Arachnofobia: Symptoms and ways to eliminate

Arachnofobia: Symptoms and ways to eliminate

Spiders pursue people everywhere: in apartments, houses, on the street. Women doing cleaning, remove with luminaires and cobwebs. Little spiders roll. Even at the sight of their many fair sex representatives fall into panic. What is the fear of spiders?

Most of us believe that arthropods have a rather unpleasant view, and people scares what among them there are many poisonous individuals.

What it is?

People characterize various phobias. Some are afraid to die from any disease, others – go crazy. But almost everyone unites fear of spider-shaped, in other words, arachnophobia. This is one of the special cases of the so-called zoophobia. It is noted that this fear is the most common among the many phobias.

Causes an unpleasant feeling uncontrollably. Fear of spiders, apparently, laid in humans at the subconscious level. No wonder even pictures with the image of spiders create in the head of many people if not a phobia, then necessarily persistent disgust. Why is this happening?

The structure of the body of the spider-shaped absolutely does not look like a human. The insect has many paws, is distinguished by a large torso and a small head. A variety of body structure, sizes and colors of this instance are affixed. These bloodsowing creatures attack their fellow and kill, pulling all the juices. And this fact means that spiders are highlighted by their merciless among other insects.

People are not afraid of spiders, because many of them are poisonous. With the bite of the most harmless spider, big problems may arise. Even if the poison is not fatal, a dangerous infection can get into the wound. It turns out that from the attack of a small insect even a large part may die.

And this nightmare mankind learned well, and the memory of generations brought spiders into a dangerous list of subconscious. The risk of perishing a little creature is a big problem of any of us. So that the person can avoid the tragic fate, his sense of self-preservation is always alert. From here and there is such a reaction to spiders.


They are able to appear suddenly. Just an individual can see a very large spider or an unusual image at any time, and in the same moment he will start hysteria. All this is because For many centuries, humanity has come across sad experience.

Arachnophobia is often confused with squeamishness or rejection of something. Such feelings can develop in the interval of a certain time and at some point suddenly wake up. Panic attack in the fear of spiders happens almost with every person. No one is insured from her. And the danger of this state is that A man can happen a nervous breakdown or even a heart attack.

Then the sad case will lead to constant fear. Further painful, obsessive states can begin. After that, the subject will begin to fear various dark premises (basements, attics) just because there may be spiders.

The desire to kill a clayistone, by all means it should be aless of both the person and his loved ones. If the situation is exacerbated, and the desire to destroy spiders becomes obsessive, then it is necessary to contact a specialist who will determine the signs of phobia with the test.

And you can initially watch your well-minded, and then draw conclusions. If you or your close person has an unpleasant feeling at the sight of arthropods, then you need to be a minimum tolerance. The following signs will help determine the phobia:

  • heartbeat and pulse+
  • there is an inexplicable desire to immediately kill the insect+
  • the growing fear of fear, and it becomes uncontrollable+
  • tremor hand and legs+
  • Fear develops into a panic attack+
  • Potting+
  • Inhibition or sharp activity+
  • The skin becomes a bagg or, on the contrary, pale.

If a person continues to behave inadequately, he tries to find spiders and destroy them everywhere. Women usually begin to carefully clean and wash the floors in the whole house. Some reach the point that can spray a poisonous aerosol in all rooms, if they hurt a web. And she causes real panic in the arachnophobes.

Individuals suffering from this phobia, all the time talk about the danger of a selection with arthropods. Describe cases of attacks on people. At the same time, they show their overexcitation. And it suggests that It is necessary to take measures that will get rid of them from the phobia of this focus. And initially it is necessary to identify the causes.

Causes of occurrence

Studies of scientists have shown that the arachnophobes in most cases cannot explain the cause of their fears. Therefore, they practically do not have the strength to keep their phobias, which arise only with one thought about arthropods, under control. But here it is necessary to separate the arachnophobia from hostility.

Some people are sissy by their nature. They are annoyed by the type of spiders. At the sight of any insect, they want to look out, shake the clothes or grind the foot. Dislike – this is also an obsessive state, only it is expressed in another form.

Apparently, this is due to the fact that the spoofers are very different from a person with their own species. Such dislike comes from the depths of centuries. When a person was forced to survive in the cruel world of nature, he had phobias associated with the preservation of the kind. Not all the wildliness of the planet is connected in people with panic horror. The inhabitants of the seas and depths do not cause so strong disgust due to the fact that they are at a considerable distance from human dwelling.

Spiders, on the contrary, may arise suddenly and scare with their presence.

Their nothing can stop in front of the house. There are no cases when spiders attacked people during their sleep in bed. Scientists revealed that spiders are pretty ancient inhabitants of the planet. Since the time of epidemics of plague and other serious diseases, people were confident that Insects are able to transfer dangerous causative agents. And this is another steady caused reason to fear arthropods.

