Child Choleric: Character and Recommendations for Education

Child Choleric: Character and Recommendations for Education

Attitude towards children and the features of their education depend not only by age. It is extremely important to take into account the specifics of the child’s temperament. Rise children of “cholerics” on temperament needed by special schemes.


It is often the opinion that any children are easily excited, emotions are growing rapidly, continuously and actively. But even on a general background, a choleric child is very highlighted. He has emotions beat through the edge. To cope with such a “live test”, it is necessary to thoroughly study the features of this temperament.

The mood of such children changes unpredictably in one direction, then to another. At the same time, all things are cyclically. Choleric prefers games in which many participants. Communication for them is usually not a problem and even preferably. But high contact already in kindergarten is overshadowed, depreciates increased incidence of resentment and conflict. Watching children immediately note that they are:

  • Love pranks+
  • constantly fuss+
  • restless in their classes.

Child choleric is not only well visible, but also perfectly “heard”. He has, regardless of gender, manifests themselves:

  • Volume voice+
  • Speech speed+
  • Active gesture.

Such temperament leads to rapid consumption of mental energy. After all, the nervous system of children works unstable. Immersing in every case, in every act without a balance, children spend almost all their strength. But instability makes itself felt anyway: it is expressed in the absence of prettiness. Education of choleric – Case Complex, requiring attention and accuracy.

This temperament (both in adolescents, and partly even in preschool age from 2 years) is expressed in leadership inclinations. Choleric almost always, in whatever companies it turn out to be started by. It is under their influence that others start and leave games. Attitude towards games is not just serious: trying to interrupt such entertainment meet with irritation. Of all the games, the unconditional priority uses those where you need to risk and exercise physical activity.

Once in an educational institution, in the team children choler’s children turn out to be forced to slow down their desires and motivations. But beyond the school or kindergarten (in the courtyard, on the street, and especially at home) Self-adjusting is weakening. Therefore, the educational process is additionally complicated, requires strong nerves and coolness. To make sure that the child is a choleric, it is useful to consider all four temperaments on the example of a particular situation.

For example, it comes time to leave the playground. Sanguins will try to pull out the departure to the latter, feverishly will be engaged in “additional construction”, the ruin of the holes will be killed. Melancholics will be disappeared and express it emotionally. However, still fulfill the request. Phlegmatics will give the least problems to parents and caregivers – they will immediately leave all the games, no matter how passionate ones, and go where they say.

Cholerics for emotional tension will surpass everyone. They will not just fight, rest, shout and cry, some are able to interfere with other children, breaking “built” by them, climb into a fight. In this place it is necessary to make a retreat. It may seem that kids with choleric temperament are just fans of aggression, completely unmanaged personalities. In fact, they also have strengths:

  • Less leaning to loneliness and self-confidence+
  • relatively rare bad mood+
  • The ability to establish contacts and defend your “I”, your opinion in communication with other people+
  • Easy adaptation to unusual setting (not only for children, but also adults).

The bad features that need to overcome caregivers in the development of the identity of cholerics, such:

  • Increased conflict+
  • Template to participate in conflicts, make enemies+
  • unpreparedness sometimes completed+
  • sharp change of attitude to individual people, subjects and things.

Adolescents with choleric temperament have their own characteristics, a little not, as in other ages. To know them at least because this group includes over 50% of young men and girls. Such minors are not just active, they are still physically strong and train. Other distinctive features are:

  • enterprise+
  • tendency to socially significant activities+
  • The desire to overcome even serious difficulties+
  • readiness and ability to take on the permission of the difficulties of other people+
  • Not too high performance in school+
  • Priority at school and aspiration on what you like or are taught personally with pretty teachers+
  • The ability to respond quickly to non-standard situations+
  • ability to easily memorize information+
  • Orientation for new and unusual things.


With all the universality of temperaments, there is still a significant specificity depending on the floor. If the Son in the family refers just to this group, he will inevitably be extremely non-subsequent. You need to overcome this problem, introducing clear and consistent rules. For example, on weekends, the whole family begins his day no earlier than a certain hour. Or after the end of work to give adults 1 hour of rest.

Each rule must be respected very strictly and strictly. There is a lot of adults, from their sequence. If they decide, let’s say that it is necessary to adhere to a certain schedule, give priority to individual classes – to retreat from this only with very good circumstances. It is advisable to children to immediately explain why so decided. They must firmly know that whims, hysterics, scandals and antics will not allow to achieve their goal.

    It happens that some kind of bad property of a choleretically adjust, it does not work. Many children can not fall asleep in the afternoon for a long time. Parents extremely annoying that they lose a lot of time on it. Another negative point often becomes excessive childhood. In such cases, it is necessary to begin to change the relationship to the problem, find the pros in it for yourself – and then try to introduce a situation in a certain framework. The time spent can be used on:

    • Meditation about the last+
    • Planning further actions+
    • Listening to audiobooks through headphones+
    • Other similar cases.

    But to the desire to dominate, no matter what, it is impossible to treat as complacently. It is very important to reverse this trend, otherwise the world will be replenished with another family tyrant. But you need to orient, especially in adolescence, for concern for other family members. This property is already typical of adult cholerics, but it is important to help its formation. It should be achieved that the negative emotions, obtained in the educational institution, at work and in public places in the future would not splash at home.

    As for the speed of the reaction, the ability to make a very quick decision to encourage. Tracing, however, so that the decisions are not lightweight and emotional. If parents are able to inspire that all the information must be taken into account, it will only be better. When raising, attention should be paid to work with such a feature as sociability. Tracting for communication, to the emergence of new friends should be limited to the ability to understand people.


