Demophobia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Demophobia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

When many people crowd around, it is always unpleasant. The fuss is confusing, and mixing various moods and AUR negatively affects the inner state of the person. But these feelings are not experiencing all people, but only those who are somewhat susceptible to demofobia. Fear of the crowd badly affects the mood and life of a person.

Causes of occurrence

Man has long used to live in society. However, some representatives cannot be long in crowded due to discomfort. The pronounced nature of the congestion of the crowd is called a phobia. This condition can be divided into three parts.

  • Agoraphobia. It is believed that this is the most accurate name of the fear of the open space. The same term refers to the designation of the fear of the crowd. The fact is that this word is translated from the ancient Greek as “Square and Fear”. Usually the area is filled with a large number of people. So it turns out that agoraphobia is directly related to the fear of the crowd.

It is necessary to add that sociophobes can also be counted among those who, to put it mildly, does not like a large number of people nearby.

  • Demophobia. This condition determines the fear of the large number of people. The accumulation of people in transport, in queues, there is discomfort on rallies, and some even panic attacks. Such individuals are subjected to huge fear if they fall into the center of public events. Therefore demofitis practically do not appear in those places where it is very crowded.

  • Ohloofobia also has similarity with the concept of demofobia. We can say that these terms are synonyms. The only difference here is that the oxo is afraid only an unorganized crowd of the people. For example, it can cover it, if it suddenly turns out to be in the center of a group of people who goes a column to a rally.

However, the same individual will calmly visit the planned public lecture. This behavior is explained simply: the inorganized cluster of the people may be a threat, and the planned meeting of people in the cultural event will not be able to grow into an uncontrolled problem.

Most people do not pay attention to outsiders, but these are in cases where there is no anxiety. Some individuals fear to be among the crowd just because they had a negative experience in the past.

In the most easy to pull the wallet or phone. In a strong pressure you can suffer. Fans, leaving the stadium, more than once felt the crowd pressure. Those who have suffered, will remember the unpleasant feeling for a long time. therefore The causes of the occurrence of demofobia can be a large number.

The fear of the crowd is not irrational, if only it does not go to obsessive states, this is when a person begins to think about the hazardous hazards every minute. The one who lives in big cities is more susceptible to phobias of such a focus due to the large cluster of people. In any case, phobic moods are caused by the fact that the person turns out to be in an unfamiliar place, which is also unsolved and unsafe.

In his opinion, real or imaginary risks for life can be expected in this place.

And from this individual is experiencing potential helplessness before inevitability. It seems to be driven into an angle from which there is no exit. Deofob seems that those surrounding their fear will begin to laugh at him or even worse – robbed and even kill.

The development of such a condition entails more severe consequences. Man begins to be afraid of everything related to the exit to the street. He becomes asocial, and all his actions are not amenable to logic. The house or apartment becomes a refuge for him from which it is scary to go out. Ultimately, phobia affects personal life, at work and on the physical condition of the sick person.

Symptoms of Disease

Any disease has its own symptoms. With a physical hurt, any organ, with mental, some deviations appear that are not characteristic of ordinary behavior. People with a healthy psyche perceive the world around the world adequately.

They do not fuss and are not worried about the development of unforeseen situations.

Another thing, if a person begins to experience sharp discomfort when there is a lot of people where there are a lot of people. It is usually squares, markets, supermarkets. And then you can say with accuracy that there are some deviations here. Maybe they are not very common.

Irrational fear of the individual can not explain to himself or close to people. He arises nowhere and gradually captures all the consciousness, depriving ordinary thinking. At that moment, a person cannot control his behavior. They drive fear.

Then the associated symptoms are manifested as follows:

  • dizziness begins, headache appears in temples+
  • vomit or vomiting+
  • Pulse is expected, the interruptions of the heart begin+
  • Changes the color of the skin: they become pale or crimson+
  • Possible fainting+
  • Frequent urination can begin+
  • sleep disturbance+
  • sweating.

With phobia, human behavior changes in the root. He becomes uncommunicative, she tries to not go anywhere, he has problems at work and in the family. Permanent fear is playing in consciousness unforeseen situations, such as loss of money or fear fall into an unpleasant story.

