Exercises for the development of positive thinking

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Exercises for the development of positive thinking

Always and everywhere you need to be optimistic. However, few people succeed. Nevertheless, it’s better to smile to all the sorrow and enemies to smile than whining and sadness. At least people who are distinguished by such behavior, are always loved and respected in society. therefore It is necessary to develop positive thinking. In our article, let’s talk about how to do it.

Main methods

When a person chooses a positive point of view in relation to all events around him, it has positive thinking. Personality thoughts with positive thinking are configured in a special way. If something bad happens in life, the individual with positive emotions does not spend time on tears and hysterics, but trying to use the experience gained, even with negative. Subsequently, this person can use to eliminate his or other people’s mistakes.

There are many techniques for the development of this thinking. They require a special approach – allocations to their implementation of a certain time and attention. However, any of the wishes can develop thinking, not referring to the help of appropriate specialists and classes. There are methods that are used daily and do not require a special approach.

To fulfill the task, you need to tune in to positive and learn how to remove negative thoughts from the head.

Just fill your life with new impressions, feelings, every time start the day with expectations of good luck, love, success in affairs. In addition, you need to stop watching transfers with negative themes and eliminate communication with people who are unpleasant to you.Start using the words and suggestions in your daily speech to wear affirmative (“I can, I want, it turns out”). On the contrary, less pronounce words as “I can not, I don’t want, I don’t know” and other similar.

More often imagine what you want to get as if it had already happened. For example, you want today to tell you the young man invited you on a date. Visualize this stage in your mind. Describe every moment in your head and even think about what cafe will you go on the first date.

If you are very tired, and the mood because of this is zero, Arrange yourself rest. This must be done despite the workload. More walk and attend places where people are having fun. Check out the positive energy from communication with pleasant individuals.

Try to dress beautifully and tastefully. More Travel and smile peace. If you are on a diet, then this does not mean that you have to have tasteless food all the time. So at least sometimes, but do religion and use delicacies that you love so much.

These methods will allow you without any special exercises to include positive thinking. And if something does not work, you can go to more efficient methods, for example, to special exercises or meditations.

Exercise options

People who think positively, quite a lot. They are always noticeable due to their jokes and conversations. Optimists know how to support any person who fell into an unpleasant story. If you want your thinking to be a positive mood, then try to apply exercises for every day. This method is aimed at developing a positive and developed by an American psychologist M. Seligman. With this technique, you can still put different goals.

What do we have to do? Take a sheet of paper and describe the items your next day in all details. For example, if you want to spend the day in a circle of friends or loved ones, then write. You can think to relax near the river or work on yourself, or allocate time for your favorite hobby. You can even wore and afford one day to fall into bed.

The next day spend on the planned plan. In the evening, be sure to describe what emotions you experienced at the same time. Add comments and suggestions to help you not make mistakes when you follow the next time it is the task.

Such an exercise must be performed again and again at the first convenient case, until you feel that your life is settled.

  • Need to use your mind. Only with his help you can explain ourselves as it should be treated for a particular situation. If you suddenly have a nuisance, do not react to this event too rapidly, as if it came to the end of the world, and simply fix the problem.
  • It is necessary to give yourself a definite installation, which will block bad thoughts. You can use for this road sign “Stop”. Everyone knows how he looks. When you are starting to torment bad premonitions or thoughts, then imagine a prohibitive mark in your mind. Let it be for you a signal to eliminate negative thoughts. Then think about something good.
  • Of course, for the embodiment of the above recommendations to life you will need a great power of will. Start produce it in your own character. In addition, such actions you will have a lot of strength. As a result, you will be too busy to think about the bad.
  • All of the above actions do regularly. Spend daily practice and you get what you expect.
  • It must be remembered that good always attracts good, and the positive attracts positive. If you follow this advice, you will feel how life will begin to change for the better.
  • Reading always gives something more than just a positive effect. When you read interesting and informative literature, your brain is automatically configured to positive. Your horizon expands, comes a sense of self-confidence. Such components inevitably lead to success and positive thinking.
  • Despite the fact that you are very busy at work and at home, anywayFind the holiday time and holidays. Any achievement must be celebrated and sharing impressions with loved ones. Such actions will come close to you even more, and it will be easier for you to hold the balance not only in my soul, but also in the family.
  • Communicate with successful and cheerful people. From them you can learn the main thing – optimism. The strong personality spirit emit him and share with other people without a residue.
  • Develop, look for new knowledge. Go through life easy.


There are many ways to improve your positive attitude. One of them is meditation. This technique allows you to bring your thoughts in order rather quickly and easily. So where to start?

  1. Highlight a special place where you are planning to practice. For this, a small space is suitable. The main thing is that it is quiet, and there were no animals. Put a comfortable sofa with pillows. So during meditation you can take a convenient posture. On the floor, place a small soft carpet so that your legs do not frills during meditation. The situation can be supplemented with exotic plants and various statuettes.
  2. Do not forget to buy incense.
  3. Choose comfortable x / b clothing. Remember: clothes should not interfere.
  4. Do not eat before meditation. Food promotes strong falling asleep.

During meditation, a person is very relaxed, and if the stomach is full, you will definitely get a dream.

When everything will be ready, you can start. It is necessary for certain rules.

  1. Take a comfortable posture.
  2. close your eyes. Then start breathing according to the following scheme: inhale and consider up to 4, delay your breathing and consider up to 4, we exhale and consider up to 4. We repeat the exercises and watch the breath.
  3. Simultaneously with breathing exercises imagine what you are on the seashore. Waves caress your feet. You are good and nice. Smells herbs and sea.
  4. If thoughts come to mind, do not drive them. Just watch for them. Let bad thoughts come and go. And you immerse yourself in complete comfort and think that everything will be fine now.
  5. Thanks to the internal state You will gradually feel how cosmos becomes with you one.
  6. After meditation ends, Sit a little more with your eyes closed and aware of the process that has occurred thanks to your mind.
  7. Open your eyes. Loose around. Feel change in your mind.

In the next video you will be waiting for even more exercises for the development of positive thinking.

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