Features of the Men-introvert and his behavior in relationships

Features of the Men-introvert and his behavior in relationships

Psychology determines two main human psychotype: introvert and extrovert. After conducting various surveys, observations and experiments, the view has developed that most of the population of our planet – extroverts.

But this article will be discussed not about them, on the contrary, we will talk about introverts, we will deal with those who are Men-introverts. Learn to recognize them, we will study the character, behavior, we understand what approach to them to choose, and be sure to learn what they are in love.


First, it is necessary to determine who is the introvert, from the point of view of psychology. This is a person who is focused on its inner world and is completely immersed in it. For introvert, their thoughts and experiences are important, they rarely come out of the comfort zone, trust people little and prefer proud loneliness.

The introvert has the following features of character:

  • all his actions thinks in detail+
  • Communication rarely happens spontaneous, most likely, he pursues a certain goal, so the conversation with him may seem tense+
  • does not need constant communication+
  • An unpleasant situation leaves a huge trail on an emotional state and long does not let his thoughts+
  • Pretty well developed fantasy+
  • Very purposeful personality+
  • always controls their emotions, and rarely show them+
  • patient, observed, inclined to analyze all what happened.

The theme of the relationship between a man and a woman is relevant worldwide. We so often argue about how much we are different and incompatible with the characters that it becomes the cause of relationships and various painful situations. It’s fine when a woman knows which man suits her – introvert or extrovert, that’s just to be able to recognize it in the crowd to not waste time!

Signs of Men-introvert:

  • Loves a quiet and peaceful time+
  • Conservative in views and judgments+
  • Many introvert men love books and consider them the best gift+
  • His appreciation is expressed by actions, words for them mean nothing+
  • Entrovert husband – all that can only wish, they have no equal in married life+
  • love to reflect and talk on deep themes+
  • Empty conversations are not for them, in a conversation brief and concise+
  • Basis on the manifestation of emotions.

How to build communication?

Such a type of personality is very closed in itself, hidden, lives in his world, and prefers to no one there. When communicating with this man, you are unlikely to be able to knock him off and confuse, because he is confident in himself and in his values.

All these characteristics can even scare a woman. When meeting with introvert, you need to act correctly and know several basic rules that will help to meet and start communicating.

  • Introverts do not like false and inexpensive. Be extremely frank and sincere.
  • Be sure to listen to the man, they love it.
  • Do not affect when conversing those that can remind the introvert about their own failures.
  • Help and support him verbly. Male-introvert this will appreciate.
  • Do not be too assertive. Introvert you need time to get to know you and evaluate your positive qualities.
  • Forget about moral pressure. It will not lead to anything good. Show softness and politeness, then he will answer you the same. And do not impose your opinion. You can express it, but if he wants to stay at his own, albeit it will be.

Follow these rules, and most likely, at one conversation will follow another.

Features of relationships

We have already figured out that this psychotype of men is quite difficult. Same they are in relationships and in love. Very often with its secrecy and indifference can be crazy and provoke not very pleasant thoughts.

If your satellite refers to such a type, be prepared for a certain behavior in relationships, and learn how to quietly take what is happening. Let us dwell on the main features, as well as the problems of relationships.

  • Ignore your call. They don’t like telephone conversations. This man will find many reasons to not answer. Be smarter – Write a message.
  • Work and only work. Sometimes the impression arises that it is in the first place. It’s not quite so, just if you started doing something, then you must bring to the end. Do not even think to make choose between work and you. Understand and accept the situation. For this you, no doubt, will be rewarded.
  • Answers in two words. Does not like long and meaningless conversations, very brief in conversation.
  • Loses in noisy companies. Company of unfamiliar people, parties – not for introvert. He would prefer loneliness. Help him pass it.

  • Does not apply to its problems. He decides his problems and thinks himself. He will never tell you about them. If you see that your man has become sad and smoke, do not try to pull out information from it. Just ask if it considers it necessary, tells himself.
  • Lovely love animals. And if you are visiting, and your man preferred to play with the dog, rather sit with everyone at the table, do not scold him, let him play.
  • Apathy. You can plan for a long time for a long time, and at the last moment he wants to cancel everything and lie on the sofa. Observe calm. Offer to postpone the other day.
  • Slowness. Very painstaking in decision-making, committing actions. You will need to be able to initiate. But do not forget to ask him.
  • Fear of critics. Never criticize your Men-introvert and do not compare it with others. He is very offended, and to make a hard man with such a guy.

Be careful, because any rash step or a rapid word can push your boyfriend and make him doubt you.

In love

We all nice to know and hear that they love us. You try to fall in love with a man-introvert, and everything seems to be fine, but how to understand, he is in love or not? By virtue of the qualities of character and misfortune in the manifestation of emotions, it is very difficult to recognize the attitude of the introvert to you.

Let’s look at how introvertists behave.

  • If the time to spend time with you, the introvert leaves its comfort zone, this is exactly what. He can go to the club to a party, a picnic for you, at least before the supporter of such entertainment.
  • He is silent all the time, does not answer questions, and you start thinking that it’s just uninteresting. It’s not like that at all. Introvet loves and respects silence, and it was you who became the one who won the right to divide it with him.
  • Introverts have an excellent sense of humor, but not all of them demonstrate it. Rather, on the contrary, it is preferred to seem sarcastic. And if he is joking with you, laughs, then you are no longer a person.
  • If you are already in relationships with an introvert, you have nothing to worry about. Before agreeing to a serious relationship, the introvert will think for a long time, think, assess the situation itself, which is going to become part of his world.

The most unpleasant thing you can even not notice that the feelings are crumbling and everything is not like before. The introvert never says and does not apply that there is no love, it will disappear. And he will go to leave, and not in order to be returned.

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