This person constantly says and tries to be supported by morally. However, no arguments of familiar and loved ones do not help. Ohloofobia does not give sound thinking to take over yourself. When the course of the disease begins to interfere with full-fledged life and threatens normal physical condition, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist.


It must be remembered that any stress can provoke a phobia that will arise suddenly and captures all your consciousness. The specialist will fulfill a full examination with tests and confidence conversations.

It must be remembered that only a qualified psychotherapist is able to quickly and qualitatively assist.

And if in behavior there are symptoms such as anxiety, concern for trifles, tensions, worsening memory, feeling of smelting, fast fatigue, then you need to pay for them the most serious attention. It must be remembered that phobia can be divided into highly launched and on the usual alarming state. There are a large number of different disorders. They are divided into generalized, post-traumatic, stressful, panic. In all cases, an individual approach to eliminating an unpleasant condition is required.

Psychotherapist after studying the patient’s life will determine the degree of phobia and then prescribe exactly the treatment that will be useful for health.

Treatment of fear

You can overcome the fear of both independently and with the help of a specialist. However, it must be remembered that self-treatment is fraught with the development of unforeseen situations, so it is necessary to seek help from a specialist. He will be offered after the diagnosis to act according to one of the following scenarios.

  • Conducting sessions of psychotherapy (Cognitive behavioral therapy) will help you relax. In the course of this treatment, patient’s patient change the stereotypes of thinking. The calm conversation and the corresponding setting determine the origins of the obsessive state. Psychotherapist teach how to deal with a phobia. But remember that the success of the entire treatment depends on the person himself and from the persistent desire to be treated. The patient must understand that the volitional solutions must be taken and try to fulfill all the recommendations.
  • Physiotherapy helps to get rid of phobias. Natural phenomena, such as water, current, wave radiation have a beneficial effect on the psyche of man and on its body as a whole. Therefore, specialized water procedures, massages of various focus will contribute to the rapid restoration of the psyche.
  • Drug therapy also helps to restore mental balance. However, it must be remembered that such treatment can bring both benefits and harm, so it is necessary to use drug treatment only in extreme cases, when other ways do not help.

Antidepressants and tranquilizers help keep their consciousness under control. They are prescribed to quickly remove the attacks of anxiety and panic. Only a specialist can correctly determine the need of the drug and its dosage. Independent reception of such tablets will lead to very sad consequences.

A person may have a drug addiction, and improper treatment will provoke an overdose and fatal outcome.

Tips for psychologist

Psychologists are very rarely resorted to extreme measures. If the situation is not badly launched, it is possible to get rid of it by attaching efforts. For this you need the patient and specialist to work together. One gave recommendations, and another strictly performed all the appointments. Plus, everything should be a clear desire for the person himself get rid of an obsessive state.

Psychologists give general advice that are very simple, but have a huge potential that contributes to the removal of phobic mood. So what you need to do if you feel anxious and even to some degree panic attacks?

  • A healthy lifestyle will have a good impact on both a mental state and on your body as a whole.
  • Jogging in the morning and evenings, classes in the gym will complement the therapeutic effect.
  • Insecurity negatively affects the general condition of the body, so healthy and long sleep is recommended.
  • No stress!
  • Useful and tasty food can raise the mood.
  • If it is not possible to visit physiotherapy classes, use the shower or bath. Warm water creates wonders. After such procedures you will feel better.
  • Find a lesson in the shower. Do knitting, embroidery. More chat with loved ones.
  • Learn to relax and deal with stress yourself. To do this will help various breathing exercises:
    • Make a slow breath and hold your breath+
    • Consider up to five and slowly exhale+
    • Such manipulations spend several times until relief comes.
  • Read more. It is advisable to choose the lungs and life-affirming works for this.
  • Sign up in any circle where you will find like-minded people.
  • Try to overpower yourself and start visiting crowded places. In such a walk, invite a loved one (girlfriend, friend) to support you in a difficult moment. So you will be sure that you are not alone, and in the case of an unforeseen situation you will not leave you alone.

It is important to remember that everything depends only on you. And if you decide that with phobias need to fight, then overcome all your fears.

About the features of demofobia look next.

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