games, gadgets.

Teenagers are often passionate about the music, so give them an album of the beloved artist – a good idea.

Age 20-30 years old

This is the age of student, youth and activity, creating young families. Gifts can be associated with hobbies, hobbies, sports, music, travel. It will be appropriate to be the items to create comfort in the apartment, on the household plot and in the country house.

It is possible that the gift will have a romantic subtext or it can be an exclusive or rare find.

Age 30-40 years

Age of maturity, self-realization, many possibilities, dedication and victories. People can afford to give each other dear and pleasant gifts. It can be an elite tobacco or alcohol, rare books of books, high-quality and kindup accessories, art objects or antiquities, as well as things, emphasizing human status.

Age 40-50 years

In this segment of life, people already took place in the family, and in a career. For many, the reassessment of life values ​​occurs and not material benefits become important, but human relations. Gifts can carry the purpose of creating around beauty and comfort. It can be a high-quality apparatus for making coffee, a set for a tea ceremony in the Chinese tradition, a beautiful table lamp, large outdoor watches.

There can be gifts that will be aware of the organization of outdoor activities – a set for cooking kebabs, echo sounder to search for fish in the river, a set of car repair tools, an inflatable boat, camcorder. Women will be pleased to get in a gift in a gift of an elite brand, a set of high-quality cosmetics, jewelry, wall tapestry panel, table silver.

Age 50-60 years

At this stage of the life path, people tend to enter a new level of spiritual values. Gifts for this age group are commemorative. These can be exclusive chess from ivory, portrait of a birthday party, decorative malachite box, mini bar, poker game set in gift decoration, silver thread tray and enamel.

An unforgettable gift for a loved one will be a trip to those edges that he dreamed of – a cruise on a liner, a pilgrimage tour, a trip to the resort.

Age 60-70 and more years

For people of this age category, their memories and concerns of loved ones are very valuable. In this case, a good gift will be a beautifully decorated photocollage with photos of people close to the birthday girl, a comfortable rocking chair, outdoor electrocamine, a collection of books of a beloved author, a set of luxury tea varieties, a beautiful homemade plant. If you know for sure that the birthday girl will not be against and would like such a gift, you can give him a small friend – kitten, puppy or parrot.

Give is always a ritual, during which we have the opportunity to delight and show him that he is important for us, roads and love.

Top budget gifts

Choosing a gift, you do not need to strive to surprise someone worth it. The value of the gift is in the warmth of the soul of one who shares the part with us and expresses it with a gift. If you do not have a big amount, but really want to please a loved one, it is possible to choose a budget gift. Let’s consider some examples of such Presents:

  • for children – Small soft toy, book, sweets, CD with cartoons, air serpent, ball, board game, set of watercolor paints or color pencils and album for drawing, comics, cubes, mini-designer, puzzles, spoon with name engraving, piggy bank , Photo Album+

  • for women – Coffee cup with saucer, mirror in beautiful frame, live plant in a pot or bouquet, kitchen tap set, candy box, scarf or palatine, brooch, manicure set, ladies’ diary, aroma lamp, set of glasses, flowers vase, small fruit basket , Cake Box, Sofa Pillow, Cake Dish, Photo Frame, Decorative Casket+

  • for men – Alcohol in gift wrapping, set of varietal tea or coffee, scarf-cough, leather belt, fountain pen branded or engraved inscription, business card holder, cigarette box, lighter of the famous brand, CD with records of your favorite artist, a diary or a notebook in a beautiful binding, Tie, Thermo Crack, Set Blossom for Fishing.

Choosing a budget gift, it is best to try to make it so that he doesn’t look like that – wrap it in paper with original pattern or place it in a beautiful box.

The presentation of the gift can be accompanied by verses of its own essay and supplement it a bouquet of flowers or balloons.

List of useful things

Sometimes welcome gifts can be things that have practical focus. Such presents can be useful in various life situations and often resemble a giving donor. Men and women consider absolutely different things useful for themselves, so these lists will look unequal.

