Development of logical thinking in adults

Development of logical thinking in adults

In everyday life, any person requires daily construction of various logical chains. Visiting supermarkets, mapping of routes, professional activities, home affairs do not cost without the use of logical thinking.


The study of the logical abilities of an adult is produced using various tests. They are in large quantities on different sites. Also, 18 logical tasks are offered to diagnose the test, in each of which there are two sent. It is necessary to determine the ratio of letters located under the task, with the help of mathematical signs “More” and “less”. Answers should look like this: a < B или A > B. The logic of the mental activity of the individual is estimated by the number of faithful answers. For 18 correct answers, a person receives 9 points, for 17 – 8, for 16 – 7, for 14-15 – 6, for 12-13 – 5, for 10-11 – 4, for 8-9 – 3, for 6- 7 – 2 and for 5 and lower only one point is awarded.

Blank to the diagnosis of logical thinking contains about the following tasks.

  • The conditions of the first task may look like this: And less b 10 times, b more in 6 times.
  • The second task is the following form: And less b 3 times, b more at 7 times. Put the appropriate sign between the letters A and B.

Right answers: a < B, A > B. These need to be adding the answers of the remaining 16 options.

An adult person should constantly improve logical thinking with the help of various intelligent games. Huge impact on the development of the flexibility of the mind have checkers, chess, poker and other board games.

Pulling cards with interesting tasks, movement of chips, throwing a cube to bring people, contribute to the development of communication skills and logical thinking.

The following board games are very popular among adults: “Floor War”, “Metro 2033”, “Evolution”, “Game of Thrones” and “Ancient Horror”. These games do not set up players against each other, but, on the contrary, they split.

Sleeping crosswords, Sharad, puzzles develop logical thinking. Computer games, online simulators and different game technologies have a positive impact on the mental activity of the subject.

Complex games and tasks to identify the patterns of speech units on the basis of general feature contribute to the development of brain activity and maintaining logical thinking to deep old age. The preparation of rhymes, the use of consonant words, inventing parody of the poems to popular songs and verses cause the individual to think logically.

The game is an analogy is a comparative process of characters of familiar people with chemical elements. For example, a vigorous or harmful person compare with arsenic, a lazy friend – with a lead, a rich relative – with gold.

The old fun “black with white do not take, and there is no not say” makes the player quickly and thoughtfully respond to questions without using the forbidden words. The presenter provokes to the wrong answer, thereby involving a person in mental activity.

Mobile game that does not require any special conditions and funds is that its participants should call objects to a given letter that can be easily placed in a three-liter bank.

The participants of the game alternately inform the lead that they will take with them hike. Players must for some gestures to determine the principle of selection of people suitable for the head of the event. A person who wants to get into the number of favorites for the campaign, mentally a logical way picks up the necessary items and voicates their names.

Variety of exercise

Learn sensible dictionaries, invent your own interpretations with various concepts. You can find the words symbol and depict it graphically. First Take Simple Wordforms of the Summer type, “Peony”, “Furniture”, “Eraser”, “School”. Then try accessible words to explain more complex categories: “kindness”, “anxiety”, “Responsibility”, “Expropriation”, “Avalange”.

Try to make annotations on read articles or books.

Read up to 10 pages of philosophical treatises or other scientific literature in order to form the structuring of thought.

During thoughtful reading, you need to evaluate and analyze each line.

Rephrase offers and texts develops logic. For example, in a specific phrase, a deep, abstract meaning is distinguished, after that it is transformed with other words. You can crush the expression into one word or, on the contrary, deploy and bring to several offers. In this case, the meaning must be preserved.

Specialists recommend that a consistent statement find a refutation. Arguments pointing to the opposite position are discharged next to judgment. For example, records add records to the phrase “Winter – Tiles”:

  • “Snow magically shines in the sun”+
  • “Fluffy snow falls with big flakes with sky”+
  • “You can see the snowflakes of unprecedented beauty”+
  • “The charming snow blanket covers the Earth”+
  • “Trees froze in a snow-white fringe”+
  • “The long-awaited new year is approaching”+
  • “Happy kids skiing and skating”.

The more denials found, the better.

It is useful to invent the abbreviation on the course and decipher them. The funnier and original options created, the better for mental activities. It is desirable to make abbreviations from 3 or 4 letters: Som – an union of charming monkeys, OKSD – Society of oblique old virgins.


There are many tasks of various levels that promote the development of logic in an adult. During the solution of logical tasks, the person mentally scrolls all knowledge available in the archive. There are classic and comic tasks that are based on some trick. Often the task requires the search for an inappropriate number, letters or pictures.

Well develop the logic of the task for the search for patterns in a linear row or in the table. You need to carefully discern the picture and fill the empty cage. Violation of patterns is not allowed.

Some tasks are associated with the order of the number of numbers. For example, It is necessary to recognize why such a sequence of characters is selected: 8, 2, 9, 0, 1, 5, 7, 3, 4, 6. A person should guess that numbers are recorded in alphabetical order.

There may be such a task option: find an unnecessary word. For example, in the proposed concepts “Tuna”, “Kit”, “Nelma”, “Ospert”, “Crack”, “Shark”, “Pel'”, “Herring”, “Keta”, “Navy” will be a mammal animal whale. The rest of the concepts belong to the fish.

For a few minutes you need to solve mental tasks in which the main role is assigned to the submission. It is advisable to illustrate the decision process. You can independently invent similar tasks. For example, the train went from point A to point in. He walked without stopping at a speed of 30 km per hour. Distance between points – 120 km. At the same time, the swallow flew out. The speed of its flight was 60 km per hour. The bird flew to the point in, then she returned several times ago, it turned to the train, after which it turned out again in point in. So the swallow flew to the train and back until he arrived in place. How many kilometers flew a bird?

If the subject starts to represent visually, how many times the bird has met with the train, it will not be able to solve the task. Only arithmetic calculation is appreciated here. To solve this task you need to reflect logically. Train, moving at a speed of 30 km per hour, will arrive at the destination after 4 hours. The answer is obtained as a result of division 120 to 30. Swallow was in flight too 4 hours, but her speed was 60 km, therefore, she flew 240 km. You can only solve the task only by logical.

Useful Tips for the Development of Logic and Thinking

Psychologists recommend regularly reading detective stories in order to develop deduction. For this you need to try to calculate the criminal yourself. Do predictions and conclusions regarding further behavior of various characters.

Need to change the type of activity during the day. In about an hour of occupations, you need to switch to other actions.

Fast change of labor varieties contributes to the acceleration of adaptive thought processes. Systematically analyze your actions. Mentally calculate various options for the final result.

Mastering foreign languages ​​allows the brain to work in full force. Subject must compare words and phrases, to look for similarities and differences between them. The study of the grammatical foundations is also developing logic, as a person is trying to apply the rules in colloquial speech.

You can learn more about the features of the development of logical thinking in the following video.

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