What to give on the anniversary?

What to give on the anniversary?

With the anniversary approach, many people have a question how to celebrate such an event. Although few and prefer not to celebrate such an event, usually anniversary is celebrated with a scope, inviting a large number of guests. They, in turn, need to decide on the gift of the anniversarier and present something special.

What is the original donkey?

Preparation for such an event is carried out in advance, so all guests in a few weeks or days receive an invitation to the event. With the approach of the festive date, invited to the anniversary are increasingly beginning to visit stores and souvenir bezes with hope to find an interesting gift for the jubilee. On the anniversary, it is customary to give an ordinary gift, on this day it is worth handing a present to this grand event.

Having received an invitation, people begin to ask the culprie of the celebration about what kind of gift he would like to get. Sometimes the future jubilee already has a number of options that he would like to get, but rather he awkwardly silently, what will be heated by them.

Not finding an answer to your question, many decide to come to a celebration with money as a gift. But is it appropriate to give money or better to find an alternative? You can give money, as they always need. This is especially true during the period when the birthday girl spends a large amount of money for the celebration. Dreamable money in this case will partially compete.

Often, the jubilee himself asks to give him exactly the money. This allows him to collect material presents and acquire a thing that he has long dreamed of.

On the anniversary you can come with a monetary converter, adding the gift of a chic bouquet. Instead of colors, you can present a box of delicious candy, good wine or other elite alcohol.

Although this option and significantly simplifies the preparation for the celebration, it is worth considering other, more original ideas.

Anniversary, as they say, notes not every day, so it is worth choosing a gift that you will like the jubilee. As a present may come:

  • Antique things+
  • Quality leather products – leather briefcase or folder, chic wallet or business card holder+
  • Items of painting – the anniversarier can be presented with a picture or order his portrait by photo+
  • Cuisine technique – such a gift is more suitable for women, it can be a microwave, kitchenware, coffee maker, grill or barbecue+
  • A good option will be a tea or coffee service.

    Woman can also hand the jewelry storage box.

    Men will make more elite alcohol. A good option will be the presentation of silver wine glasses for strong drinks.

    Choosing a gift, you need to focus on the interests and hobby of the jubilee. So, lovers can handle a sleeping bag or a tent, and a fisherman present a spinning or rubber boat. For a woman, you can choose a more original gift, handing it a certificate for a visit to the spa or fashion store.

    As a supplement, the jubilee can be given a “bag of happiness”. Such a gift is made independently of a canvas or other soft tissue, fill it with notes with wishes and predictions, tapping a bright ribbon. Hand the “bag of happiness” with the wish to look into it every day and find answers to the questions you are interested in.

    Similar to this option you can make the first aid kit with drugs. Lollipops, chocolate coins, jelly candies are suitable as “drugs”. Small jars fill with sweets, beautifully decorated and make recommendations using. This first aid kit is useful to raise mood and life tone.

    Any surprise, especially made with your own hands, will be perceived on this day with a special interest.

    A good gift will be a photo album decorated in a scrapbooking style or a portrait made by paints or watercolor.

    The book has always been considered the best gift, so you can buy a gift edition of a fashionable author, detectives or historical novels, given the interests of the jubilee.

    Unusual gifts do it yourself

    In this solemn day I want to give the anniversary not just an ordinary useful gift. At the same time, it is necessary to make it right, unusually pack and present. It is important to create a cheerful festive atmosphere. To achieve this, you can originate not only a gift, but also beautifully decorate the room. As simple, but no less pleasant jewelry, you can use balloons, worshipers and posters with congratulations, decorations from flowers and a different decor.

    When choosing a gift is a creative approach. It is important that it was an unexpected and undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for a birthday boy.

    Yubilear on this day you can hand the crown, and put it on a pre-prepared throne. On this day, all the desires of the new king must be executed, so his “subordinates” will sing for him a song, read poems, dance, dance. It is worthwhile to come up with funny and creative contests and use them during the event.

    Celebration’s culprit can be given unusual attributes and accessories that make themselves. Pretty creative looks from macaroni beads, or a congratulatory announcement card, made in Scrapbooking technique. A greeting card with congratulations should be beautifully sign, wishing the jubilee all of the goods.

    So, a very original framework for the portrait of the jubilee, made independently. As the basis, use a conventional inexpensive frame. For decorations use beads, pearls, artificial flowers, rhinestones, pebbles or shells. The elements are fixed on the hot glue frame, and the glue “moment” is also suitable.

    Going to visit, many bring with them good alcohol and candy. To make a present more original, you can beautifully paint the bottle. For work you will need:

    • Bottle of champagne or wine+
    • Glass Soil+
    • Acrylic paints and varnish+
    • Decor elements+
    • acetone or alcohol+
    • Paper and markers.

    For the decor, you should soak the bottle in advance and remove the sticker, then wipe the container and degrease it using acetone or alcohol.

