Dotofobia: what it is and how to get rid of it?

Dotofobia: what it is and how to get rid of it?

Beautiful teeth – it is always great! However, to get them, it is necessary to carefully monitor the state of the oral cavity. Dentists help in this, simply speaking, dentists. Medicine stepped far ahead, and the doctors have a lot of funds at hand capable of making treatment with painless. But in modern society there are many people who are afraid of dentists to panic. This condition is called denotofobia.

Description of phobia

Studies of sociologists suggest that most people on our planet experience the fear of dentists. This is quite natural fear, since the treatment of teeth is associated with the removal of the nerve. And this is not a very pleasant procedure. In addition, before starting to spend any manipulations, the doctor makes an anesthetic injection, which is also called anesthesia. This is the moment for many and causes horror. And such people make up 30% of the total population of the Earth.

Every third resident for any reason does not want to visit the dental office.

This condition has an insurmountable nature and is called denotofobia (stemotophobia, odontophobia). People belonging to those who experience an obsessive state and does not go to a doctor until the body has irreversible processes associated with the loss of tooth, belong to the denotophobov group.

There are often cases when a person appears quite strong pain, but he tries to not pay attention anyway. Bringing the situation to the point of absurd when a healthy tooth that could be cured, turns into a zone of serious health risk, the patient is solved to visit the dental office. At this point, common sense takes the top, and Dotofoba has a fear of losing life, which dubts the fear of the dental physician.

Man literally makes him contact the clinic. Internal struggle leads to a panic. Therefore, before the office where the dentists are located, the patient begins to be afraid even more. Then he enters the “cotton” legs into the office and sits in the chair for the observation of the oral cavity. At that moment he can begin the most real panic attack. This will be promoted by the surrounding environment and smells that are present in dentistry.

This state is especially evolving before removing the tooth. Some people have this fear associated with various reasons. The older generation was forced to treat teeth without anesthesia. Unbearable pain popped deep into consciousness, and now it is difficult to overcome it. Among the dentophobes there are people with an elevated painful threshold. This factor also affects the development of fear. In any case, if there is a phobia, it means that it is necessary to get to the cause of its occurrence.

Causes of occurrence

Going to the doctor, but, especially, to the dentist, it is always stress. It is caused by the fact that a person is in the unknown of diagnosis. When something hurts in the body, the individual is experiencing anxiety about the development of further events and severity of the disease.

There is such a category of people who are very afraid to remove teeth. Each such operation is perceived as a small death or loss of something non-returnable. Because of this, the patient is experiencing a longing, which develops into fear. When the fear appears in the patient’s consciousness, the brain begins to draw pictures that one is more terrible. As a result, a person can imagine that the doctor will not remove the tooth or leave at all without teeth.

Negative fantasies are then acquired very large sizes, for example, such: without beautiful and white teeth, a person loses attractiveness. Next – more: To stay like before, you have to lay out a round sum that will allow you to restore your former appearance. And this is another task that needs to be solved.

therefore It can be concluded that dentophobia is inherent in a large number of people are no coincidence. The reasons for its occurrence. For example, man, being in childhood, unsuccessfully pulled out tooth. During the operation, it was very painful or after it was severe inflammation. Over time, all these unpleasant moments were forgotten, but in life there were impartial events that led to stress. And then also began to root! As a result of the passion of memories of the unsuccessful campaign to the dentist, the consciousness of a person was populated. All troubles come together, and an alarming state began.

To postpone the unpleasant moment of the campaign to the doctor, the individual began to take medicine from pain. But they could not remove the anxiety, as the campaign to the dentist was inevitable. And every day of waiting for trouble only aggravated fear. Days of Diseases have focused on even greater development of phobias. As a result, the tooth was removed with complications due to the fact that the treatment process was launched. So the resistant state of the phobia occurred, which may well end in a severe course of the disease. And it will need to be treated with specialists.

Phobias can be divided into three types.

  • Imaginary – She meets in people (mainly in children) who have never been at the reception at the dentist, but still think that they can experience unpleasant feelings from this visit.
  • Acquired – This is when an unsuccessful experience remaining in the past makes itself felt. This species is the most common.
  • Congenital – The most rare type of phobia. In this case, there is a negative manifestation of absolutely all medical procedures.


Symptoms in all phobias are the same. A person is experiencing an irrational fear when it really can not explain its origin, as well as take control of his emotions. Fear arises from nowhere. Just imagination draws unpleasant plots that are very frightened, and a person does not stop this state for known reasons. Panic attacks before going to the dentist arise long before the visit of the doctor. As soon as a person finds out the exact time and the date of reception, then he immediately has an addicted mood.

Especially this condition is tormented when the patient treated to phobias treated his teeth for a long time.

Any sensible person understands that it is necessary to go to the doctor, and he begins to persuade himself. A positive configured patient encourages himself to get rid of pain and this problem in general. Dotofob, on the contrary, draws such stories where all the treatment will end with new pain and new problems. Some imagine that there will be an allergic reaction from anesthesia, and they will die within a few minutes in the chair of the dentist. From such obsessive thoughts, the state of a person is worsening as the date of visiting the doctor approaches.

