Fear before childbirth: causes and methods of struggle

Fear before childbirth: causes and methods of struggle

Cheating and the birth of a child is a logical continuation of conception and preceding thoughts about the child. The very nature of duty is that a person is the most reasonable creature on earth. Unfortunately, a person lays sense not to all his life processes, including such important as his own continuation. As a result, childbirth turns out to be something unknown and disturbing, and if it is perceived by the perception of someone’s negative experience, it is possible to develop a real phobia to this natural process.

What is tocofobia?

Excitement in anticipation of the upcoming appearance of the baby is quite natural, as a new person will soon appear to which you give life. But sometimes unwanted anxieties associated with the relevant physical condition, frightening stories of familiar or impressions from the media, as well as living conditions, are mixed. This is especially manifested before childbirth when they are approaching them. Then the excitement can grow into anxiety and the process of childbirth may seem frightening.

Strong inexplicable and irresistible fear can pour into a phobia. Panic fear of labor is called tocofobia.

Causes of appearance

Fear of birth can be due to different reasons.

  • Sophisticated previous birth. If the woman has the birth of a second child, and the previous labor experience was painful or unfavorable, it is likely that it will be in the current one. Negative attitude towards the guinea in the hospital can also cause fears related to childbirth.
  • Lack of information. Unknown usually causes anxiety. And if a young woman, who first is coming childbirth, doches from everywhere disturbing information instead of learning this question deeper, then fears, incorporated with incorrect information, can cause fear to give birth.
  • Physical state. There are a number of diseases that can really complicate pregnancy and this most cause fear of pain or fear to die in childbirth.
  • Life conditions. There are many reasons related to the features of the conditions in which the woman will give birth to:
    • Education child alone+
    • Negative husband’s relationship to the possible loss of the attractiveness of his wife+
    • Material difficulties+
    • Random pregnancy.
  • Experience of sexual violence. This is a serious psychological trauma, superimporing a woman’s attitude towards pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Hormonal and physiological restructuring in the body. Changes occurring in the process of beating the fetus, influencing the emotional background of pregnant.


List some fears related to childbirth.

  • Anxiety for physical condition. There is no fear of having to have time in the maternity hospital and that childbirth will begin at home, fear of pain, postpartum complications or deterioration of the state of the child, violation of the process of generic activity, the possibility of cesarean sections, fear of death.
  • Estimation related to the role of Mom. The girl can be afraid of the emergence of serious responsibility, not to cope with the care of the child, you have time to do homework, work. As a wife and beloved, it can worry the loss of form, deterioration of relationships with his spouse.

    Usually the anxiety of pregnant women is concerned, doubts. A woman can be often thoughtful, shudder from surprise, irritate on trifles or capricious, become demanding and “breaking” on loved ones – all these signs of internal tension.

    Fears that were before pregnancy can increase in connection with the new responsibility. For example, the girl has an installation that it will not be pregnant in any way, without obtaining education. If it turns out to be in a similar situation, it will be terrified by anxiety about the unquented university. A pregnant girl who is enthusiastically watching the series, listens to sucking the conversations, in which the most common experience of painful, difficult births is discussed, manages her immaturity as a future mother and accumulates other people’s fears.

    If the reasons for deep, which are difficult to share with others, pregnant can be closed, to get into yourself. She can experience his sadness alone, to engage in self. At extremely depression – try to get rid of pregnancy. With a true phobia, a pregnant woman has a constant anxiety, depression, nightmares, panic.

    Physiologically, the tokopobia is manifested by dizziness, sweating, nausea, weakness up to fainting.

    How to cope with fear?

    To defeat the fear of childbirth, it is necessary to understand his reason. Accordingly, it is also selected and the tactics of overcoming the alarm.

    A woman who gives birth to the first time, often scares the unknown. To overcome anxiety in such a situation, it is necessary to learn more information about childbirth: read learning literature, consult with competent specialists, try to secure psychological peace and choose the environment of people with a positive attitude.