Spiders destroy only for what they live on earth. For some reason it is believed that kill them – bad sign. However, there is another version: If you kill spiders, you will free yourself from all sins. Such contradictions are no wonder among people.

Some ranks spiders to black magic and consider the generation of hell, others say that they destroy flies that carry dangerous diseases. It all depends on the worldview of a person, his upbringing and perception of this world.

Features of the nervous system

Of course, it is arachnophobia that people with an unstable mental state may suffer. Maybe in childhood a person survived not one stressful situation. Negative experience remained in the subconscious and is now chosen outward. This individual may suffer from various phobias, but they are far enough from his vision. And the presence of a huge spider could wake up the long-standing fears in his soul, who immediately agreed together and embodied in Aranophobia.

People suffering from constant fatigue or from nervous overvoltages are also susceptible to arachnophobia. The body expresses its fatigue with these manifestations. Therefore, you first need to identify the true cause of phobia, and then do any conclusions. Exhibitionary Operations, once faced with frightening information about spiders, may inject themselves different stories that will scare them. They are even able to believe in these non-residents themselves and convince other people in them.

On the soil of their own fantasies of the arachnophobes, can thoroughly consider every specific case associated with the life of spiders. As a result, this part of people will look for danger in every corner of their room, thereby developing their phobia to huge sizes.

And the outcome will be a hike to a specialist who will help eliminate the resistant negative from the subconscious.


Children do not realize that spider can harm. But they are always focused on adult behavior. And if the child sees the fear of parents at the sight of an insect, he “repeats” their behavior. It can be said that arachnophobia is transmitted on behavioral signs of close people, from generation to generation.

Here you need to make one reservation. A person with a stable psyche is not able to dwell long on the problem. He can switch to positive emotions and for a while to forget about fear. When the individual is happy, he does not pay attention to danger, especially when it is not so specified by anything in his mind.

And people with a tendency to obsessive states and neurosis may experience daily stress at the thoughts about the danger of spiders. Every day he can only increase and ultimately lead to phobia. Arachnophobes are subject to neurosis. Some are sure that the neurosis is inherited and it is impossible to get rid of them. Is it so?

Specialists argue that If a child born in the family, where there are people with neurosis, put in another family, where all its members have a stable psyche, then this child will grow healthy. And this fact confirms once again that all phobias and neurotic states are not transferred by inheritance, but are purchased. And if phobias do not arise simply from “nowhere”, then you can accurately say that you can get rid of them.

Negative experience

People who collided with specific cases of spider bite, involuntarily begin to think about this problem. In Central Asia, the Karakirts are found. The bite of these individuals in most cases is mortal both for humans and for animals. Shepherds before going to bed, stretch around over the night long thread from pure sheep wool.

It is believed that she is afraid of spiders. So people protect their sleep from unpleasant consequences.

This behavior has developed since the times when a person began to understand that this type of insect is dangerous. Different stories related to the attack of this category of spiders per person.

In hot countries, there are such species that are capable of almost instantly kill a person. Bananas brought from eastern countries have long fallen in love with many of us. They are sold in every store. And almost no one thinks that Buying bananas can lead to sad consequences.

In the beloved exotic delicacy are often found Banana spiders. These creatures live in palm trees and lay eggs on the hose of bananas. The poison of this reptile is ten times stronger than the Karakurt or Black Widow. Many cases are known when people died from the bite of a banana spider far beyond its habitats only due to the fact that today bananas are common worldwide.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the fact that People initially feel the fear of deadly bite. The fear also appears from the type of segmental small size. Theoretically, they can climb into a person’s dwelling at any minute and through any, the most miser hole, and the consequences of the invasion will be unpredictable. Horror causes the so-called Effect suddenness. It is he who can lead to panic sentiment.

In addition, there are numerous films on wide screens of cinemas with the participation of various types of arthropods, which people eat people in front of the crowd. And it also contributes to the spread of the hysteria around this type of insects.

However, there are people who are glad to bore poultry spiders. They keep them as domestic animals and even play with them. Such lovers of nature Arangoobia is clearly not terrible.

Treatment methods

It should be noted that the arachnophobia will overcome unilaterally will be difficult. Here you need a comprehensive approach. A suffering person is simply obliged to want to get rid of phobia. Then the specialist will be able to help all accessible methods.

It is possible to get rid of the fear of spiders with a medication method only as a last resort, precisely when the disease has already become launched. The difficult nature of the course of the disease leads to extensive symptoms. With panic attacks, the doctor is prescribed Nootropics, antidepressants (SSIRS group), tranquilizers.

These drugs are applied only by appointing the attending physician. Independent reception will lead to irreversible consequences.

