Complete characteristics of the schizoid type of personality

Complete characteristics of the schizoid type of personality

Each person is endowed with certain features of the character, which in combination allow it to be attributed to one or another psychological type. The most difficult in diagnosis and treatment is a schizoid type of personality characterized by closedness and a few. Such individuals are strongly distinguished against other people, as they have atypical interests for society.

general characteristics

Schizoid is a man with an increased need of security. It needs the most safe existence, and therefore in any place and the situation is looking for protection.

People with schizoid type of psyche are extremely rare. They are distinguished by non-standard behavior that society often scares. For example, they appreciate the personal space too much and are not able to let in it outsiders. As a rule, these personalities know about their characteristics, but do not like others to mention them.

To ensure their own schizoid security, use the method of exclusion from society. They are comfortable in solitude and attached to dreams and fantasies. Despite this, these people are not alien to human experiences, they are simply trying to avoid negative emotions with all their might.

Individual with this type of personality is rarely accepted by society, it is able to see what others do not see. This feature causes a schizoid to engage in single activities, such as meditation or any creativity. Estrance and closedness of the personality usually hide the desire to be meaningful for loved ones. But since a person does not know how to build long-term relationships and quickly gets tired of communicating, proximity does not occur. This leads to the fact that schizoid is more comfortable feeling in the society of animals or young children.

Sometimes schizoid disorder is confused with autism. They are united by dislike for increased attention. But, unlike autists, schizoids are able to express feelings and can understand the emotions of other people. They are very smart and talented, but do not have the desire to acquire close and long-term contacts.

I can identify schizoid disorder in early childhood. A child with this disease is too sharply reacting to external stimuli, such as a loud sound or bright light. Any change of the situation can cause discomfort from him, expressed in detachment and scream. Such children do not like close contacts and every time try to escape from the hands of parents, they can even abandon their breasts early to ensure their integrity and integrity. Sometimes young mothers bind it with sensitive kid skin or pain in sucking chest.

Identify a schizoid accentuation, that is, the hypertrophied development of certain qualities against the background of others, you can already 2-3 years old. To do this, you need to pay attention to the behavior of the child and identify the main features.


  • Emotional disgrace+
  • Frequent stay alone+
  • Complex adaptation in new conditions+
  • violation of general rules and rules+
  • Ignoring the environment+
  • Closed+
  • wild fantasy+
  • Inability to express warm feelings.


In adulthood, schizoid syndrome becomes more and more clear features. So, men with this disorder in communication are expressed by impartiality and detachment, which many women seem some feature of nature. Such individuals can behave aggressively and strange, but only for personal protection.

In communicating with the opposite sex, such men behave removed that can be interpreted as disinterest. It is easier for them to bring a companion to a secluded place and spend time in silence than to waste energy for beautiful courtship and hikes in restaurants. From the part of such individuals seem to be bored and pie, and therefore continuing communication usually does not occur.


In communicating with a schizoid type woman, too, you can feel cold and detachment. Rather, she will choose a secluded place than it will be fun to spend time in a circle of friends. Large accumulations of people are tired.

You can identify such a person in appearance. As a rule, it looks extraordinary. For example, this person can calmly come to a business meeting in a light summer dress and an openwork hat, absolutely not understanding that she looks inappropriate. For a schizoid woman much more important than self-expression than the norm imposed by the Company.

The girl with schizoid syndrome is not particularly worried about the appearance. This quality is inherent in both men with this disorder. The appearance for them plays a minor role, and such people will rather hide the stain than they will try to wash it. In everyday life they also reign a mess in which schizoids themselves quite comfortable.

    Women of this type of personality do not tolerate the invasion of personal space, and therefore can not get love of love relationships. They change their spirits sharply, turning from a friendly lady to a closed and impregnable personality. Fear of physical proximity often makes girls leave relationships with men. If people with a schizoid type still agree to intimate relationships, then do it without any emotions. They can acquire families, start children, but will remain riddles for their spouses.


    In psychology there are several classifications of accentuations, which makes it possible to attribute a person with a schizoid disorder to a certain subsidy.

