What to give to Halloween?

What to give to Halloween?

Traditional English Halloween holiday, or the day of all saints, loved the inhabitants of many countries. Young people and children are joking, having fun from the soul and give each other funny presents. What to present to Halloween to friends and loved ones, what gifts make your own children and adults, read in this article.

Options for sweet gifts

Mandatory tradition – give friends to Halloween Sweet gifts. Tasty presents should be scary outside and sweet inside. To order in confectioners or buy in specialized stores you can use the following sweet products:

  • Cookies with brain decoration+

  • In the form of terrible face and pumpkins+

  • With ghosts and bats+

  • Capkeeys-Cherepushki+

  • Cupcakes – Cemetery Hollys with Tombstones+

  • caterpillars, spiders and other arthropods from marmalade+

  • chocolate candies in the form of skulls.

Make a festive treat can and independently. An excellent gift will be a bouquet of candy or pumpkin, decorated with chup. Do it yourself you can bake traditional English cookies. Recipe of the most popular Halloween fans dishes – Witch’s fingers cookies to help you.

For cooking, you will need:

  • Flour – 350 g+

  • Sugar – 200 g+

  • Creamy oil or margarine – 230 g+

  • Dough breakner – 1 h. L.+

  • Salt ½ C. L.+

  • Package of vanilla sugar+

  • almond+

  • Cherry, strawberry or cranberry jams – 250 g+

  • cocoa and cinnamon at will.


  1. Beat sugar, flour and egg.

  2. Add to ground flour, dough breakdler, salt, vanilla sugar.

  3. Carefully and quickly mix the ingredients so that the oil does not melted.

  4. Cover the dishes with the dough food film and put for 40 minutes in the refrigerator.

  5. Preheat oven to 170 degrees, and stuck baking packer paper.

  6. Remove dough from the refrigerator.

  7. Ride sausage with a middle finger.

  8. To give your finger a natural form, slightly squeeze it from the sides, forming a small thickening in the area of ​​the joint.

  9. Finger base make it harmful, and its tip is thinner.

  10. With the help of almonds, we make a nail on the end of the finger, gently pressing the nut into the dough.

  11. Apply small notches on the billet, imitating the folds of the finger.

  12. Form the remaining fingers and put on a baking sheet at a distance of 2 cm from each other.

  13. Bake cookies 20 minutes to golden color.

  14. Give products to cool and proceed with decoration.

  15. Pin the fingers of cocoa to give them an unclear view.

  16. Cookie base dip in jam.

  17. The same sweet “bloody” tracks Leave on the joint and in the nail well.

  18. Delicious gift for Halloween lovers ready.



We choose thematic souvenirs

Halloween – a comic holiday, where it is customary to fool and play friends, so gifts and souvenirs must match his spirit.

Usually accepted to give:

  • T-shirts with the image of skeletons, witches and other unclean+

  • Festive Accessories Creepy View – Belts, Rims and Bandages on the Head, Gloves, Handbags, Nails Stickers+

  • Make-up and cosmetics to create afterwards+

  • Attributes of black magic – plastic frogs, rubber lizards, magic balls, brooms and witches hats+

  • Creepy masks – Vampire images, maniacs, ghosts+

  • Jewelry in the form of skulls and bones+

  • Ruffles and fridge magnets with holiday symbols+

  • Mugs and cups with thematic pattern+

  • Candles, lanterns and candlesticks in the form of pumpkins and skulls+

  • Covers on the phone with terrible drawings.

On the eve of the holiday, be sure to visit the jokes store. Pumping shoes with holey noses, of which look out of the dirty fingers of the legs, overhead brains and scars, rubber skulls with eye-leaved eyes delight lovers of sharp sensations.

What can be done with your own hands?

You can make an unusual gift for Halloween if banal souvenirs from the store seem to you. The list of interesting and easy ideas will help you decide on the choice:

  • Dolls-Watches from yarn or fabrics will like your girlfriends+

  • Funny rag sorcerer or vampire present to a friend or guy+

  • Duma pillow with thematic embroidery will be useful to any girl+

  • Fur black cat, soft and fluffy, charm girl+

  • Lanterns cut from pumpkins will appreciate your friends+

  • Little tangerines painted under the pumpkins, give my brother, dad+

  • Cookies or nuts with comic “terrible” predictions will raise the mood in the company+

  • A knitted case on a mug in the form of a pumpkin will be very wide for a friend+

  • Photo frame, decorated with figurines of mummies, black cats or witches, where you can insert a photo from the holiday, my sister is useful, brother+

  • Candlesticks made of glass jars painted with stained-in paints will delight all celebrations of the holiday.