Experienced dentists have learned how to distinguish the basic signs of stemotophobia, which go against the patient’s simple excitement. So, list them:

  • refusal to contact with a doctor+
  • Very strong muscular tension+
  • Panic alarm+
  • A person cannot control his actions and cannot perform simple movements+
  • Sudden headache+
  • urge vomit+
  • Cardiac violation (sharp change in pressure, respiratory impairment, vascular spasms)+
  • Frequent urination+
  • fainting or pre-corrupt state+
  • Increased sweating+
  • Changing skin color.

All these symptoms suggest that the patient is experiencing a very strong phobia. From this state, its entire body begins to work with failures that lead to the beginning of more severe diseases. Any doctor will say that from these manifestations it is necessary to get rid of as soon as possible.

Treatment methods

Retotifobia can only. Strong personality spirit and people experiencing frequent positive emotions rarely think about what they have to endure unpleasant moments. Visit the doctor they are perceived as a proper moment that you just need to survive without unnecessary emotions.

Others, on the contrary, begin to cheat and fight their “I”. Their fears are not groundless, but now there is a lot of clinics that changed the treatment of people. A high-class dentist must have human qualities: to calm the patient in time and help get rid of fear.

In order to identify the cause of fear, the dentist will definitely find contact with the patient. Trust relationships will help to overcome the problem. To overcome the fear of the doctor in children and adults, it is necessary to work on a problem in a comprehensive way.

In this process, both the doctor and the patient should take. From the patient’s side, there must be a persistent desire to defeat fear, and by the doctor should be humanity and high professional qualities.

For more severe cases, such specialists as a psychologist or psychotherapist will help to overcome the phobia. Psychologists work by methods of conviction, and psychotherapists apply more radical measures. But before proceeding with the methods, and the reason, and another expert, it is necessary to identify the cause of fear. With the right approach, this can be done quite quickly, and with timely appeal, the treatment time will be significantly reduced. Certain methods use certain methods to correct the situation.

The psychotherapeutic method helps to realize the essence of the obsessive state and find the methods of exiting a difficult situation. It is necessary that a person realize that experiences associated with the campaign to the doctor is a natural process. It needs to learn to take control. To fulfill the recommendations, a lot of power will be required both by the patient and from a specialist.

It is necessary to conduct conversations with the patient using certain arguments. For example, tell him that the dentistry goes far forward, and the methods of treatment have changed. Now and fewer people have pain and inconvenience in the treatment of teeth. Anesthesia has become less dangerous and more efficient.

If the situation has acquired a heavier character, then it is necessary to connect to the process of getting riddled from the phobia of the dentist, and even the psychotherapist. Dentist should make the patient testing as much pain as possible. It is enough to treat the place of injection by anesthetizing solution, and the injection will become less sensitive. In addition, today there are anesthesia, which is provided with a computer device.

Psychotherapist will offer a lot of techniques associated with convictions and with medication treatment. If the patient experiences a persistent fear of visiting the dentist, the premedication is used, which consists in receiving sedative or stabilizing agents. In more severe cases, antidepressants are prescribed to the patient. They help restore the active production and regulation of serotonin metabolism in the brain. As a result, anxiety decreases and the persistent state of rest comes.

It should be remembered that only a specialist who has a diploma can treat denotophobia. Independent Reception of Medical Funds Contraindicated. Take tablets without special purpose is dangerous to health and life, because their overdose leads to tragic consequences.

Useful advice

Before starting useful advice, it is necessary to know that before people who suffered from stemotophobia, refused to conduct a number of procedures. Prosthetics was not recommended to do those who could not overcome their fear of pain. As a result, people remained unsubscribed for the rest of their lives. With the arrival of modern anesthesia and the expansion of dental services, this problem was eliminated.

However, studies have revealed that From one hundred people about 2% never visited the dentist, And every tenth patient experiences anxiety when visiting the dentist. Women are susceptible to stomatopobia most.

It is necessary to know that the reception of sedative preparations and alcohol significantly reduces the effectiveness of anesthesia. Therefore, before visiting the dentist, you should refuse to receive the above funds.

In order not to feel the fear of visiting the dentist, you need to listen to the following recommendations.

  • Choose only proven and high-class specialists. Then your trip to the doctor will not be complicated by superfluous experiences and pain.
  • The office of the dentist must inspire calm. A good specialist will exclude a large queue where people with an unstable psyche will be. Big cluster of the people always causes anxiety.
  • It must be remembered that the treatment of teeth is your beautiful smile and good health.
  • If your doctor refers to his work responsibly and you are satisfied with his work, then attend only his.

Simple tips will help you preserve sincere equilibrium. You will stop feeling anxiety. And maybe at all forget about your unreasonable fears.

Read more about how to overcome denotophobia, see the following video.

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