Aerophobia: Description, Causes and Treatment

Aerophobia: Description, Causes and Treatment

Quickly and just people solve their problems of moving in space with modern means. In today’s world, flights on the plane from one place to another are not something special. It is believed that it is convenient and almost does not cause trouble. Few people think about the fact that the aircraft can crash. However, there are individuals who categorically refuse flights, and thoughts about such movement in space cause panicity.

What it is?

This manifestation of the human psyche is not a disease, but only its symptom because Aerophobia can talk about the presence of other phobias. For example, fear of height (acrofobia), fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia).

Why attention to the fear of people to air travel attracts the most attention than other fears? Because air travel is required for people who want to have time everywhere. therefore About 15% of the population suffers in one degree or another Aerophobia, and 30% of people around the world are afraid to fly by plane. Moreover, the unemployment fear arises long before landing.

If you describe a certain fear, it is natural in the case when it comes to a slight sense of anxiety. Such an internal state contributes to the mobilization of internal resources to ensure self-preservation. Moreover, these feelings are fully justified if they arise due to impending danger.

Phobia is a strong reaction of fear. It is exacerbated under certain conditions, and it will not be able to explain it with a rational way. When the formation of fear is, it gradually captures the individual and develops into panic. Because of what professional activities suffer, life acquires such parties in which it is difficult to focus on well-being. As a result, an imaginary destruction of the world around.

So-called aeroofoby can not afford to travel because of fear crash, and by and large they cannot live fully. So this disorder is divided into two types.

  • On the ordinary sense of self-preservation. Some people have this feeling very exacerbated, and therefore fear appears before the flight. As soon as a person begins to get used to frequent flights, his phobia becomes not so strong.
  • On fairly pronounced pathology, which rolls and exceeds all the rules. Then you can talk about the growing phobic disorder. People experience fear flying and the fear of the flight itself.

The development of such states contributes to the stories in the media about various tragic cases related to flights in the sky. All people are looking at the news, but not everyone has various psyche disorders that were laid in the distant past. Disorders have only some individuals. They lead to the fear arising from nowhere.

The reasons for the appearance of Aerofobia should be considered separately in each case. Someone fears that the human factor will lead to an imminent catastrophe, someone is afraid of breakdowns of the aircraft mechanisms. But here the most important problem is the inability of consciousness to overcome fears arising from the depths of the past.

Why phobia occurs?

Airplane flights are very common, so a large number of people suffer from such a state as airflobia. The causes of the occurrence are diverse and depend on different situations. List them in order.

  • Traumatic for the human psyche event which led to phobia. Long fatigue, stress or multi-day experiences brought a person to a state when phobia began to develop.
  • High impressionable nature can bring its condition to such a heat that will begin to test phobia. For example, if an individual constantly monitors events related to tragedies that occurred in the sky. Gradually, his consciousness draws pictures – one is terrible than another. The result will be the obsessive state and the fear of airfare.
  • Frequent views of realistic films, Where the terrible scenes of the crash of the aircraft are described. The viewer sees dying people and their emotions, he involuntarily begins to take this negative on himself. A strong personality after viewing will forget about what he saw, and the weak will start scrolling again and again the tragic moments in his head. As a result, such a person who cannot keep his emotions under control, sooner or later sick phobia.

And besides these reasons, Aerophobia may occur if:

  • man is experiencing a fear of height+
  • Closed premises cause an inexplicable fear of a person+
  • The individual is used to control the space around itself, and in the plane during the flight nothing depends on it, life can break into any minute due to the pilot error or the breakdown of the aircraft+
  • Fear of turbulence+
  • Fear during the flight at night+
  • Fear that uncontrollable organism reactions will begin in the flight: dizziness, heartbeat interruptions, nausea and t. D.+
  • People are often afraid that the plane can capture or blow up terrorists+
  • Fear from the fact that in the plane you can get injured or start panicing+
  • In children, the causes of fear may be different, the most common is when parents begin to panic and “infect” by this state of their child.

Symptoms and diagnostics

About irrational fear can speak typical signs. They begin when a person is experiencing anxiety about his security before the flight starts. The individual mentally represents the situation: what will happen when a plane crash occurs. The inability to influence the situation in such cases and is the main reason for fear.

People with a weakened psyche are panicly afraid of both flights and death during pressure drops. Many of them never flew in the plane and did not experience feelings that experience a flying person. However, they are still afraid, and this fear can be called unreasonable. Individuals with anxiety can appear symptoms that are divided into groups.

  • Mental: irritability, decline in attention, nightmares, bad sleep, restless condition.
  • Vegetative: Headache in the temporal part of the head, painful pain, tachycardia, active sweating, the tremor of the lower and upper extremities, rapid or configured breathing, change the color of the skin (become brown or pale), rapid urination, reflex trembling, nausea or vomiting.