Not bad gift option – make a festive decor of the room from girlfriend to a party to do it yourself. Creating a special atmosphere and mood to Halloween – a pleasant surprise for all its participants.

Making a lantern Jack

You will need a small pumpkin, a table and stationery knives, a tablespoon, fork, tape, alcohol, cotton discs, candle, pattern pattern for pumpkin, a little patience and time.

Working process.

  1. Wash and dry the pumpkin towel.

  2. Wath disk Moisten with alcohol and thoroughly wipe them vegetable to degrease.

  3. Cut the top of the pumpkin (lid). Using a spoon and knife, delete all the contents.

  4. Scotch and glue the template to the pumpkin, and neatly plug pinches the pattern by contour.

  5. Make rosters in the product with a knife for a planned fork drawing.

  6. Give the flashlight to dry up 10-12 hours, insert the candle inside, and cover it with a cover.

  7. Halloween gift is ready.

Ideas of homemade gifts for children

Children – big lovers of the holiday, happy to take part in any fun Shabash, and also make it hands gifts to friends and parents. Alone or with adult guys can make the following gifts:

  • Black cats and spiders from plasticine+

  • Greeting cards for mom, dad and sisters+

  • Paper garlands in the form of volatile mice, pumpkins+

  • Stencils on the window in the form of a web+

  • Wreaths from the decoration of the door.

Little holiday participants can draw a colorful picture as a gift or make pretty pumpkins from paper. For the manufacture of a gift will be required:

  • Orange and green paper+

  • scissors+

  • glue+

  • Jute rope.

Working process.

From orange paper Make 4 strips of 4 cm wide:

  • 2 stripes Long 22 cm+

  • 2 strips of 18 cm long+

  • 1 strip – 14 cm.

Roll each strip in the harmonic. Glue harmonica with each other from large and finishing small.

Stick to the top of the tilt tail from the rope and a couple of leaves of green paper. Gift pumpkin is ready.

Older children will make their hands a wonderful soft pumpkin as a gift. You can play it, use as a key chain, or give my mother as a needle.


  • Syntheton+

  • Brown or orange felt, slim felt or fleece+

  • scissors+

  • needle and thread+

  • Cinnamon wand for tail.

Stages of work.

  1. Cut the piece of cloth with a size of 21 cm for 39 cm.

  2. Cut the fabric in half.

  3. Stick on narrow edge.

  4. The top edge of the blanks are tightened with a needle with a needle.

  5. Fill the product with syntheps and sewing, leaving the hole for the fruit.

  6. With the help of harsh thread or jute rope drag our pumpkin.

  7. Cut out the felt of the leaf and cut through the hole in it to turn in it cinnamon wand.

  8. We drip into the hole droplet of glue and insert the cinnamon-leg of the pumpkin.

  9. Decorating pumpkin leaf.

  10. Work is ready.



How to pack original?

Emboss the packaging in the form of a witch broom for small souvenirs and sweets with their own hands is very simple.

You will need:

  • Paper bag – you can take it in the store of sweets and tea+

  • Cocktail tube of black or brown+

  • glue+

  • Decor – stickers or beads in the form of pumpkins or bats, bright orange tape.

Working process.

  • Package Cut on thin strips, but not to the end.

  • Slide on the tube or stick beads in the form of ticking, or attach another decor.

  • Put the present on the bottom of the package, get the bats on it.

  • Insert the tube in the middle, and tightly tie up the package in the middle of the ribbon.

  • Packaging for a gift is ready.

Interesting idea – hide small souvenirs in the balloon.

You will need:

  • Bright orange air balloon+

  • Thicks+

  • Green Square or Corrugated Paper+

  • Black marker.

Stages of creation.

  • In an empty balloon, put the prepared presents. They must freely pass through the ball ball.

  • Inflate the ball and tie threads.

  • Cut from a small piece of paper green fringe.

  • Take it with threads to the top of the ball.

  • Draw a marker on the ball traditional for Halloween Grimas.

  • Original packaged gift can be given.

How to properly pack Halloween gifts, you will learn looking at the video below.

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