Features of the mixed type of character choleric sanguine

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Features of the mixed type of character choleric sanguine

Psychologists have long proved that only four types of temperament dominate among people: choleric, Sanguinik, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. Each of them is distinguished by special, unlike each other, features of character and behavior features.

At the same time, it is known that there are practically no people who would only belong to one type of character. Most often in one person, different psychotypes are mixed at the same time.

You can easily meet a person who has a sanguine choleric features.

Distinctive features

Cheliki-Sanguinics are such people who have character traits and implement behavioral models characteristic of two types of temperament. In this regard, it is necessary to disassemble each of them.


So, people-Sanguins are pretty sociable, they quickly find a common language with others and love to communicate. Durable and able to quickly replace various activities, they do not like routine work. However, if in one person is not only sunguine, but also choleric features, then a sharp change of activities can cause irritability and discontent.

Sanguines quickly adapt to new and unknown environmental conditions, as well as well control their emotional state.

This type of temperament is similar to choleca in the sense that their owners are inclined loudly, quickly and expressively talking, complementing their speech by facial expressions and gestures.


If you move on to the description of the character of choleriks, it should be noted that these people are quite quickly and easily excited, they can often be impaired impaired, quick temper and impatience (speaking by scientific terms, they prevail the reactions of excitation over braking).

If the choleric is combined with a sanguine, then this character feature is slightly softened.

Among other things, the choleric is susceptible to a quick change of mood and quite bright manifestations of feelings – they take all events close to heart, and often at their own expense.

This trait of character can manifest itself in everyday life in no very form – cholerics may seem too distinguished and sentimental.

On the other hand, choleric – rather persistent personality. If any occupation causes their genuine interest, they are enthusiastically accepted for its implementation, with ease overcome any difficulties and eliminate obstacles that get on their way.

It should be noted that people who combine the characteristics of a choleric and a sanguine can mitigate and neutralize some negative character traits inherent in any of these types of temperaments.

Based on such combinations, almost all people were built. Each of us has features of various types of temperament. That is why each of us is an individuality.

However, do not forget the fact that the person is a creature by definition of social. We all live in the society of other people and therefore should find with other common language and try to make compromises.

About the type of human temperament, see next video.

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