Need to remember that Aerofobia symptoms take the most pronounced character as the flight date approaches. Thoughts about landing on the plane and the view of the flight itself cause an alarming state, developing into persistent fear. Those who, as a result of such fears, abandon completely from movements in space using an aircraft, are called aerobes, since this is the most vivid example of symptomatics.

An experienced specialist can determine the presence of a phobia with a special test. Man needs to answer different questions that concern flights in the plane. Summing up, a psychologist will be able to determine the presence of phobia.

How to Keep Panic Attack attack?

Overcome the panic attack you can, if it really wants it. Each aerophobe feels the approach of the attack. therefore you need to immediately begin to calm yourself. To begin with, ensure Fresh air flow, open the window. These actions you will begin to be distracted from the main problem.

Other tips will help: You can take a glass of water and drink it with a volley. If you are experiencing fears permanently, keep soothing decoction at hand. And instead of drinking them. Water or decoction In stock You should always be, even when you leave the house on affairs. To do this, it is enough to take a bottle with liquid in the bag. As soon as you begin to disturb the alarm and dry mouth will appear, you can easily drink a few sips of life-giving moisture.

Drink water need slow. Make a small throat. So you can focus on drink and distract from fear. These actions will surely help you cope with the problem. Wherever you are – at home or at work, try to sit down and relax. On the street you can go to the park and relax on the bench. As soon as you find yourself in a sitting position, close your eyes and start thinking about what people walk around around, the sun shines and you do not threaten anything at the moment.

Breeding persistent fear will help reading a book. Try to take this classes such that will be a cheerful plot. Read it needs carefully and think about every word.

Women can advise to remove the apartment. Careful washing of floors and windows is great distracting from phobias. In addition, you will make a lot of useful affairs until you fight with an obsessive state.

Do not ignore specialist advice. They have a lot of experience in combating various obsessive states. Simple and proven exercises help people who are waiting for help every minute.

How to get rid of aerophobia?

Anyone who has ever experienced signs of aerophobia, knows well that the problem with breathing is always present. Superficial breaths provoke shortness of breath and even suffocation. What you need to do first? Collect the will in a fist and start restoring normal breathing.

Try Slow your breath. To do this, reduce the number of inhales and exhalations. We make a little inhale, delay the air (we consider up to five) and slowly exhale. Such actions should not exceed ten minutes. To establish proper aperture breathing, keep your hand in the solar plexus zone. This part should rise and go down. This is a sign that you do everything right. And the exercises can be carried out when you wish you. They are almost invisible to others.

Temporary increase in carbon dioxide in human blood gives intoxicating effect. It helps to get rid of fear. In order to achieve this result, use a paper bag. Press it tightly to the lips and start breathing into it. So the oxygen almost ceases to enter the lungs, and carbon dioxide makes its business. Just get involved in this way. If it does not suit you for any reason, it is better to abandon these exercises. Yes, and on universal review your actions should not be exhibiting if you are a shy man.

And remember that you do not need to stop your attention on fear, and you need to fight with him. Long-term concentration on its problem will aggravate your condition even more. So try to collect the will in the fist and lead your “I” from obsessive thoughts.

You can defeat Aerophobia with various movements. As soon as the feeling of anxiety begins, try to move a little. Rent a step or start running. If you are indoors, start squatting. You can move to the music too.

Musical motives of various focus will be in the situation of development of panic attack with a wand-grinding. It is proved that light and relaxed music contributes to the peace of mind. Listen to her at home or with headphones and phone on the street.

You can download ridiculous stories or jokes in the gadget and listen to them during impending alarming states. At the time when you feel the approach of fear, switch your brain to another wave. Call a friend or friend, talk to the abstract topics. This option helps well and then when you just need to remove fatigue and get rid of the sense of loneliness.

There are a lot of ways, and each of them is effective in its own way. Perhaps some of the most listed it is for you most. It needs to be used when it is necessary to stop the excited state quickly and without much effort.

Psychological help

Before contacting a psychologist, it is necessary to know that he will advise you first: start the treatment of aerophobia, at the same time stop listening to negative news, continue to fly by airplanes, despite fear, learn to relax, look at life optimistic.

If you turned to a psychologist, he will conduct research and appoint the therapy that includes certain steps.

  • Your condition is on the verge and you have all the signs of very well expressed aerophobia? Then you will prescribe medicines. Among them can be medicines of various focus: antidepressants, nootropics, antidepressants (SSIRS group), tranquilizers. However, you need to remember: independent drug intake will not be. Without observing the doctor, such serious therapy can lead to sad consequences.
  • Corrigative therapy (when the doctor reuses the causes of aerophobia in a conversation with the patient and eliminates them).
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (psychotherapy) applies.
  • The correct approach of the high-class specialist can combine medicinal therapy and individual psychotherapy.
  • Specialist can recommend relaxing, full of peace or sports.
  • Professional hypnosis sessions will help you get rid of the Aerophobia and the problems that led to the emergence of fears.
  • The method of neuro-physiological rehabilitation, when a person is offered to use biological feedback devices, will also save from obsessive state.

