All about indignation

All about indignation

From the material of this article you will receive useful information about indignation and find out what it is. I will understand what it means to resent and what kind of feeling is manifested. Learn what should be done to cope with him.

What it is?

In psychology, to show a sense of indignation means extremely resent, experience a strong dissatisfaction with anything, anyone or by itself. In this feeling there is no anger, anger, hostility, contempt, there is no degrading behavior aimed at another person or group of people.

When indignant, thinking is actively working. A person asks the following questions:

  • How could this happen?
  • Why I did not guessed that this could happen?
  • Why did they do it?

There is no search for the guilty and the desire to punish it.

Resentment – anger of a decent, noble person. The feeling is quite strong and inherent in people with an exacerbid understanding of justice, and also wishing to prove their truth by all means. Physiologically can have the following symptoms:

  • Hardness participation+
  • adrenaline rush+
  • Facial redness+
  • muscle tension+
  • Feeling coma in the throat and t.D.

From anger emotion is characterized by the fact that it does not contain aggression. May hide other emotional states, such as fear, insult and pain.

Determination of the value of the word “indignation” can be described as the state of a person who did not please. Individual experiences contempt or disappointment about what he considers wrong, offensive or unfair. At the same time, this is a protest, rejection of what is happening, the desire to change and arrange everything so that it is what a person wants.

This spiritual disharmony is an assessment of the event that has occurred:

  • I do not do that+
  • adequate people don’t do that+
  • This not normal.

Resentment happens different bysaturation Depending on the power of manifestation. It can be recognized when a person expresses its dissatisfaction with the pronounced words.This spiritual state can sometimes be expressed through Strong emotional boiling. Being a simplified form of anger, it is always noticeable In the expression of the face, movements and intonation. See him in itself quite easily, harder not to succumb to its expression.

Why arises?

An indignation happens In response to disappointing events. It may arise in response to the following actions:

  • Individual behaves carelessly in relation to another person+
  • His statements or actions violate the moral beliefs of the person+
  • A person discriminates the rights of another, insults unethical words or behavior+
  • Individual unfairly comes to someone or badly drawn with someone.

All this leaves after himself strong Negative consequences.

Resentment may arise Impossibility to achieve the goal And it happens to yourself, arbit On the soil of impotenceDue to the inability to help or achieve the desired result. For example, a doctor cannot cure a hopeless patient, although it really wants it.

Here are still examples of situations that can cause this uncomfortable feeling:

  • We agreed that he did not do that+
  • This is a betrayal as dishonest+
  • he is late+
  • She deceived me.

As a result of manFeels vulnerable actions or point of view of other people who allow themselves to behave. For myself, a person considers such actions unacceptable. Examples:

  • I myself could never disrupt the agreements+
  • I never mind the idea of ​​betraying anyone+
  • I am a punctual person, always come at the appointed time+
  • Under any circumstances, no one deceive.

Since people are talked to make mistakes, they may not be aware of what misses. In case the situation is perceived at the subconscious level, the personality can see the mistakes of others, while not noticing similar errors in itself. So it manifests itself Psychological protection. In this case, an indigeting individual is not aware of destructive thoughts and behavior, since, recognizing them in themselves, he would have to equate himself to bad people, while he does not consider himself.

How to cope with indignation?

If you are captured by this negative feeling, then You should know what you need to take to handle it in time. This is possible if you understand and aware what happens to you at the moment. Give yourself a report in what you feel and what about – this will help you understand the true reasons for your indignation.

As the indignation is an indicator that we don’t like something, when it is manifest, we can understand the following:

  • we want something+
  • something does not suit us+
  • We should do something.

In the specified version, indignation is a very useful thing. Our task is regulate. Consider how this can be achieved.

When the next time you will visit this feeling, do not hurry to express it to other people. Realize what exactly hurt you for living, taking into account the following scheme:

  • first happens a certain event+
  • Next in the head there is his mental interpretation+
  • after there is a behavioral reaction.

Understanding what exactly the reason for your indignation is able to cope with it faster.

Often the behavior of people occurs Pattern and automatically Based on previous beliefs, so they do not always track their reaction. For example, once a person received a positive reinforcement when using indignation and now applies it every time with other similar events. Only situations differ as people. Therefore, the tactics of behavior choose depending on what is happening at the moment.

Remember that every person has its own understanding of what is happening and before answering emotion, it should be understood that it is until you want to convey.

Since some people are inclined to insist on their own, then the indignation, expressed in their address, can answer more serious negative emotions. Others will create an indifferent atmosphere expressed his individual.

Therefore, before voicing what you have booked, it will be appropriate to assume what the consequences of the manifestation of your indignation can be. If the feedback is assumed negative, change the strategy and try to send the situation in the peaceful direction.

Try to treat a respectful to a person, regardless of the words pronounced by them. He is sure that he voiced, there are serious reasons. Find out. Then explain how your dissatisfaction is caused. A person has the right to know the information relating to what causes this feeling in you.

Tactics of behavior in the manifestation of indignation:

  • tactfully and politely tell a person about his feeling+
  • correct words explain its reason, do not hurt for living and do not insult with words+
  • let us understand the individual that your emotional reaction is information for it, and not a proposal to cross the swords.

Tell people about their indignation, but do not “throw it” in them – it is useful, helps them better understand you. Since there is no reproach and the departure, they will love you with pleasure. This is a very correct transmission of information to a person who listens to you, and therefore he is ready to meet you towards.


In modern society, decent people adhere to ethical behavior and comply with the rules of morality. As a result, they may not express their emotions.

If you do not work on this, feelings go to the subconscious and with time they can manifest itself in the form of an emotional explosion or a somatic disease.

Therefore, so as not to accumulate uncomfortable feelings and at one fine moment do not start boiled, it should be practiced before their appearance.


  • Some time after an unpleasant event happened, make conclusions about it+
  • Think that in a similar situation the next time you would like to think, feel and do differently+
  • Come up with alternative thoughts and actions that you try to take next time.

Remember that pronounced emotions over time are only fixed by such behavior and reinforce the repeated manifestation of the feeling. Therefore, instead of expressing negative emotions on other people, it is better to walk, to pour, take any other compatible situation.

In the next video, you will learn what indignation from an esoteric point of view.

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