    By Leongard

    So, a German psychologist to. Leongard revealed the types of accentuations according to temperament, the nature and type of personality as a whole. He allocated a demonstrative, pedantic, stuck, excitable, hyperthymic, distortymic, cyclotimic, exalted, disturbing and emotive personality.

    • So, a demonstrative personality is determined by unconscious psychological protection, expressed in removal from the memory of moments capable of harming the psyche. Such a person is inclined to lie, which, in his opinion, is pure truth. Distinguishes this type of increased sense of pity.
    • But the pedantic person is distinguished by excessive concern. In all and everywhere, such an individual is looking for disadvantages than the internal tension causes.
    • A fascinating person is not able to quickly switch from some experiences to others, which makes them come back to the past feelings from time to time.
    • In case of excitable type, intolerance is often observed, manifested by flares of anger and physical influence. The lower the intellectual abilities of such an individual, the brighter the incontinence is manifested.

    • Hyperthythmic psychotype has an optimistic look at life and too frivolous looks at serious things. While a distiliac species is distinguished by increased seriousness and pessimism, which is often manifested in a tendency to depressive states.
    • Cyclotymic personality can change their behavior depending on the situation. But the exalted individual is too closely perceived by the world around him, and therefore is inclined to frequent mood drops.
    • Anxious type is Covan and not confident. Such a person can sneak or heat, but only if there is anxiety and uncertainty.
    • Emotive man pays for too much time to personal experiences. It is characterized by soft-heartedness and mentality, which is easy to detect thanks to pronounced facial expressions.

    According to psychologists, there is no holistic personality type. As a rule, one psychotype is closely related to another. For example, schizoid can combine the qualities of both demonstrative and excitable personality.

    In person

      Another psychologist, and. E. Personally, believed that the accentuation determines the character traits, and not the person in general. In his opinion, some qualities may change under external pressure.

      1. Psychiatric schizoid does not know how to work in a team and is not able to bear responsibility for others. He has enormous knowledge, but can not voice his thoughts because of indecision and anxious criminality. Such a person define a weak nervous system and a tendency to apathy.
      2. Sensitive schizoid is characterized by increased sensitivity and fragile internal organization. He does not know how to experience the trouble and still keeps offended. Inability to forgive the offender leads to the fact that such a person constantly scrolls in the head that happened, what brings himself to neurability. The rest of the individual with this disorder differs modesty and good faith.
      3. Exteroid schizoid has a need for deep privacy and does not need public relations at all. On contact it comes only in acute necessity. Sometimes this type creates a small group of people who occasionally wants to spend time.

      Schizoid disorder can manifest in two states.

      1. Adynamic – determined by autistic traits. In this case, patients are distinguished by excessive sensitivity and poorly pronounced self-sufficiency. They react too much to negative events and do not bring controversy and scandals.
      2. Stenic – It is expressed in high performance in a limited form of activity. These individuals always act carefully and calcably, and also stand out by despotism and power. Stenchny schizoid is not able to acquire friendly connections and can not work in the team.

      Sometimes schizoid disorder is equal to schizotypic, as they have similar symptoms. So, to determine schizoid from an early age, but schizotype is more often developing in adulthood. Schizotypic disorder has severe symptoms that manifests itself in obsessive fears, aggression, outbreaks of anger and hallucinations.

        You can identify schizos at an early age using the following signs:

        • the child uses food only from a certain dish, without recognizing another+
        • The kid has a panic state or aggression, if his things are not in their places+
        • Schizotim will not take any items from a stranger+
        • This disease is characterized by the loss of coordination of movements, the child constantly stumbles and loses its balance+
        • Attacks lead to softening and severe body relaxation.

        The main difference between the two of these diseases is that, in contrast to schizoide disorder, schizotic is not amenable to treatment.

        Causes of occurrence

        To date, there is not a single proven reason that could provoke the development of schizoid psychotype. All theories are based only on assumptions.