    Exclude not explaining, but frightening information in the form of gossip, horror stories and films.

    Pregnant second and subsequent children of a woman who had experienced postpartum complications or fear of pain, a competent specialist is also needed. Good and to explore the literature on this issue.

    It is also important to understand that Preparation should consist in the analysis of the internal psychological reasons for the problem, Because strong psycho-emotional tension causes tension – muscle spasm, which leads to pain, breaking, the difficulty of moving the fetus and other. The decision to give birth is already accepted, so try to mostly trust natural processes, what is happening during the birth, and mentally transform fear into joyful waiting for the appearance of the baby. It will calm down and will help relax.

    Approximately the same recommendations can be given in relation to mothers having a physical ailment complicating pregnancy and childbirth. Your baby chose you, despite the disease, and is already preparing for the appearance of. Therefore, you Replace the concerns of love and prepare, armed with knowledge and deep faith in your natural strength and your child. Such preparation will help you gain confidence and defeat fear.

    Waiting for labor can overshadow the fear of a negative attitude in the hospital. If there is a possibility of choosing a maternity hospital, then visit different institutions in advance, read their situation and rules, talk with staff. Anyway, To win the alarm will help the attitude and the presentation of the fact that you will receive the most experienced and human obster.

    Of course, such a visualization will not change the essence of a particular person, but your attitude will certainly respond to staff, and when interacting with you at these responsible moments, they will be from the heart to try to be for you exactly.

    Random pregnancy can strain both a purposeful, ambitious woman seeking to self-realize in work and infantile, not ready for motherhood. Overcome excitement will help the opposite view of the situation. The child already located in your womb needs your love and protection and expects a meeting with you – the main person who will be waiting for him in this world. After all, the main purpose of the woman is Maternity. The adoption of his female, maternal essence disks all the alarms and concerns.

    Survive injury violence independently not easy. In this can help psychologists or psychotherapists who will be offered appropriate treatment.

    The material side of the child’s birth, of course, is important, as important, so that the child has a father. If the woman has faced material difficulties before childbirth or with the prospect of raising the baby alone, then such a situation cannot not upset the future motley, which adversely affects her and child well-being. To get rid of fears related to the conditions of child education, It is necessary not to be lost, but to involve all possible sources of help in solving the situation.

    It is necessary to know in the social protection department, what payments are relying pregnant and women in labor + to ask if they have the contacts of a social lawyer and, if necessary, consult with him about their rights + enlist the support of loved ones and tune in to the coming in this world of new miracle – your child. After all, what he most needs, so it is in a loving mom. And with love any obstacles are overcome!

    A girl who is afraid of losing an attractiveness is worth visiting the school of future mothers, where she will be able to learn information about maintaining the form after delivery. Gymnastics for pregnant women will also help affording confidence. It is necessary to follow yourself, but it is also important to remember that the man who chooses you as a spouse and the future mother of his children, more lives the expectations of joy from the birth of a child.

    General advice

    • If it is possible – attend the courses of future moms. Communication with specialists and with other pregnant women will give a feeling of confidence and peace.
    • Remember that the emission of joy hormone during childbirth anesthetizes pain in a natural way.
    • Your attitude with love and care for your baby, who already exists now, will help overcome any fears.
    • It is important to tune in to a positive way, even effort will. Need to say that your child is your responsibility. And this means that in your hands it and your fate. In every person, nature laid enough effort to overcome any complexity.
    • Your child already hears and feels you. Tell him good words. Tell me that you love him and wait for his appearance.
    • Surround yourself with pleasant, gentle feelings. Arrange walks in the fresh air when there is a need for this, feel healthy, pleasant to you food, quite rest. Turn on classical music – it will calm you and the child.

    Excitement before childbirth is quite normal. Most often anxiety before childbirth is manifested by irritability, susceptibility, or, on the contrary, will be desire to remove from the world. You can overcome such a state, armed with useful information and encourages sanitality and positive attitude to assistants.

    Read more about the causes and methods of struggle of fear before childbirth, see further.

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