Features of women with an exteroidal type of personality

Features of women with an exteroidal type of personality

Artistry, manners and causing behavior often characterizes the exteroid type of woman’s personality. They are impossible not to notice, because they do everything possible to attract the attention of others. The exteroid girl monitors fashion trends, so always looks excellent. She loves to be in the company of people, but a common language will be able to find a common language. To build relationships with such an personality is not easy, because a special approach is required.

Determination of exteroid

Estroids are called those individuals that have emotional instability and a tendency to demonstration, through which they seek universal attention. Often, such people have hysterical psychopathy. This personality disorder has pronounced symptoms, namely: causing behavior, emotionality, sudden mood swings, suicide.

Women with an exteroidal type of personality have leadership qualities, Therefore, they strive to show their superiority. They are accustomed to show perseverance and purposefulness, and not only in work, but also in personal life. To get the desired often take non-standard solutions and commit desperate actions.

Estroid girl loves to communicate and can quickly find a common language with many people. If you meet, it seems to be funny, a positive person who is not afraid to seem funny, ready to bold actions and frankly expresses his point of view. But talking longer, the sharpness and some inadequacy of reactions to various situations becomes noticeable. Estroid girl can suddenly start to pour, cry, scream. It should be noted that such behavior is demonstrative and manifests itself only if there are some people around.


Exteroidal psycho personality begins to form in early childhood – in 3-6 years. The first symptom is the permanence of the girl. She will be happy to be afraid, need help and demand attention. During this period, the “Elektra” complex may also appear, which is expressed in constant rivalry with the mother for the attention of the Father.

With age in the nature of the girl with an exteroidal type of personality, the following features will begin manifest.

  • Demonstration. Epatting and attract attention. These may be experiments with appearance or eccentric behavior.
  • Egocentric. Society on your own needs. Any actions, even the assistance surrounding, will be committed only in order to attract universal attention.

  • No sequence and logic in actions. It is impossible to predict the actions of such a person. To. There is no logical interconnection between them. He can suddenly make something inadequate, at the same time he himself can not explain why he did it.
  • Elevated emotionality. Laugh tears, disputes always reach hysterical state. Such a girl doesn’t matter how she looks like – she needs to attract attention as much as possible people.
  • Artistry. Exteroids often become excellent actors, t. To. can depict a wide range of emotions, and so realistic that others surrounding it.

  • Exaggerated fearness. Excessive response to any incidents and injuries due to the lack of self-control and emotionality.
  • Reduced level of thinking criticality. Exteroid does not recognize their shortcomings. Inclined to blame others in everything, and if there are no such, then they will easily invent them.

Despite the fact that the exteroid woman is quite sociable, lead a dialogue with it is not easy. She focuses on himself and indicates that it is interesting exclusively to her, and any attempts of the interlocutor to translate the conversation to another channel will immediately stop.

Lovely behavior

Exteroid can adversely affect attempts to build personal relationships. A man should understand the features of this psychotype and be able to cope with sudden emotional splashes. With such a woman will never be boring, she with ease agree to experiments, conducts lively conversations and sincerely expresses its emotions, but, unfortunately, it concerns not only positive, but also negative aspects.

The girl with an exteroidal type of personality always looks immaculate, so with ease conquers the attention of the opposite sex. She feminine, mannery, having fun, witty, and this is exactly the men. When such a special enters the relationship, everyone around should learn about it. The girl will talk about his chosen one around, do not shy intimate moments. It should be noted that it can not only praise and boast a man, but also discredit it in the eyes of others.

Exteroid woman – skillful manipulator. To achieve their goals, it often uses tears, manifestation of jealousy, syradiability, and can also provoke scandals. A man should understand this and in every way stop trying to manipulate. The main thing is not to go on such a person, you do not need to join the dispute or try to calm her – it’s better to just leave it for a while alone.

About the qualifications of a deteroidal nature, see the following video.

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