How to confess the girl in sympathy?

How to confess the girl in sympathy?

Despite all his masculinity, not every man is able to express the sympathy of the girl like. Very often, the young man hinders the fear of being rejected, and therefore he prefers to remain in the shadows. However, correctly putting communication with the lady correctly and finding the right approach to it, it can be confessed in their feelings, without fear of failure in reciprocity.

How to hint?

Before hinting a girl about sympathy, it is necessary to achieve its location. To do this, try to spend more time with the object with the object, communicating not only live, but also on social networks.

Check the attention of the ladies can be using visual contact. Most girls believe that if the young man listens attentively, it will surely look into the eyes. It is very important to be interested in the life of the elect and constantly maintain it. In this way, the confidence of the ladies can be achieved, which will eventually lead to mutual sympathy.

Not all modern men show hanale in relation to the weak floor, while every girl dreams of a gentleman. To conquer the heart of the elect, you need to possess not only politeness, but also awareness. You also need to be generous, showing the lady of your selflessness.

To enjoy the girl you need a positive attitude. The sullen and forever, the unhappy young man is hardly interested in the lady, but a fun and brave guy will probably have to her soul. In addition, to conquer the heart of the chosen, you need perseverance, as girls appreciate self-confidence in men.

Before confusing in sympathy, it is important to figure out her attitude towards you. For such information, you can contact the general girlfriend. Unfortunately, this method may not bring results, since the girlfriends will simply refuse to speak on this topic.

To express the girl sympathy you can use the following techniques.

  • Compliments allow you to express admiration and emphasize the dignity of the lady. Speaking Forest words need to place and in moderation, otherwise the girl will suspect a young man in lies.
  • Honesty will help to avoid many awkward moments. Honestly confessing the chosen in his feelings, you can not only ease the soul, but also instantly find out the relationship.
  • Inappropriate can be an excellent tool for the interest of the lady. The guy can hint with a girl about his feelings, but not talking about them directly.
  • Accent attention will affect if there are other girls around. For this you need to be sure to say: “You are here the most beautiful” or “How good that next to me is the most attractive girl”.
  • Jokes will become an excellent helper if the chosen is a good sense of humor. This technique implies not only the told of funny stories and jokes, but also the use of ambiguous phrases. For example, the phrase “our children will not be for us” can seriously pose a lady.
  • The overall hobby will help bring the young man with the object of frustration. Doing one thing or discussing interesting things for both things, you can tell about sympathy without unnecessary words.
  • Demonstration of interest. Each girl dreams of being the only one, and therefore it will certainly appreciate closer attention from the whaken. To do this, it is necessary to first appoint a lady meeting and write on social networks.

How to confess in sympathy?

Even being closely surrounded by a girl and having achieved her location, not every young man can immediately tell her about her sympathy. This is usually associated with a low self-esteem guy who is simply afraid to be rejected. But if you do not express your feelings on time, you can miss the moment and forever stay for the beloved just friend.

Especially difficult, guy admit to a sympathy of a close girlfriend. It may seem to him that his feelings will harm in friendship or will lead to the breakdown of friendly relations. It must be remembered that most pairs are based on friendship, as partners are associated with common interests.

The advantage of a pair based on friendships is the fortress and reliability. Friends have long known each other, and therefore they will not break out the stupid occasion. Many unions disintegrated precisely because of the partners began relationships at the beginning of dating. The one who at the first meeting can cause love, after a couple of meetings can push off with stupid arguments or slope.

It is not easy to tell a girl about loves when it is already in a relationship with another guy. Start a similar conversation appropriate only with complete confidence that their union is not strong enough. For example, you can say about feelings when the girl will be in a quarrel with his young man or when the young man sees that love relationships deliver the chosen one suffering.

If the young man is like a senior woman, then not enough to express sympathy with the help of beautiful words. Must perform courageous acts proving seriousness of his intentions. For example, you need to bring a lady of medication when she is sick, or help repair faulty techniques.