    1. Primer is applied to the container, the paint is applied over the soil. So that the paint is applied evenly, you should do it with one movement starting from the bottom and moving to the bottle neck.
    2. After the layer of paint dries, the container is coated with 2-3 layers of acrylic varnish. Each new layer is applied after complete drying of the previous layer.
    3. On the bottle is applied drawing. To do this, it is recommended to use paper patterns with a selected pattern, consolidate them with a scotch and draw points in Flomaster drawing.

    While the paint has not dried yet, you can attach small rhinestones, beads or beads. At the end of the work, the container is covered with varnish.

    You can hand the jubilee box with a secret. So, a large balloon is put in a large box, inside which a small gift is in advance. After the ball is bursting, the birthday girl gets a cherished present. As a gift you can present watches, decorations or a small souvenir.

    Dear Presents

    For the anniversary, it is customary to give more expensive gifts, so the present must be meaningful and memorable. The stores present a huge selection of interesting options that are distinguished by excellent functionality and beautiful appearance.

    A good version of the anniversary will be the presentation of money. This will allow the perpetrator of the celebration itself to purchase the necessary thing. Money can be handed a businessman with the wishes of business prosperity and increasing income.

    As a present, choose:

    • television+
    • microwave+
    • Kitchenware+
    • Dear tea, table or coffee service+
    • Clock for the fireplace+
    • Antiques.

    The birthday girl can give a picture. It can be a portrait of a jubilee, a pre-ordered artist in a photo, or a beautiful panel, made of bead or amber.

    When choosing a gift, it is important to take into account the addiction of the jubilee, his hobbies and hobbies. The successful option will be handed:

    • Cases for kebabs in case+
    • Silver plated cortica+
    • Bronze sculpture+
    • Souvenir Barrel Wine “Dionysis”+
    • Stone boxes+
    • Gift book in chic leather binding+
    • Brass coal samovara+
    • Honey set+
    • Wine Stands+
    • Dishes for fruit+
    • Cognac glasses set+
    • silver cutlery for 6 persons+
    • Wall pane+
    • Globus.

    A engraving cup is suitable as a supplement. Such a gift is suitable for both a woman and a man. At the Cup make engraving with a congratulatory inscription and warm wishes to the birthday room.

    Ideas of memorable souvenirs

      To this day become the most memorable, the birthday girl can be presented interesting and unusual gifts. When choosing a gift, you should not save on it. The present must be memorable and unique.

      So, an active person is suitable as a surprise:

      • skydiving+
      • Flying on Deltaplane+
      • Driving quadrocycla+
      • Paid voucher to an exotic country+
      • horseback riding.

      Such an unusual surprise will like the anniversary and will be remembered for a long time.

      You can choose as a souvenir:

      1. Elements for decor – Beautiful vintage candlesticks, dear pattern or panel on the wall+
      2. Fireplace Accessories, Clock+
      3. Bioflee Desktop Fireplace+
      4. Information media with engraving+
      5. Coffee machine+
      6. Modular picture+
      7. thermos.

        Having chopped a unique present, you can not worry about its duplication. You can hand a photo album for a family photo with a close skin with a closer skin. Ladies will be happy with a stylish jewelry, a jewelry box, a dining room.

        Men can be handed a copy of the types of weapons, a pedigree noble book, a male terry robe with a nominal embroidery or a name for the number.

        As can be handed?

        Handing a gift can be unusually beat and do it with humor.

        The comic congratulation will not leave indifferent neither the culprit of the celebration, nor invited guests, and will leave a memorable trail for a long time.

        The birthday girl will be surprised when he will be presented with a large package from the famous artist, president or superhero. The parcel must come in the midst of fun. On the package follows large letters to write the name of the addressee and the sender. On this day, the jubile will receive a lot of gifts, one of them can overreweight over time, but it will always be remembered about such a parcel.

        To any presentation you need to choose a beautiful congratulation from the soul. After all, it is valuable not so much a gift as sincere attention to the congratulator.

        If the jubilee is a boss, you can convene all employees with the help of a ringing bell, and read the chief of the scroll with congratulations from the whole team.

        On the anniversary, they often give money, and there is nothing reprehensible. It is important not just to hand them, but beautiful and unusually present. Of course, you can simply attach bills to the envelope with money, but it is better to get better to beat the donation with a more original way.

        Envelope can be replaced with a box, decorated with ribbons or decorative basket filled with money.

        As a bill you can use not only paper money, but also fill with a basket with metal coins.

        It looks original and unusually a monetary bouquet, assembled from rolled paper bills tied with ribbon. Money tubes can be investigated in a beautiful glass vase. It looks unusually a container for canning, inside which bills are nested. Such a container can be rolled and glued with a label with the inscription “Cabbage”.

        You can give a gift to the jubilee at the festive table. It is advisable in advance to order a festive cake with the date of birth of a birthday room, its parameters. Registration of such a cake may be the most diverse.

        Do not forget to create a festive atmosphere in the room where the event will be held. Celebration culprit photographs, woven on the walls, garlands with congratulatory inscriptions, balloons, floral eggs will make a festive atmosphere and add special solemnity.

        About what to give on the anniversary, look in the following video.

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