What to give to housewarming?

What to give to housewarming?

The housewarming is not accepted to give expensive gifts. Often choose something for life, interior design, inexpensive souvenirs or just charms for protection and abundance. To please, you need to know the tastes of the owners, so to the dishes, textiles and decorations need to fit with the mind. Charming and souvenirs – a more versatile option, but also to choose them right.

What you need to consider?

When choosing a gift, it is important to take into account the age and family status of the hosts, the degree of proximity or kinship, tastes, the level of completion of the repair and interior design, a souvenir is bought in an apartment or house. Plot is usually attached to the private house. Therefore, a gift for housewarming can be chosen in the gardening garden, for example, decorative figures or fences for flower beds. Perhaps there is a bath, then it will be appropriate to give a bath set.

Expensive at cost a gift is better to present only very close people, because others can put in an awkward position. At the same time, the gift itself is better to agree with the owners, whether he is appropriate, perhaps they need something concrete.

It can be household appliances or furniture.

When choosing a gift, you can refer to traditions. For example, wool presented in the old days, which was considered a symbol of wealth. Currently, it can be products from wool or warm textiles, such as blankets. Also in the house was necessarily made fire. It can be replaced by lighting devices. Table lamps and lamps are relatively inexpensive, while you can choose both original, bright or cheerful design and more strict, suitable for many interiors.

There are gifts that can be negatively perceived. For example, alcohol, knives, forks, watches or floor scales. It is believed that a gift for a housewarming has an impact on the energy of the house, so there should be nothing negative. For example, knives bring to the family discord, and alcohol takes health. The duration of the clock is considered a bad admission – to parting, and the scales may be regarded as a hint of overweight.

It is extremely undesirable to give animal bowls, even if the owners live in a private house. The expressed interest and the lunization does not always mean the desire to care for the pet, keep it in the house, someone from tenants can be allergic. Another thing, if this question was agreed in advance.

Also undesirable to give gifts focused only on one of the owners. At least it is impolite.

List of useful gifts

Perfectly if a gift for the house will be not only a tribute to tradition and respect, but will be useful. It is very important to take into account the tastes of the owners, their interests, rhythm of life, interior of the premises.

Useful gifts include:

  • Household appliances+
  • dishes+
  • textile+
  • Decor items+
  • Furniture, in t. C. Suspended shelves+
  • set of tools.

At the same time, any useful gift may suddenly turn into a useless thing engaging in the closet. For example, Vafelnitsa is unlikely to have to the yard of the hostess, which is not at all bakes, or a beautiful linen tablecloth will turn into a useless rag, if such fundamentally use. If housing is at the repair stage, you can give construction tools, such as a screwdriver or a screwdriver set.

The toolkit will always be appropriate as a gift to a man.

Household appliances and furniture

Such gifts for housewarming are best made close to relatives, for example, from parents of a young family. At the same time, the cost of the gift varies greatly, it can be both expensive kitchen stove or washing machine and an inexpensive mixer.

To inexpensive and useful, within 1000-2000 rubles, can be attributed:

  • Blender+
  • Kitchen scales+
  • electric kettle+
  • Desktop humidifier+
  • iron+
  • Fen.

Very carefully choose hair appliances. If the hair dryer can enjoy all in the family, then the curls and iron are only female half. Such a gift will be appropriate for a lonely girl or sister.

Also with caution should be taken with a coffee grinder, juicer, snack, waffelnice and to the toaster. For a specific family, this may be a useless gadget.

It is possible to attribute to the original and practical. He copes well with small garbage, you can safely entrust the cleaning of the child. For the hostess extremely useful will be automatic or electronic timer for the kitchen. This instrument can be found in an interesting design, for example, in the form of tomato. It is not far from every kitchen, so it’s hard to guess with this gift. If there are small children in the house, you should give a beautiful night light. Baby parents will define. Furniture also refers to expensive gifts. It is more appropriate to give close relatives, more often the newlyweds who have not had time to draw their own property.

Dishes and sets

An elderly or established married couple can be given a service. It is best to prevent him with relatives or older people. For newlyweds such a gift can be a family relic. From more budget options – Mugs. For grandparents it can be cups with photos of grandchildren. For brother, friends or girlfriend – with funny pictures and inscriptions, in t. C. With the image of idols, characters from computer games and films.