    They have somewhat less similar problems than boys. But the main features of choleric temperament still manifest. Need to put up with the fact that the girl will have a strong character, strong will, that serious ambitions will soon arise. Experienced teachers take into account these circumstances and try to make behavior softer, flexible, teach to bypass new corners. By the way, about learning: girls-cholerics are being mastered by new skills, adore what previously it was unfamiliar.

    Therefore, they are easy to “switch” from unwanted hobbies to those who parents consider the best for children. But attempts to overcome insufficient attention to fashion trends, unwillingness to wear decorations and various accessories are unlikely to give the result. Such girls are somewhat husbandlike, and when raising, it is necessary to take into account that they will appreciate the comfort and the opportunity to act. Mannerness, leisurely activity – it is not for them.

    In adolescence, parents must take into account the high probability of aggression, irritation due to any restriction, prohibition, even accidental comment.

    Features of education

    Properly educate cholerics is not easy. You can cope with excess energy, redirecting it to useful areas. So, girls will be calmer in class:

    • figure skating+
    • Skating sports+
    • Athletics+
    • Scenic art.

    Boys choleric calm down during the class of Greco-Roman wrestling, oriental martial arts, football and basketball, swimming. But it is not necessary to concentrate on these sports – any active classes will be suitable. Additionally, it is worth reducing the number of stimuli. If some item acts as an irritant, it is cleaned. If there are frequent conflicts with someone from other children, you should not invite them home.

    But these techniques will give a positive result only if the active periods will periodically change the elementary games with low mobility. It is desirable that such classes be intellectual and allowed to be implemented. Hobbies are selected individually, it seems that it is convenient first of all, but the optimal compromise solution. Strive to find at least some kind of hobby need in any case – this will streamline life and improve the organization. At the same time, we must try to convince children in the need to complete everything that has begun, even if it no longer likes or a new passion appeared. Such an approach must be applied in everything:

    • in communication+
    • in learning+
    • in Game.

    At the same time try to reverse the child do not need. More correctly in each case to show participation and show how happily the completed case.

    But in the control of actions, the compromise is unacceptable. Yes, it is difficult, and even meets resistance, however, otherwise children can damage, cause pain. It is better somewhat exaggerated, but firmly show how bad acts are unpleasant to a specific parent, tutor.

    For all the severity and tensions of working with choleric, it is categorically impossible to increase the voice, the more applied physical strength. These techniques will only strengthen the negative consequences, in addition may cause rejection. Often, children from the sense of contradiction begin only to violate the established rules. Others try to do it secretly, concealing from parents and from others. Gradually, this behavior is in habit, and if serious problems arise, you can learn about them too late.

    It happens that persuasions and rational explanations, soft pushing in the right side do not give results. To not break, it is better to choose the tactics of silence and ignore. The underlined coldness from parents is very quickly felt by children. It is certainly necessary to train the kids-choleric rules of courtesy in the most common situations. For compliance with these rules in each case, it is necessary to praise, and for violation – to reveal.

    It is very important to be able to empathize and listen to children. They should know that parents are not like what they do and even speak. Certainly should be shown on your example, on examples from your life, which is good, and what is bad. But seek to remake the girl or boy meaningless. Many famous people who had choleric temperament achieved tremendous success.

    With very strong emotionality, the modeling and drawing, games and hobbies that produce perishability are helped. Sessions must occupy a strictly defined time and hold on schedule. Children’s children need to give clear responsibilities, sequentially instructing them. A specific purpose and stages should be specified.

    Any situation, when negative consequences, it is necessary to pay irritability, can be paid in favor of + it is disassembled, carefully indicating.

    Recommendations for an individual approach

    Specialists in the field of psychology advise attract children-choleric children, whose goal is clearly clear. It is also desirable that the kids have already understood the result, its meaning. It is better to teach the execution of stages of work out loud and to a clear fulfillment of the plan. When walking through the forest, in nature, in tourist campaigns, choleric should be paid to high attention. If they will deal with something uncontrollab even a short time, unpleasant incidents may occur. For the same reason, it is necessary to be very vigilant to the sea, and on the streets of the big city, and in the train. To reduce impulsion, such classes are best suited to enhance attention

    • Hand crafts+
    • embroidery+
    • Playing in the designer+
    • Build mosaic.

    With participation in games, as well as during developing classes, it is necessary to quench irritation. Any case when cholerics are trying, careful and hardworking, we must encourage. Maximum attention should be paid to the ability to fully communicate and not repel others from yourself. Let the children learn to think about their behavior, plan a conversation, recognize provocations and bypass them. Good model situations can be learned from literature, cinema, even folklore and mythology.

    There are some more nuances that will help to establish contact with choleric children. Communicate with them clearly, expressive. Silent, indiscriminate speech can cause irritation. It is categorically necessary to avoid coarse, frankly insincere duty compliments. After visiting theaters, circus, concert halls, museums, and so on, you need to find time for trust talking with the child.

    Let him understand that his experiences appreciate him, the assessments are interesting for adults. Listening to what a child or teenager says is important to take into account that they are sincerely … but express acute, emotionally painted assessment. A little later, when passion is killed, it will be possible to talk more thoroughly, more productively. It is worth remembering that after the completion of the choleric conflict, the disputes are inclined to consider the disputes irrelevant, and soon the claims will cause them only surprise, sometimes a new irritation.

    Try to put pressure and force what children do not want meaningless. On the contrary, it is necessary to give emotional discharge.

    What is the character of a child choleric, look in the following video.

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