In other, less severe cases, other methods of psychotherapy are applied. They are gentle and help in the future avoid relapses. The only condition: the specialist should have high qualifications. We list some techniques.

  • The confrontation method implies a patient’s collision with a phobia (with its embodiment). In front of a person, pictures with the image of spiders are put, but the best instances in special terrariums will be suitable for this purpose. Together with Dr. ArangoFob inspects arthropods and learns to manage their fear. As soon as the situation begins to align, the patient is transferred to the tactile perception of these insects. So gradually the awareness comes that the reptiles cannot bring much harm, and the adequate attitude towards them is produced.
  • In modern society, various gadgets acquired widespread. With their help, you can play computer games, where the main characters will be the most nasty spiders that need to be destroyed. Gradually, a person gets used to the image of insects and cease to be afraid.
  • Approximately the same method designed in Russia. Only here is a special virtual program. Arangoobu is invited to pass a difficult path to fight spiders in the virtual world. This technique well affects the psyche of a person who is afraid of insects. She helps to manage their fears.

People with very strong nerves practically do not suffer from phobias of various focus. However, they have weaknesses. As a result of severe stress, they can acquire signs of a state at which the fear will begin. Such individuals can be advised to overcome their fears with the following exercises.

  • Refer to the practice of meditation. Permanent classes in silence will help relax and then establish internal harmony.
  • Need to stop fighting with obsessive thoughts. Yes, they come to your mind, but you need to have the courage to accept them, to accept their existence. The more you think that negative thoughts must be driven away from ourselves, the less they will come to your head.
  • Give to relax your nervous system. Stop responding to unpleasant situations. Some people are specially looking for information to rinse their nerves. Refuse negative news (at least for a while). It is best to go away from home and be in silence.
  • Understand one thing: obsessive thoughts and intuition have nothing to do. You need to know that nothing bad will happen to you, even if you stop thinking out your steps 10 days ahead and predict events.
  • If the obsessive thoughts immediately fail to get rid of, then write them on paper, and after a while reread. Rereading your fears, you will understand how absurd them.
  • As soon as you understand what to think about the bad – useless occupation, start replacing your fears for sober and rational reasoning. Think about the fact that the probability of the fulfillment of the most terrible concerns is very small.
  • Always look in the face of your fears. Do not run away from them and hide. If you are afraid of spiders, make yourself remove the web in the apartment or watch the little home insect. You will understand that your alarms were in vain.
  • Actively engage in relaxation. These methods include meditation, repeating affirmations, physical training. These exercises will reduce the activity of the brain, which leads to obsessive states.

You must understand that methods that help fight phobias sufficient. Cured any of them can be used with dissociation. This word indicates full abstraction from the events.

To defeat fear, you must completely mentally “break away” from the object of your phobia. To do this, try to make your brain test different emotions about the same event depending on the environment. Spider of huge sizes with lochmatic paws scares much stronger than small, barely noticeable spids. In order to stop afraid and the other, imagine how a huge spider gradually loses its sizes and turns into a completely small, harmless spider.

To easily cope with a phobia, do not exaggerate reality. Near you there are no such places where large individuals of spider-shaped. If your fear has played out in the winter, then think about the fact that any spider will freeze on the snow-covered road until you get to your threshold. And summer will come soon. It means that you have nothing to be afraid before the onset of the year.

You always need to find such options that will help “move away” your obsessive states. Speak yourself like this: “I’ll think about it tomorrow, and today I feel good.”. Approximately the method of changes to the scale of events.

Imagine a spider that is from you in 5-7 meters. Then push this distance. What you see? Spider significantly decreased in size. Now imagine how you watch it through the window. He gradually crashes on his affairs and completely disappears from your type.

Remember that your fear occurs momentary. Time dissociation. Think about what tomorrow at the same time you can not remember your phobia, as you will be at a concert. In large halls, arthropods are not found. In addition, the whole orchestra will play for your pleasure.

Just try to transfer the moment of fear at the time when there is a concert. Tomorrow you will be not up to the phobia, and you will certainly do not remember that today you have scared your own thoughts.

And still try to perform my own exercise “Destruction of a segmental”. Enter the following manner.

  • Make out of paper or plasticine Spider figurine. Collect it, make as much feet as possible.
  • Then place on the table in front of your gaze and concentrate on this object. You can cover panic.
  • Move all your fear on Spider Figure. Secure it there. Realize that in response to your actions, the spider never could do anything. It turns out that he is defenseless.
  • Then with force, accompanying all feelings, Disstain and destroy an artificial insect.

Do not be afraid to give power to your emotions. Just try to be living creatures and people around you are not affected by your actions. Dampen a negative on paper and destroy it. Every time you will get rid of yourself in a similar way from anger and fears. They are the sources of obsessive states.

About how to be treated from arachnophobia, look in the following video.

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