Useful things for men:

  • Multifunctional folding knife with several blades, corkscrew, screwdriver, pliers+
  • Compact set of mini-screwdrivers of various modifications packed in case+
  • Personal set in a shoe cleaning case consisting of a shoe brush of small size, wet napkins, felt wipes for polishing shoes and shoe cream+
  • Road mini chess, allowing you to play a batch in a long way, for example, in the train car+
  • Organizer containing a small diary of a small size, a branch for business cards, as well as a place for a fountain pen+
  • Flashlight of any size, it can work both from solar batteries and from finger batteries+
  • thermos or thermostan, which is convenient to take with you on the road to keep your favorite tea or coffee hot and tasty+
  • Pocket flask for brandy and several small cups – such a set is especially loved by men and will be a welcome gift for any holiday+
  • Shaving Road Set, which is packed in a compact handbag and contains a razor machine, shaving foam, loss-mitigating cream+
  • Roulette – especially the necessary and always sought-after thing for most modern men.

Useful things for women:

  • Compact mirror With increasing effect.
  • Folding road hairdryer small size and weight – it does not have additional nozzles, but will help quickly dry hair on a trip.
  • Handbag-cosmetic bag – It has every woman who uses cosmetics and serves for storage and carrying it.
  • Sewing kit, which includes several coils with multi-colored threads, a set of sewing needles, soft measuring tape, tailor chalk, pins, small scissors for trimming thread. Often this set is packed in a plastic box with compartments or a basket with a small handle for carrying.
  • Folding road iron – going to a long trip never can be sure that the arrival will not need an iron. Compact and lightweight, this electrical appliance has already reversed no one woman and there is no doubt that it is a very useful thing.
  • Picnic set, which includes several plates of small diameter, spoons, forks, knives, corkscrew, fabric napkins, wine glasses – in a word, everything you need to quickly serve an improvised table for several persons for relaxing in nature. Such a practical set is packed in a special compact basket or a suitcase and it looks very smart.
  • Road set of cosmetics containers – It consists of several bottles of 50-60 ml volume, equipped with dispensers and sprayers. Sometimes in such a set there may be a small funnel for the convenience of transfusion of a cosmetic agent into a small bottle. In addition, there is a jar for cream and a small blade for him. All these supplies are packed in plastic transparent cosmetic bag, which is very convenient for flight registration at the airport.

There are also such useful, but necessary little things that are equally in demand among both men and women. For example, this is a folding umbrella, sun protection glasses, an inflatable headrest pillow for travel, keychain for keys, bookmark.

Without these items, of course, you can do and do, but with them life is much better!

Original presents on the nature of the activity

A good gift can be an item that will be useful to a person in the process of his work. To choose suitable options, you need to know what processes by the nature of your professional activity is the one who you want to make a gift.

Let’s look at some options for professions and try to choose the appropriate gift:

  • advocate – It will be appropriate to the briefcase or folder for paper from genuine leather in high-quality design, diary, camera, tie, cufflinks+

  • banker – Possible version of luxury perfumery, PARKER fountain pen, dear tie pin, table writing, pocket watch on a chain+

  • doctor – Portable Battery for mobile phone recharging, brand fountain pen, planning or organizer, wrist or desktop clock, medical encyclopedia+

  • designer – A good idea will be a computer flash drive, a wireless computer mouse, a graphic computer program with a license, an album of reproduction of pictures of your favorite artist, a folder-organizer for a portfolio+

  • confectioner It will always be formed by a set of forms for baking, a colorful book with recipes, a mixer with nozzles, a set of measuring tanks, a beautiful apron and a hat, a cake dish+

  • marketer – For this professional, a color printer is useful, Philip Catler’s Book “Marketing Management”, Photo or Video Camera, Organizer, USB Flash Drive+

  • hairdresser – An interesting option will be professional hair care products, a set of comb, book with photos and descriptions of hairstyles, an organizer for accessories+

  • restorer – Creative man will like a set of oil paints and brushes, reproduction of works of famous artists or icon painters, meeting books with historical essays+

  • sommelier – For a connoisseur and connoisseur of wines, a pleasant gift will be a set of glasses, a professional set of wine flavors, a mini-rack for wine, a miniature refrigerator for wine for a few bottles+

  • teacher – Relevant gift will be organizer, diary, fountain pen Brand, laser pointer, laptop bag, organizer for CDs, photo album+

  • photographer – For him, it can be a set of photo lens, a handbag for a camera, a tripod, a memory card with Wi-Fi function, a waterproof camera case, a set for camera care, a set of colored light filters.

A gift that we want to make a person should reflect our understanding of the significance of the case he dedicated to all his life and his life. Before finding a really good present, making emphasis on professional activities, you will probably have to study some reference materials. And if you do not regret the time and strength, the reward will be sincere joy and a smile of a loved one.

Ideas of original gifts See next video.

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