Features and signs of perenetic narcissism

Features and signs of perenetic narcissism

In modern medicine, a different kind of psychological disorders, with which one or another person may encounter. Such disorders include repenetable narcissism. The state when a person does not notice anyone, besides himself, can sometimes go beyond the scope and in this case it can already be considered pathology. Diagnose this psychological disease is difficult, because it is impossible to give a person a diagnosis, without having relevant knowledge in psychology and psychiatry. This article will describe the features of this disease, its signs and methods of treatment will be described in more detail.


Publisher Narcissism is a specific personality disorder and some manner of behavior, which can appear in the same volume in women, and men. In the people of people with such a disorder called “Narcissal”. However, it is not worth calling for each excessively loving person, because this disease is difficult to determine without being a professional doctor. Moreover, this disease has different forms when a person suffering from this ailment does not bear any danger to society. The peculiarities of permaritable narcissism also include:

  • Unreasonable high personality self-esteem+
  • Lack of feelings of regret or experience in relation to other people+
  • The feeling of superiority over all other members of society.

Speaking of a man “Narcissue”, which suffers from severe pathology, you can mention that such individuals “play” in their own games against the opposite sex. What, in turn, often negatively affects the second. Women begin to suffer from depressions, and sometimes more serious psychological injuries get.

Perevzny daffodils have a peculiar and even specific manner of the behavior they produce not in one year. Such people very often deny their actions and often do not make what they promise. These people are almost always trying to subjugate their will of their interlocutor or partner.

Pumping daffodils love to manipulate the feelings of others without experiencing true experiences. They are just unusual. Such people never take into account the opinions of others. Many doctors believe that people with launched pathology are absolutely cold-blooded and insensitive.

Causes of the emergence and formation of pathology

To date, there is no clear answer from specialists, why this disorder arises. But, like many other disorders and complexes, it can have roots in childhood. This can be connected with the complex of inferiority, discontent with its appearance or position in society. Provocation of this disease can be caused by incorrect education or insufficient attention to the child.

Sometimes experts even talk about the genetic predisposition of this type of disorders. And sometimes this disorder can be a symptom of even more dangerous diseases, for example, it may well be schizophrenia.


It is quite difficult to list all the signs of “Narcissa”, because every person is very individual in its essence, and therefore the disease can in one way or another to appear in different ways. Nevertheless, to the most significant general moments, due to which you can recognize Narcissus, refer to:

  • Very strong fantasies about the great success, which is constantly being spent by the alleged daffodil+
  • The presence of desires for worship from specific people and society as a whole+
  • arrogance and excessive ambitiousness not supported by any actions+
  • Outdoor negative on any criticism in your side+
  • All disguise complexes+
  • Use of other people for their own mercenary purposes.

Men and women with this pathology are never interested in the success of other people, including close. They are often talking about idols, and after which they prize them in every way. There are certain signs that have a gender nature. Thus, men-daffodss are always very arrogant, have wishes to become very rich and famous in whatever.

Such men, as a rule, do not refuse themselves, even if they do not allow them. They are very often negligent by the attitude of the representatives of the fine sex. Moreover, men are very demanding and proud. Typical daffodilous men financially depend on their parents or heart ladies. As a rule, the family thinks at the last moment or do not think at all, putting out yourself to the fore. As for women, they have a pathology of pereversny narcissism manifests itself in the following:

  • they are overly followed their appearance, reaching the absurdity+
  • Looking for rich and secured partners, even if they understand that they are not a couple+
  • admire with each possibility, in every way glowing+
  • Very often, in the desire for the ideal appearance, women-Narcissus resort to plastic operations, other surgical interventions and too abundant use of decorative cosmetics.

Despite the fact that the lady can have the pathology of this type, it is quite difficult to identify it. It seems that such well-groomed individuals do not seem to be mentally unhealthy and seeking their benefits, on the contrary, they often admire them. Girls, like men, Narcissus, do not prefer to earn independently, most often they are on parental financing. In any case, some people can just have an overwhelmed self-esteem and it does not mean at all that they are sick.

