Is it worth a revenge husband for treason?

Is it worth a revenge husband for treason?

Betrayal and lies of your loved one are knocking out the soil from under the feet and make it look for ways to restore justice. There is a desire to apply the “knockout” modes, forcing you to feel the painful. Hold it into the puchin of sleepless nights, crying pillows, drinking valerian bubbles and endless conversations with girlfriends psychologists. But any hysterical comes an end, and appreciating the events of the recent past, you understand that showed yourself in a disadvantage.

Why change your favorite men? How to implement the “royal” plan of revenge and how to make the changer regret the deed?

How to revenge for treason and keep self-esteem?

Social networks and tips of girlfriends from the forum are sophisticated with exquisite ways of revenge from a member of the beloved car, glass in socks, laxative in beer and ending with magic love spells on the wrong husband, return with a drop of blood, broom or salt bought in a certain place at a certain time ..

It is hardly a self-respecting woman, will take such advice as a guide to action, rather as ephemeral fantasy of humiliated pride. Often, the stories about a skillful revenge with the wrong spouse remain unfulfilled dreams, and such recognition in the forums – the way to tell about your misfortune of the whole universe.

Before developing a plan of phased revenge, it is worth analyzing their actions and possible response strikes from the enemy. If you still decide to active actions, it is worth considering the tactics of your behavior, to develop an offensive strategy. Connect allies and think over the plan of surrender, if something suddenly goes wrong.

Leading family psychologists call the reason for such a desire for the state of affect, provoked personal circumstances. This is a short-term impulsive effect, which, unlike physical or emotional state, cannot be monitored. At the same time, professionals advise to change the situation, switch to another type of activity, play sports, appearance, visit the spa salon. Do what helps find personal harmony and make you balanced and happy.

Family debt or why husbands change?

Men by nature Polygamus, prone to finding new impressions and varieties in intimate life. Even the most faithful family man sometimes turns her head towards sexy beauty, enjoying her charms. As a rule, men pushed to treason household troubles, monotony, usual measured life. Monotony makes you look for impressions and new emotions on the side, if in the usual family setting he does not feel happy.

Caring for family and children, constant homemade hassle take away from spouse all free time. She lacks forces to engage in itself, and New Passasy conquers its effectiveness, extravagant, fonds into the world of unexplored adventures. But the main reason is the monotony of intimate life, dissatisfaction and stiffness of the partner. Few Couples can talk to souls and find out everything about the pitfalls in their bed, and the thirst for new emotions, bright impressions pushes a man to a new novel.

Feelings of a deceived woman can understand only a person who survived such emotions. The first thing that comes to mind is to roll a grand scandal with a beating of dishes, snoring and connecting heavy artillery in the form of his mother. There is a desire to punish the blessed and his rival in the most sophisticated way. But over time, these feelings are replaced by spiritual emptiness and disappointment. If it turns out to cope with the first emotions, it will be possible to come up with an exquisite place of revenge, and if desired, return the spouse to my bed.

The revenge of the “royal” is always served cold

Remembering history from the life of your friends or friends, you, of course, understand that spontaneous revenge – from a number of fiction. In order to take revenge on her husband for treason, desecrated, the gift of the lived years and the mass of invented persistent phrases on this score, and get out of the water, retaining, self-esteem will have to come up with a couple of creative ideas.

The perfect “Royal” revenge can be created on a cold head, keeping an exceptional calculation. Get rid of the boring emotions: they are like a malicious reurenger, which is impossible to tear off after a walk through the autumn forest, when the enjoyment of nature is overshadowed by an obsessive desire to get rid of the impaired problem.

The desire to make an immediate vendent, punish the offender, take revenge on the mistress connected with the complexes that a woman acquires in early childhood or adolescence under the influence of social situation, education, environment, relationships with parents. As a rule, girls witnessed the divorce of parents, their personal problems or clarifying relations with a child who broke the psyche and formed established stereotypes of family life.

Tactics of keeping fighting

Faced with the problem of treason, you should take a completely win-win version: to go to the bottom, to demonstrate the absolute indifference to the incident. It will require patience, overcoming their own insult, anger, bitterness. But, as experience shows, this is one of the most efficient ways to show their indifference and sow grain doubt about the head of the class.

Taking the opposite tactics, many women make an irreparable mistake. The desire to call a partner to the frank conversation, find out the relationship and find out, “what it is better than me,” never change the situation for the better, and, as a rule, exacerbate the situation. Often such actions make a man think that he made the right choice. A definite scheme is formed, which confirms the established opinion “The wife of the scandalite, which means that the right thing did, that he changed, left, threw something else there …”.

Try not to leave the slightest reason for such thoughts and statements. Thus, you will make faithful responsibility for your actions and be responsible for what is happening. In an attempt to justify yourself, a partner can provoke on spontaneous and rapid acts.

For many women, Adumerter is a point of no return, but for some reason a man after that it is necessary to feel necessary and megapant for a woman. Attempts to provoke a conflict or cause a storm of emotions – only a way to prove its significance and indispensability. In this hard for both period, it is important to give a man to understand that it is not the center of the universe and the meaning of your existence. Staying an attractive, happy, popular, demonstrating his independence, you are awarded technical victory.

Tips for psychologist

But what to do with surpassed emotions, which overshadow common sense, do not allow to breathe full of breasts and require retribution? You can make innocuous dirtiness: change the door locks, calculated the card of the spouse in the jewelry salon or smelling with his close friend. That’s it with loved ones, because the information for Him must come first. If rolling an overwhelming desire to break a pair of plates or dilute on the street, throwing your wedding photos into it – do not stop your gusts. Time will be held, and you buy dishes and order new photos, but the moment you want to throw out the negative should be satisfied, otherwise it is transformed into stress, long depression and chronic ailments.

Social networks can provide an indispensable assistance in a small revenge to their faithful. Go to his page under someone else’s name and start a virtual novel. Supporting questions, light flirts will help find out true attitude towards life and established circumstances. Learn to read between the lines – it will help find out what the most beloved after parting.

Try to surround yourself with positive emotions, deal with yoga, female Taoist practices, attend master classes and expand the circle of communication. This will help adapt to the situation and create the impression of a confident harmonious personality. The main thing is to highlight the life priorities, appreciate the time and strive to implement your own ambitions. This is the most sophisticated revenge of a person who underestimated your love.

About whether it is worth a revenge husband for treason, look in the following video.

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