Definition of envy and ways to get rid of it

Definition of envy and ways to get rid of it

How much humanity exists, the same and there is envy. This bad feeling is gradually corrosive from the inside of any person. Therefore, living with him is constantly very hard. However, the envy is not so easy to get rid of. To do this, you need to work on yourself, namely: not to allow negative emotions and keep your emotional state under control.

What it is?

Envy is a social phenomenon. She captures the feelings and emotions of man, affects his behavior in society. In the event of envy, the subject occurs to the subject or phenomenon, which has another subject. How much does this destructive feeling exist, people are studying so much. For example, philosophers consider envy as a destructive universal phenomenon. If a person has an envy, a desire appears to take away and assign achievements that belong to another person.

Melanie Klein noted: all attempts that subject takes to satisfy their envy are in vain. That is why we can safely say that this feeling leads people on the wrong way.

Psychology gives such a definition: envy is a complex combination of emotions and mental experiences, bringing an individual to the oppressed state. Therefore, it can cause anxiety and destroy gradually personality.

If we consider the history as a whole, then it should be noted: envy as a feeling did not waste its qualities over time. It remained the same, despite the evolution in human thinking. The most unpleasant component of the envy is an annoyance when observing the success of themselves. Such a manifestation interferes with focusing for useful purposes.

We know that envy is studied for a long time. Therefore, experts allocated the stages of its development. Consider them:

  • A person begins to realize that his either financial wealth, or social position is in a worse position than other people+
  • After that, a person is formed by an annoyance, it gradually develops into hostility to those people who differ in their success and well-being+
  • As a result of the above factors in humans, unpleasant emotions are gradually moving into concrete negative statements or actions against a person who differs from others with their more successful development.

Self-sufficient and successful people usually do not experience destructive emotions.


Psychology claims: Envy is a feeling that combines many emotional components, and it arises as a result of comparison. By and large, it combines all offenses, aggression, cornpiece and irritation in one whole. When the pathological envy comes, then the human psyche includes protection. As a result, he appears contempt for a subject, which has in his personal arsenal what other people have.

People may suffer from various negative manifestations, and they cause and envy. She has many varieties. Here are just some of her varieties: powerless, caustic, hostile, blind and even green (when people say: a man just “discovered from envy”, then they mean the following: very strong envy to other people).

In envy there are various types.

  • Short-term. It manifests itself in the form of emotions. For example, one subject was able to win a small amount of money in the lottery. Another subject arose a bad feeling. However, it quickly evaporated, since it came to him aware of what to cultivate in the shower bad emotions can not.
  • Long-term envy is already a problem. This category is very strong in its manifestations and therefore causes certain feelings. For example, the girl envies his successful girlfriend due to the fact that she successfully married.
  • There is another private envy (This is a hidden feeling that leads to depressions and internal conflicts).
  • There is a public envy (usually this kind does not cause negative manifestations).

In addition to the above factors, there are still black and white envy. Consider this issue in more detail.


Well, when a person has a white envy. No wonder this combination of words is used when they want to express positive emotions. By and large, such formulations are used by people when they want to emphasize their admiration for other people’s success. At the same time, the subjects are still expressed and their displeasure in that they do not have those qualities that they would like to have.

Than this feeling is useful? In that it can be sent to the right track. Namely: to mock yourself to the accomplishment of any act, which will promote you forward and become the starting point on the way to further success.


This feeling can not be constructive, as it is considered destructive. Because this manifestation causes a person to experience a negative in relation to more successful people. Black envy can oust everything good that is in man. She makes him evil and worn. And we know that the law of life is as follows: Negative, released to freedom, always returns with even greater force to the one who released it. Man gradually loses friends and becomes lonely and no one needed.


Envy is able to destroy the human “I”. When a person captures a destructive feeling, it ceases to be such and turns into a shadow. Envy man appears in the nature of anger and aggression on the world around. He compares himself with other, more successful people, and flows into depression. And then such a person begins to live in the invented world. It seems to him that the surrounding treat him with hostility. Therefore, he quickly arises insecurity in his abilities.