The easiest way to express the sympathy for the girl who is very interested in the young man. It is possible to determine this in its behavior. If she is always glad to see you, immediately responds to calls and SMS, agrees to a joint pastime, then it certainly is experiencing tender feelings. In this case, it is much easier to tell the choices that you like it.

It is possible to confess in sympathy using poems. Especially touching recognition will sound if it is written. Optionally, to be an outstanding poet – it is enough to be able to rhyme and put the words.

Flowers and other pleasant things will help you to say about feelings. For example, you can present a lady bouquet of soft toys or candies. In addition, you can give a book about which a girl has long dreamed of, or call a romantic film.

What to do in case of refusal?

Often recognition in feelings can cause bewilderment and even rejection. It is important to behave correctly, since aggression or expression of the offense will not only aggravate the situation, but also spoil the guy reputation.

The female “no” does not always mean the refusal. Intonation with which the girl refused in reciprocity can mean a lot. If the phrase is told with a serious expression of a person, then “no” means “no”. But if at the same time the woman smiles and flirt, it means that she just “plays failure”. Sometimes a weak floor representative refuse to fill their price and make a man to seek her location. They want them to achieve and commit the romantic deeds for them.

To avoid a rough failure, the guy does not need to ask a direct question about whether the chosen will meet with him. The girl may be afraid to appear available, and therefore it is likely to refuse. But if you start with invitations on dates, you can increase the chances of reciprocity.

Do not build illusions about relationships with the object of adoration. Before confessing in feelings and offer to meet, you need to make sure. It is possible to understand that the lady is positively located by the way it reacts to touch and cavity. It is logical to assume that the chosen will refuse the guy if she initially did not contact.

Not necessarily officially offer a girl to meet. If your meetings occur on a regular basis, and you feel easily in each other’s company, you can simply gradually move to more serious actions. For example, you can start with hugs or with kisses in a cheek.

If the chosen is still refused to reciprocate, then you should not despair and depressed. First of all, you need to know the reason for the refusal. Perhaps all the fault of an excessive perseverance of a young man or too quick transition from dating to the expression of sympathy.

The reason for the refusal can be wounded in the reputation of the guy. They can walk not very good rumors that prevent the lady to believe in the sincerity of his feelings. Therefore, it is important to immediately clarify the situation to show the lover selflessness of your intentions.

Having received a refusal, the best solution will be launched on a frank conversation. Clarification of relationship will help keep friendship and maybe something to change. If the guy has serious intentions, then in his interests to do everything to correct the current situation. It is necessary to gradually return the trust of the girl using all its positive qualities for this.


Every man must understand that there is little presentable appearance in order to win the heart of a woman. It is necessary to be a versatile personality capable of attracting a lady not only with beautiful eyes, but also a pleasant character.

Tips for self-improvement.

  • Follow the appearance: The girl will rather pay attention to the guy’s courtship if he will have perfect appearance. At the same time, we are not about natural data, but about tidyness and cleanliness. Therefore, it is important to make sure that hair, nails, shoes and clothes are in impeccable condition.
  • Develop the mind: Intellectually developed men attract women much stronger than puffed nonsense. A pleasant appearance can make the first impression, but in the future you will need to use mental abilities.
  • Check your character: Any girl dreams of a strong man who can stand up for a lady of the heart and solve any of her problem. If the young man does not fulfill promises and runs away from trouble, then quite quickly disappoints the elect and provokes a breakdown of the relationship.
  • Emit optimism: gloomy and forever displeased people are not able to arrange the interlocutor. The girl will rather reciprocate the merry and sociable guy, than pay attention to a secretive and pessimistic young man.
  • Be generous: Girls love generous men. If on the first date, the guy will start loudly counting costs or suggest separating the account, then the companion is likely to refuse repeated meetings.

There is an opinion that girls like bad guys. In fact, any person dreams of a knight capable of protecting the lady of the heart. For this reason, young people are important to have masculine qualities that will help them achieve reciprocity in relations with a weak floor.

About how to confess the feelings of a friend, see the following video.

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