How to recognize the character of a person on the form of nails?

How to recognize the character of a person on the form of nails?

By the hands of a person you can tell not only about his past, present and future. They also lies information about the character, fate, relationship and health. Hiromants sufficiently look at the hands of a person to outlines his life, as well as give advice on further action. The main information is lines, bends, fingers and nails.

Determination of the character of a man in the form of nails

Determine the nature of the person and the peculiarities of its body can only be on the natural nail, namely, not a changed artificial, not extensive. To carry out this, you will need to know several general principles:

  • long Nail talks about idealistic look at the world, romantic inclinations and vitania in the clouds+
  • Short and wide Nail talks about determination, prudence, stability and stability of the owner+
  • middle length Nails talk about calm, prudsence and confident position, while a person does not consider himself above the rest, it can be reached in any situation+
  • Very long nurse suggests that the carrier is a timid, fragile, wounded and indecisive man+
  • Wide nurse Speaks about the limited thought, reluctance to develop and strive for more + distinctive feature of the owner – a tendency to senseless disputes in an empty place+
  • very wide and flat nail Speaks on the skill of the carrier to understand people, good intuition and predisposition to understanding the psychology of others.

You can approach the study of the appearance of the nail plate in more detail.

For some distinctive features can be said about the state of human health and its predisposition to one form or another form of communication.

To do this, it is necessary to consider several options:

  • Thick, tight and short nail Indicates that the person is healthy, with women, and men distinguishes an explosive character that can manifest themselves with any little things+
  • Thin and pale nail It demonstrates that in the human body there is a lack of substances such as calcium and iron, distinctive features of the owner: Capriciousness, predisposition to depression, impermanence, non-subsistence+
  • Bluidic Nail Signals about problems with cardiovascular system, distinctive features of the carrier of such nails: depression, stress exposure, fatigue and devastability+
  • Blue color Nail, not accompanied by pale or other spots, is an indicator of a healthy, intellectual savvy, smart, modest and pleasant in human communication+
  • dark pink The color of the nail symbolizes the cruelty of the carrier and the rigidity of character, stubbornness, it is compensated by sexuality, discrepancy and passion.

In addition, you should know that if the nails of a person go to claws of prey birds, it is distinguished by stamina and greed. If the skin grows to the nail, then the carrier is limited to intelligence and development in terms of spirituality is alien to him.

      According to the first external signs of the nail plate, you can understand how to build a dialogue with a person and whether to ask him about what was originally planned or reported any information.

      Different shape of nails

      To make an analysis of the nail and find out what your hands say, you need to make sure that the nail is not artificially changed. After adjustment, applying cosmetics and processing is more difficult to analyze and unequivocally understand the features. But even without changing the nail, it may sometimes be difficult to disassemble the form.

      Oval form

      Owners of such nails are creative people inclined to creation. The hand is most often fine with long thin fingers. Such people have their own point of view, are educated and smart, find themselves in creativity: painting, architecture, music. These sophisticated aristocratic nature are inclined to depressions, loneliness, immersion in favorite business and frequent change of mood.

      Square shape

      Stability, equilibrium, constancy and power sign. These people are often leaders both at work and in the family. They have their own opinion, they firmly adhere to their convictions and ideas. Marriage with such people will be strong and long – they will protect our partner with all sorts of ways and will be preserved a family hearth.

      Rectangular shape

      People with such a shape of nails are opposite to people with the previous form of the plate. Perfectionists who erase everything in the ideal and demand from the rest as well as from themselves. With heads are immersed in work, family, relationships, friends, try to bring any business to the maximum. Do not belong to the fondant agents, but often there are travelers and naturalists.

      Round form

      Is a feature of bright, creative, positive and energetic people. The tendency to the adventure and the creation of something new and interesting is what people live with such a form of nail. Marriage with such a person – interesting, rich and diverse. But to live on emotions will not work forever, and any trouble may stop relations that seemed so filled with.

      Trapezoidal form

      Pride, Egoists, aggressors. They do not accept someone else’s opinion, are arrogant, there are only their position and wrong. It is difficult for them to work in a team, combine the family or build relationships, but at the expense of strong internal qualities and hard position often succeed. Little owners of this form of the nail become creators and creators, but almost everyone has a great taste and feeling of excellent.

      Fero-shaped form

      Externally satisfied attractive, demonstrates the aristocratic beginning of the owner. Softness, vulnerability, kindness, mental approach to everything, trust, exceeding family values, adoration of comfort and its secluded corner – these are the primary qualities of a person with such nails. At the same time, the ability of a philosophical attitude to life and a cool attitude to the surrounding, not included in the range of relatives. Having a hindrance and notes of Egoism of the Industry to these people.

      It is worth noting that the shape of the nail on the right and left hands may differ, having different width and length. Therefore, experienced chirromants produce separately analyzing hands and provide on the basis of this the most complete information.

      Artificial nail correction does not attach the character of a person of certain properties, It remains the features laid by nature. To find out what characterizes you and from which side, it is better not to do with an independent analysis, but to refer to the professional.

      The value of the manicure in the hands of women

      Homorates consider the adjustment of the shape and color of the nail – the refusal of its individuality and natural features.

      Girls use different varnishes to get rid of flaws, emphasize the features and somehow diversify the usual sight of the hands. Also lacquer makes a nail plate less breaking and exposed to cracks.

      Before any girl originally gets up the choice of color and even at this stage you can understand that in front of you for a woman and how to approach her.

      • Scarlet, bright red or bloody Colors are a choice of women prone to dominance, manipulation by men by means of flirting.
      • Blue, Yellow, Light Green And close shades talk about the informality of women, predisposition to experiments, courage, creativity.
      • Black, Dark green, dark blue and similar dark shades are the choice of bold, decisive and bright women who are confident.
      • Neutral Color symbolizes girl employment, romanticism, tendency to idealization of life. Often the neutral manicure is part of the dress code and corresponds to the formal working environment. This choice often does not characterize the true nature of a woman.
      • Classic red Color choose stylish women prone to stable life, work, relationships.

      Often well-groomed nails are a sign of lifestyle, working atmosphere or lack of time.

      It should be borne in mind that the choice of a girl can be characterized not only by its inner predisposition, but also its mood, the purpose of applying varnish and the chosen outfit.

      Knowing the features of nail plates and human qualities, depending on the shape of the nail and color of the varnish, you can learn about your interlocutor a lot of interesting things, just saying hello to him.

      Read more about how to recognize the character of a person in the shape of the nail, seeing the following video.

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