Psychology is such that he can experience obsessive states and not to think about what he needs help from the outside. However, by contacting a specialist and passing psychotherapeutic courses, an individual begins to understand that life without a phobia is much more interesting than before that.


You can withstand the attacks of phobia using tablets. However, the absence of such chopsticks under hand at the right moment can provoke an even greater phobia and even a panic attack.

Of course, if applying drugs constantly, they will give a persistent result and help cure anxious state. And if they are swallowed only when the fear is just starting to penetrate the subconscious, it is considered a dubious occupation. While the tablet will be absorbed in the stomach, the alarm can end suddenly in an independent way.

No special harm to health can be used sedative preparations of vegetable origin. The effect of them is not so strong, but continuous use will contribute to the resistant result. Valerian tinctures, latoms will remove excessive irritability. Alcohol solutions act much faster, but there is a risk of acquiring alcohol addiction.

Can give a good sedative effect The use of benzodiazepines. True, time will need to be approximately about half an hour. And of course, Such drugs can not be used without a consultation with the doctor.

It is not recommended to use the doctor without appointing the doctor and the following medicines: tricyclic antidepressants (the effect occurs by about 2-3 weeks), selective serotonin reverse capture inhibitors (guarantee the minimum of side effects and are taken once a day).

Remember that only a high-class specialist can treat drugs. In other cases, it is necessary to fear the uncontrolled use of medicines of such a series. This is fraught with a deterioration of the state to the complete loss of consciousness.

Independent treatment

Of course, it is possible to independently overcome Aerophobia and even need. Volval personalities practically do not suffer from such a notch, but they may be subject to phobiam if the pressure was pressed on the psyche. For example, a person experienced a very strong stress or permanent mental overloads do not allow his brain to relax.

In no case cannot cure aerophobia with alcohol. So you not only do not get rid of the obsessive state, but also acquire alcohol addiction. Therefore, it is better to act more efficient and less traumatic methods.

If you are constantly alarm, then You need to do sports. Exercise are well distracted by negative thoughts and contribute to improving well-being in general. The most effective here comes forwarding for long distances.

Panic attacks can be eliminated in other ways. For example, you go down the street and suddenly remembered that in three days you have to fly on the plane. These thoughts caused an unpleasant feeling that gradually began to move in fear. Try to distract from them. Start counting passing machines. Divide them in color quality and count again, now separately. Such simple mathematical actions will allow you to distract from the problem you have created yourself.

No need to think about the flight itself, remember what will happen when you land on the ground. Perhaps you will meet friends or close relatives. Or maybe you will fall on holiday in a beautiful country. Think about the pleasant moments that you may expect you in the future, and the fear will certainly retreate.

Come up with any item that attracts you. For example, Machine. Describe your dream in detail: color, shape, brand. Think out every detail that should be present in this subject. Small details and a thorough description will help you concentrate on pleasant things, and anxiety will inevitably retreat.

During the beginning of the phobia, you need to remember what it happens here and now. Perhaps tomorrow you are about her and do not remember. Maybe you will be visiting at that time, and maybe you already land in that beautiful where you decided to relax.

Try to switch your panic attack on another fictional person. As if afraid not you, but your fictional character is afraid. Come up and tell him those words that will help him calm. The above arguments will allow you to understand your consciousness that fears are completely groundless.

While at home during an attack, try to express your thoughts and emotions on paper. As soon as your fears are retretable, set aside the written sheet aside. After some time, read what you were depicted on paper in an alarming state. Perhaps you will be funny from what you have created a problem in a flat place.

From phobia you can get rid of pain. Phobia is a dive into their fantasies that are negative. Easy elastic band will help to get out of such a state. Put it on your wrist, and as soon as you feel a tide of panic, pull out the gum and let her slightly slam down on your skin. An unpleasant feeling from the outside will switch your consciousness to a specific problem associated with some pain, and distracts you from obsessive thoughts.

Breathing exercises well help distract from negativity. To do this, take a deep breath, delay a little breathing and then exhale slowly. Make such manipulations until your panic goes at all. So you can saturate the lungs with oxygen and even help your heart rest over a calmer rhythm and give your consciousness time to fully restore calm. Overcome yourself and you will overcome your fear.

Fighting a phobia should not stop even when you want to relax. Spend this time with benefit. Relaxation and autotreating will only contribute to the improvement of your mental state. At this time, you can revaluate your mood and, perhaps, push your fears aside.

About how to overcome the fear of flying on the aircraft, look in the following video.

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