For spouses will be appropriate.

At the same time, the dishes can be handmade. Such a thing will be not only useful, but also unique, and therefore – memorable. In addition to mugs, it may be plates, salad bowls, sets of saucepan or glasses.


It is very important to take into account the interior of the premises, as well as the state of the health of residents, since some materials cause allergies, for example, wool. Textiles include all objects made of fabric:

  • Blankets, blankets, bedspreads+
  • Sofa pillows+
  • linens+
  • Curtains+
  • Tablecloths, Towels, Napkins+
  • Apron, Phacks+
  • Bathrobes+
  • Rugs.

Curtains on housewarming should be given only after agreeing with the owners. The absence of fabric on the windows does not mean that they must be purchased. Perhaps tenants prefer shutters or rolled curtains. It should also be clarified if you use tablecloths and napkins, you may only get them on holidays. Then give a beautiful tablecloth will be appropriate.

Otherwise, textiles enjoy all. It is given to both bachelors and married couples. Fabric with time wear out and requires replacement, so the blankets, towels and bed linen will always be appropriate.

Decor items

Universal option. Manufacturers offer a lot of interesting things of the most unusual designs, in T. C. author’s work. The latter are an order of magnitude higher, but exclusive. Moreover, such decorations for the interior can be made independently. A similar gift for housewarming will be especially pleasant and memorable.

It is important to find out in advance, in which colors and style are decorated. With the interior decor you can get to be accepted when the owners will nowhere to determine it.

On the one hand, such a gift can give the interior of the finished look, have practical application, but at the same time and do not please. Careful with minimalists. People do not accept various dust collectors indoors. So statuettes, souvenirs and other baubles are better not to buy.

For plot and bath

If it is a private house with a plot or bath, you can choose a gift for them. For example, for the baths will be appropriate hats from felt, flavors, brooms, special towels with velcro or sets from the specified things.

For the site will fit:

  • hammock+
  • brazier or shampoo+
  • inflatable pool+
  • Set of garden inventory+
  • Shop+
  • Wicker furniture+
  • Folding chairs+
  • Fixtures on solar panels+
  • Saplings of flowers and fruit trees.

If Novoseli is fond of landscape design, it is appropriate to give the elements of the garden decor.

Presents with humor

A gift with humor is always a win-win version. Such gifts with caution should be given to the elderly, you can face misunderstanding. Therefore, the age centers should be considered. What is relevant and fashionable for the younger generation will be uninteresting to people of 30-40 years old, and vice versa.

Among creative gifts can be allocated:

  • Unusual sofa pillows – in the form of cartoon animals, unusual forms, with double-sided sequins+
  • Mugs and plates with demotivators, jokes and fun pictures+
  • Golf for toilet – Now you can not only read and play the phone+
  • Posters – perfectly fit into the interior of a young man or a girl+
  • Keystone unusual forms – for example, in the form of sockets+
  • Creative kitchen utensils+
  • Set of aprons With funny print+
  • Medal or award “Helding moving” with comic congratulations.

An unusual gift will be chocolate or cheese fondust. The new owners will be able to please and surprise guests in the future. The tray table is also unusual and at the same time practical – for lovers of breakfast in bed or front TV. If there are children in the house, then the salt lamp can also be found to unusual and useful gifts. Roll lovers can give a special typewriter for their manufacture.

There are always unusual crafts from money. At the same time, it is not necessary to collect origami from real bills. You can make or print copies on color printer. Always beautifully looks flowers out of money. If they decorate a gift vase, then such a feed will make the present of the original. It looks good, seeing crafts from the coins of small dignity. Of these, you can create collages and mosaics.

How best to congratulate?

Dear gifts are not always relevant to the housewarming, especially when you invite just familiar or colleagues. There are multiple budget options, where the main focus is on symbolism. For example, souvenirs are charging. These are all sorts of home bushings, Beregini, horseshoes, happy coins, Chinese toads and other walkers, symbolizing prosperity and protection. It will also be appropriate to give a flower in a pot, especially if the hostess is breeding. At the same time, the flower can be grown independently, bought only a beautiful pot.