Therefore, it is worth noting that it is simply so diagnosed with a neighbor, a relative or some strange person, it is impossible, even despite the knowledge of certain features of this pathologue.

Development of relations with daffodil

Many personality, calling conversation with interlocutors, cannot immediately recognize Narcissus. It is also very difficult to reveal it, just looking at him. People with pathologies are very gallant and often produce a good impression at first glance, as a result of which they are quite nice to communicate with them. To suspect anything until certain time is almost impossible.

The first stages of relations with a man or a woman suffering from permarize narcissism may seem very “sweet”. Many researchers are even called their “honeymoon”, but then all in the root changes and relationships begin to be absolutely different. Since people with narcissistic perversions have a serious personality disorder, they often feel dissatisfied, although they do not show this. But when their partner is bored with them, they cease to hide it, showing their real essence. Then the relationship in the literal sense can turn into a real nightmare.

Whether friendly relationships have no friendship with such people – it’s hard to say, it all depends on the form of the disease and on how neither the behavior itself. But if we talk about serious pathology and directly about the relationship of the couple, then these relationships – deadlock. If they will develop a certain time and bring some pleasure, then in the future they will not bring anything good.

Of course, there may be exceptions in pairs, especially if the “narcissistic nature” will still have a desire to cure.

Characteristic techniques of moral violence

Despite the fact that the behavior of Narcissa is difficult to predict, experts note certain cliches and specific techniques that people with this pathology skillfully use. So, receiving data.

  • Exaggeration of any problems, embarking situations in their favor.
  • Reluctance to listen to the partner, understand his feelings and emotions. Frequent “switching” of full attention on yourself, while a partner discusses something important and urgent. At the same time, daffodils can use ridicule, dramatically changing the topic of conversation.
  • Anxious bell may also become the fact that the Narcissis partition will transfer the words of his interlocutor.
  • Also, people with such ailment can just boycott those with whom they communicate, without explaining the reasons for them.
  • And finally, they can show sudden attacks of aggression, even in relation to loved ones and relatives. They can very often be in anger when something went wrong.

Perevisnie Narcissus will always try to destroy another person in order to get over it all power. And many weak personalities, unfortunately, amenable to such an influence.

Treatment methods

Diagnosis and any therapeutic measures should be appointed by a professional. This disease is usually not detected at the very beginning of its occurrence, and therefore it becomes chronic, as a result of which therapy sessions can be given problematic. As a rule, experts develop a certain course of treatment, trying to interest the patient and push it to self-esteem. The best in cure shows precisely sessions of psychotherapy, and not treatment with medical drugs. It is advisable to appoint the latter if, in addition to one disorder, a person has depressed, panic attacks or any phobias, all this requires mandatory adjustment.

In any particular situations with mixed disorders, a specialist can prescribe a patient tranquilizers, antidepressants, other sedatives and phytopreparations. However, medical drugs are more dulling the symptoms of one or another disorder, without neglecting. To achieve the best result, comprehensive therapy must be applied, which necessarily includes meetings with a psychotherapist.

Tips Sacrifice

Of course, the best option to avoid problems is not to contact with such people at all, since it is very difficult to resist them. Perseznous daffodils seems to be powered by the energy of those whom they aimed, it is difficult to do something about. As a rule, if a man-Narcissus negligently refers to his woman in everyday life and in many ways, as for the family, it is difficult to do it here. Most often, specialists and family psychologists solve problems more simple situations related to household quarrels.

But if we are talking about Narcissa, then there will be no longer therapy, or people will have to disperse. Sometimes women choose humility, but again, they lack them for a long time. Woman to realize that if it happened that her chosen one suffers from this pathology and is tyrant, then this is not his fault. So it has already been. But this is not at all reason to tolerate and allow you to mock yourself in every way.

In rare cases, the correction of behavior with a specialist gives fruit, but only if the narcissistic pervert is interested in this, and not his victim. It is also worth understanding that people-Narcissus very often suffer from sensations that destroy them from the inside. Some of them even suffer from loneliness, because they cannot cope with themselves.

What are the features and signs of pereversal narcissism, see the following video.

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