How to understand that you started suffering from such a destructive feeling? Very simple. If you have become releasing the above factors, then you need to fight negative features. Fight until they completely captured your mind.

Remember: Unfortunate angry and hatred for other people will not bring you personally anything good.

In addition, some people are experiencing envy on the part of other people. Understand what they envy you is easy.

  • When rivalry from your friend or another person arises, you gradually begin to feel. For example, your friend is trying to get out of any actions all the time and to please the boss. So he tries to prove to herself that he is better than you.
  • Often in social networks people communicate. They exhibit various photos speaking their success. If your virtual acquaintances have your successes are angry, then this suggests that they envy you.
  • Slander is another sign of the manifestation of envy. For example, due to the fact that your friend enlightens you, he tries to impress your true status and success. Therefore, the false executor dissolves rumors that you do not have certain talents for success. And in order to prove it, he leads incredible information.
  • The betrayal from a close man can also be a sign of envy. If the subject is jealous, then it will definitely do it early or later. So the envious will find an object with which it will try to harm you.

For example, a friend will come into collation to anyone. Thus, he will make treachery.


To get rid of the problem, you need to install where the envy comes from. Consider the reasons for its appearance in more detail.

  • Man begins to envy if he does not find places under the sun in this life. Dissatisfaction with fate and himself is the strongest psychotrauma. As a result of such reasons, the subject begins to experience neurosis and aggression against the one who is successful.
  • The source of envy becomes frustration (the inability to satisfy certain needs). It develops into pathology. For example, the lack of money or power, or envy to other people’s success, force individuals to compare themselves with other people. Simply put: the poor begins to envy a rich man, and the unsuccessful person – successful.
  • This feeling arises due to discontent with its external data. For example, a girl envies his beautiful girlfriend. Her resentment, and she begins to dismiss about her more successful girlfriend gossip. Meanwhile, young individuals need to just understand: maybe nature has tried her beauty, but she endowed with an estate other advantages. She needs to be revealed and use them.
  • When human mental operations are not at the highest level, then he may have envy to the smarter and successful people in this regard.
  • Cause destructive feeling capable. If the subject suffers from any ailment, he envies healthy people. He also want to live and have fun so how it is easily doing others.
  • Subjectivism can be involved in the consecration of envy. If the individual is loaning on problems, he begins to seem to seem that everyone around him people are very successful. As a result, he begins to compare himself with classmates or colleagues. As a result, such an individual flows into the negative.
  • However, children’s psychotrahma can also play a role in the emergence of envy. If the child was limited in desires or compared it with more successful children, then it can eventually begin to experience a feeling of rivalry. And this is a direct path to pathology that will lead to depression.

Than dangerous?

In danger of various spiritual destructive manifestations should not be doubted. Envy is a bad feeling that leads to such consequences that you may very harm. Consider what can happen to a person if he will constantly compare his life with the life of others.

  • There is such a direction in medicine and psychology, which is called “Psychosomatics”. It studies the effect of psychological factors on the emergence of certain diseases. In fact, envy greatly affects human health. If he is constantly exposed to this negative factor, it can seriously get sick. Remember that spiritual experiences are very strongly affected at the work of the internal organs. They begin to fail. As a result, the subject begins to seriously hurt.
  • The stream of negative emotions affects the actions of a person. As a result, he constantly makes mistakes and gradually destroys his life. All this generates insecurity in their forces.
  • Envy can lead to terrible consequences, namely to universal embitrability. Remember that evil creates evil. When you act negatively, you make harm not only to the surrounding people, but also yourself.
  • Envy kills positive emotions. The person falls into depression, and this circumstance does not help to communicate with other people. As a result, he risks stay in full solitude.
  • When a destructive feeling appears in the soul, it makes a person vulnerable. He always thinks that a terrible event is about to lead to his life. So he becomes nervous and cannot calm down.
  • A person does not live calmly, since all the time tries to prove to himself and others that he is the best. Such a rhythm makes the psyche for wear. Therefore, over time, neurosis may appear in this person, and life will become unbearable.