If a person often goes on business trips, then such a gift, on the contrary, will become burdensome, because it requires regular care and irrigation.

If you don’t want to break your head over the gift at all, you can buy a beautiful postcard with verses and attach a symbolic bill on the purchase of dishes or other trifles for the house. Alternatively, instead of money you can attach a gift certificate to a shopping store.

What can be done with your own hands?

Custom gift is valuable in hand, because it is an original thing, and even the memory of the event. You can make a craft from money, piggy bank, photo frame where to insert a snapshot with an event from moving or repairing, sew or tie a sofa pillow or patchwork bedspread.

Piggy bank

The original gift will be a piggy bank. It is perfectly suitable for both lonely and family newsnels. Elderly people should be given with caution. They often collect funeral money, even secretly from relatives, and such a present may be misunderstood. For the manufacture of piggy banks will be needed:

  • Bank with a lid of about 1 l+
  • glue+
  • Insome marker or acrylic paints+
  • Elements for decorating.

The jar can be taken both glass and plastic, but transparent and preferably with a twisting lid. The bank itself is placed by various decorative elements, be sure to decorate the lid. In the latter make a hole sufficient for free passage of money.

Then you need to apply. This can be something commemorative or joking, for example, “Family Bank of the Family …”, “Space for an extension”, “Bank Sber” and DR. The inscription can be done on paper by conventional markers, and then stick to the bank.

Cash Money Tree

You can make a picture of coins, symbolizing money.

To work, you will need:

  • Simple wooden frame for photo size A4, you can more+
  • Gold paint in the cylinder+
  • Small coins+
  • leg-split+
  • glue.

On the back wall of the frame it is necessary to make a dark background for wood, on it gold coins will be the most advantageous. It can be painted in dark paint, stick textured fabric. You also need to designate the contour of the future tree. The twine itself paint the gold paint from the balloon. These will be branches and trunk. The twine has an excellent texture, making a tree more believable. Then you need to cut the rope and glue to the background by contour. As soon as the workpiece dried, you can start gluing coins.

Then make a finished picture in the frame, the glass does not need to use.

Refrigerator magnets

There are many options for making magnets. It can be felt, plaster, polymer clay. The easiest option is made of coffee beans. For crafts, you will need:

  • Thin cardboard+
  • magnet
  • Whole coffee grains+
  • glue+
  • Slim tape for a bow+
  • decorations for the decor at will (beads, letters, coins and t. NS.).

First, the form is cut out of the cardboard, for example, the heart. Then tightly to each other are glued coffee beans on cardboard. The direction of grains determines the future drawing, so it is better to think about it in advance how best to attach. After the glue dries, tie a bow from the tape and glue to the craft. To the edges of the ribbon do not bloom, handle fire. Additionally, you can decorate various beads and other elements. Last step glue a magnet to the back. He must withstand the weight of crafts. Magnet itself can be searched in business stores or use old from the refrigerator.

Photo frame

For the manufacture you will need an ordinary wooden frame with glass, glue, photography and decorative decorations. You can decorate the frame of anything: beads, buttons, beads, shells, pebbles, coins, and t. NS.

Give a frame better with a photo that you can take in advance from newcomers from social networks, or ask to help relatives or common acquaintances.

You can make a more interesting option from color cardboard. Make a house or palace with a large window, and in it from the reverse side to insert a photo of the nose. Such a craft is distinguished by the originality. Optional to use contours of the house, it can be flowers, animals and other ideas. You can also decorate with ribbons, beads and other elements.

Towel cake

If you want to make a gift with your own hands, but there is no desire to mess with glue and scissors, you can make a cake from kitchen towels or napkins. In fact, not want to sew. It is necessary to purchase different towels in the appropriate color scheme, tape, packing cellophan.

Towels twisted into rolls and tied with thin ribbons or threads in color so that they do not bloom. Then make a circle from vertical rolls and tape with a bow. So the lower tier will be ready. Similarly, to make 2 more tiers.

Then pack the cake in the cellophan and tie from above the lush bow.

Instead of kitchen, you can use bath towels or colored toilet paper rolls. The principle of building a cake similar. You can come up with other gifts options. The main thing is that they are for home or improve life of Novoselov.

About the fact that you can not give a housewarming, look next.

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