        • Some psychologists believe that the development of this psychopathy due to the unsatisfied need for communicating. They assume that such children are born in dysfunctional families, where there is no love and mutual understanding. These individuals from childhood feel parent dislike, and therefore closed in themselves and removed from other people.
        • Other scientists suggest that this disease of psyche arises against the background of inequalities to create a comfortable environment around them. Schizoids cannot accept their own shortcomings and are not able to survive failures, and therefore lead the recovery lifestyle.
        • There is a version associated with cognitive directions of mental activity. They are determined by the blurring of thoughts and complexity of perception. Such patients cannot catch the emotional state of people, and therefore they are simply not able to answer other people’s feelings. This concept involves the slow development of speech and motility in children regardless of intellectual abilities.

        Most psychologists agreed that the schizoid type develops with several factors. It may be a combination of biological, genetic, social and psychological circumstances that affect the formation of a person.

        Methods of therapy

          Psychotherapy is usually used for the treatment of schizoid accentuation of the personality. But in the presence of a patient, drug therapy should be applied in the patient of concomitant mental illness.

          Best of all, a psychoanalytic approach helps in the fight against this ailment. He implies a long work of a psychologist who should act as carefully, constantly keeping the distance. The doctor should not focus on the patient’s peculiarities and focus on its originality. It is possible to achieve location and trust relationships when demonstrating the adoption of non-standard schizoid thinking.

          It should be understood that there are few people with a similar deviation will independently accept the problem and ask for help. As a rule, such people come to a reception to a specialist under pressure of a close environment. In this case, therapy is unlikely to give the desired effect.

          It is possible to help the patients to cope with your condition due to group therapy, in which individuals will be able to take themselves through the study of such people. For treatment, a comfortable environment is created, aimed at the feeling of complete safety. Of course, not all individuals are able to relax in an unfamiliar place and to trust outsiders, but with constant contact you can participate in such therapy.

          With cognitive therapy, the doctor uses methods based on the feeling of positive emotions. The patient is invited to study the entire spectrum of feelings and give the opportunity to understand each of them. In the future, schizoid must learn to express positive emotions in pleasant life situations.

          To achieve the best result, people with a schizoid psychotype not only attend psychological trainings, but also participate in role-playing games and take homes. Additional classes are able to speed up the process of adaptation and weaken signs of disorder.

          A man having schizoid inclinations must learn to experience positive emotions and build friendly contacts. It is necessary to start work in a familiar environment, gradually leaving the comfort zone.

          Adaptation in society

          Socialization for people with schizoid disorder is not significant, since they perceive the world differently. Such individuals do not accept the generally accepted rules and norms, and therefore hard adapts in society. In addition, problems in communication often occur due to a sloppy appearance and inability to observe order.

          Despite the external retirement and disadvantibility, people with a schizoid type of accentuation have developed intelligence and creative abilities. Therefore, it is important for them to have a nearby person who will help buy social skills to buy schizoids for self-expression. Only in the presence of external support, such individuals can achieve a high career position and get universal recognition.

          So that schizoid felt confidently, it is necessary to gradually involve it in any kind of activity. For example, so that he is accustomed to a person, you must first start communicating in the company of a friend of a person, gradually moving to dialogue. Parents from an early age must instill a sense of responsibility and confidence. They need to take Chado to various events, as well as attend public places and different instances. Thus, schizoid will learn to be in society and make simple for ordinary people action.

          As for professional activities, people with this psychotype can develop themselves in the profession implying solitary. Of these, there may be excellent historians, mathematics, physics, writers, accountants and analytics. Despite the pronounced motor awkwardness, schizoids are well dominated by musical instruments and can link their lives with music. Of these, there will be beautiful pianists, guitarists, musical instruments and tons. D.

          Thanks to the non-standard thinking and the presence of artistic taste, such a person can find his place in the film industry and dramaturgy. He is able to collect a few boring thoughts and turn them into an interesting idea, which will later pleasantly surprise people.

          In the work of schizoids used to count only on their own strength. They are passive and slow, but when solving extraordinary tasks, it is capable of showing unprecedented speed. Having found a job in the soul, such people can show good productivity. Otherwise, working time for them will be a grave burden.

          About who is such a schizoid, look in the following video.

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