How to get rid of?

Naturally, if you have a tendency to envious, you need to deal with it any ways. Human envy is a vice, which sooner or later leads you to hopeless position. You can argue for a long time on this topic and go into philosophy, but it is better to start acting.

  • First of all, a person needs to confess that he constantly envies someone. In the end, to shake yourself for it. Conscience is your best controller. It will definitely tell me, in which direction you need to move.
  • Awareness that you are an envious person – this is a progress towards success. Therefore, think about your behavior and think: it is this behavior that brings sufferings first to you.
  • Do not try to “put your envy”. It is useless, as she will all the time will “wake up”, as soon as a more successful person will appear next to you.
  • Do not fight with your envy, upstanding yourself in their own eyes. Such actions will lead to its even greater growth. Therefore, first of all, accept the fact that people who are much more successful live in the world. Just be honest with yourself, then the world will seem like you simple and understandable.
  • Remember that a decent person becomes the best person in this world. However, if you do not agree with this statement, then think this is: the world around us does not differ justice. Take this fact and accept him. And if you do not want to put up with injustice, then act and achieve results.
  • Learn to rejoice at the success of other people. Just tell me: “Others also have the right to happiness”. If you are surrounded by happy and cheerful people, then your life will be filled with joy, as you can charge positive energy.
  • Be fair to people around you. If a person works a lot and tries to reach a new level, then in this case envy in relation to it is completely inappropriate. Remember this in the event of a destructive feeling.
  • Our life consists of recession and lifts. It is possible that in a short time you will be awaiting a dizzy. So do not waste forces on empty emotions, and self-improvement.
  • Put goals and go to them despite the difficulties. Set goals is normal for a smart person. As a result, you will not have time to empty experiences.
  • Develop positive thinking. First, forbid yourself to think destructively, and then give up all the negative. Such measures will help you to enter a new level of development.
  • The complete opposite of envy is good. Learn to be a friendly person. Good attracts good. Once you follow this advice and start acting in a positive way, good luck will be turned to you.

Do not expect that everything in your life is formed by itself. Act to get what you want to get. Then envy will go to the background.

What to do if they envy you?

A rather unpleasant feeling when the people surrounding are hostile to a person because of its success. In this case, the successful person should be defended and removed from such negative manifestations from the outside, because the above feeling destroys the energy shell of someone to envy. As a result, such a special may lose both health and good luck. Yes, and to realize what you are in the center of destructive external expressions, is also not very nice. So try to get rid of yourself from such an unpleasant phenomenon as envy. Some tips will help this.

  • Do not pay attention to the enviousness you can hardly succeed. So try not to hide from them, but to defend. For example, you can put energy protection. Mentally throw on the reflective cloth at the sight of your enemies. Completely turn off and pass by them. So you will eliminate negative bursts that will be released in your direction.
  • Do not tell anyone about your successes. Let your enviousness only guess them. To get any information about you, they will have to work a little. They will spend some energy, and it will reduce the negative impact on you.
  • You feel that a certain person belongs to you with a negative. For example, he lies all the time your advantages and tries to prick with words. Stop communicate with him. If this condition is impossible to do, then inize yourself when you meet it cold, and speak only in the case.
  • Back in antiquity, people defended themselves from the evil eye with various amulets. Try and you are such a way. You can take an ordinary pin and pour it on clothes on the inside by the edge up. It is believed that thus negative is neutralized.
  • There are people who take your energy with negative actions. This is usually envious. Therefore, you need to give them back in time. If you have noticed something like this for anyone from the surrounding people, start acting.

For the first time it will be enough to express your complaints in my face. If a person really experiences negative feelings to you, he is scared. It will make a desire to harm you.

In the next video you are waiting for the dependence of envy and ways to get rid of it.

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