Is it worth calling jealousy from a girl and how best to do it?

Is it worth calling jealousy from a girl and how best to do it?

Jealousy – bad feeling. But in difficult situations, it can even be useful. For example, when the relationship comes or it is generally unclear what happens between two people and who they are each other.

How to call jealous?

At the current girl

If you meet for a very long time, then you may notice that over time you sucked the swamp routine. There is no longer enough former Azart, a hunting instinct disappeared somewhere, and he was replaced by the series and boring life. Or your lady – from nature a person with a phlegmatic character, and you attract a storm, zipper and other natural cataclysms. In this case, jealousy is the very light that can regret your bonfire of love. The main thing – do not overdo it, and then risks to stay alone.

To make the girl jealous, need, actually, an object for jealousy. Best if the rival is fictional, because you should not substitute other people. Come up with and tell the story of a meeting on the bus when a beautiful stranger looked at a languid look at you, note the details of her appearance that attracted your attention and, of course, really liked. Come up with any story in which another woman put on you.

If you have an imagination is underdeveloped, then tell us about a real person, for example, a story about a colleague from work, which is either smart, or beautiful, or come up with something your. You should not endow the selected person with all the qualities of the perfect woman. First, your girl will have a question why you are still with her, and do not run to conquer your ideal. Secondly, you do not want your favorite to feel that it is not good enough for you. It can cause many complexes – do not kill the self-esteem of a loved one.

Ask someone to call you and talk a couple of minutes. During the conversation, he is so that your girl realize that another. Or you can go to another room, and go back in a great location of the Spirit, with a smile and luminous eyes. But do not forget to clear the log of calls, because if you are on the seventh heaven from happiness after the call “Leah from the car repair shop”, it will cause some questions.

Important: If your second half is without that jealous, then be prepared for a small scandal.

Option for especially dangerous guys: Try to hint the girl you go on the other to the restaurant or in the opera (anywhere). Soften option – call a joint pastime with another woman a business meeting or a meeting at work, as they really happen in life.

There are more stringent options, for example, to come from work much later than usual or put passwords on all your phones and laptops, but it will significantly undermine the trust between you, and confidence in relations – the most important.

The next good step is to go somewhere a large company in which there are free girls. Pay them attention, but do not cross the boundaries permitted, so as not to put your companion in an awkward position. Just tell me a couple – the top of the compliments, listen carefully, pay for all the attention of the female half. Do not choose a specific goal, be adorable with everyone. Then your girlfriend will understand how you can be wonderful.

The ideal option is by chance open and demonstrated correspondence in social networks with another girl. Many people write fake pages, so do not miss your chance to understand your lady that you are very attractive for other women. Even if the fakes do not write, then such a page can be created, hiding on the other side of the screen your girlfriend or yourself.

It is important to remember that you and only you know the character of your second half and only you know whether it is ready to kill from one phone call or calmly lets in a sauna with a former classmate. So the measure of exposure and the cruelty of ways to determine.

Do not try to call jealousy from the purposeful and self-sufficient girl – it can seriously think about that, and why does her person who brings no joy, and doubts and negative emotions. With such a woman, it is much easier to sit down and discuss the current situation.

At the former girlfriend

If you and your ex-girlfriend have some common circles of exposure or periodically encounter, then first you need to communicate and flirt in her eyes on the other. If everything goes far away, you can start a relationship with this girl, again, the recent information to your ex. Just do not forget to prevent a new lady about your intentions.

Do not rush to delete the number of the former passion and block it – you can “mistaken” send a cute message, and then, after a certain amount of time (enough five-seven minutes), send the second and apologize for the annoying misunderstanding.

Another assistant in this business – social networks. Yes, some girls love to view the pages of their former guys and look for signs pointing to how he suffers. Wrap the situation in your favor – more happiness, joyful posts about new feelings and photos with other girls.

Now about why you should not block all the pages of your ex-girls. If you are configured to make her jealous, contact her for advice, for example, you can ask what a gift can be given a new sweetheart. Try to fill your message to tenderness in relation to the new woman.

Know: If you broke up due to the fact that the girl has lost interest to you, then these ways may not work. She can even glad about you. In this case, it is worth thinking about the reason for the cooling of the senses and think, and maybe the problem is in you?

On distance

It happens that your communication is only through the Internet and phone calls. Nothing terrible if you lack a light of jealousy, then this is quite enough, especially for the relationship at a distance.

Can work the same ways as in ordinary relationships: A pair of compliments with another girl who randomly outstanding your admiration, time spent in the company of other women (and photos!). At the same time, it is not necessary for the real existence of an admiration or a meeting of the meeting – just mention this in the correspondence. The rest will make the fantasy of your second half.

Social networks – an incredibly mighty thing. Create a page of an unknown beauty, add to your friends yourself and leave a couple of flattering comments and likes on your page. Such activity will not remain unnoticed. If you wish, you can replace the Fake Page Real, but do it at your own risk.

You can send a photo of absolutely any girl, evaluate its external data or a rich inner world, and at the end to say that this is your new colleague. Option to continue – lay out a photo where you are with this girl. Well, if it does not work with this, then with any other.

If your girl is used to that you come from work at seven in the evening, and in eight sit down for a computer and shlele her hearts – change plans and try to write much later. Your unexpected delay will make the lady of the heart treat you not as proper, but how to someone who has its own life, is quite interesting and without it. Your value and importance will only increase.

Add a few new ladies to friends, at the same time hinting that he writes one of them, but do not specify who exactly, a small investigation and an attempt to find a rival make your favorite appreciate their strengths and its weaknesses, and if at the end of the experiment you will tell you the second half, what’s wonderful and how much you love her, then the response positive reaction will be much stronger.

All tips for ordinary relationships work for correspondence relationships. The main thing is to include fantasy and never rearrange.

Have someone who likes

In this case, jealousy is not a miraculous means and can work only on condition that the girl either hides his feelings to you, or herself does not recognize them. If you tried everything (and even jealousy), and you did not make any attention to you, then accept – you do not like this girlfriend, and the best thing you can do is to respect her choice and stop persecution.

Praise another girl, especially if the obstacle object got used to your compliments only in your address. It will be suddenly, and if the girl has at least a sympathy for you, it will certainly be interested in another girl and what kind of relationship do you have.

Come together in a crowded place and start providing attention to other ladies. This seemingly innocent thing is capable of revealing true feelings very quickly. Again, all the advice works here, as if you were in a relationship – only you are allowed much more when flirting and communicating with others.

Reduce the number of communication. All questions are choking or respond to hints that will make it seem to think that you have less time due to the fact that another girl takes. Or wait for a couple of days and do not answer calls. After the solemn return, communicate again with hints pointing to the full romance days on the other. Plus such a lack – your potential lady comes comes and understand that she is not enough for her.

If your beloved is also your friend, then try to show a correspondence with another girl, ask the Council, tell us that we go on a date on the other so that it is pleased for a friend.

The ability to lose a person who is sympathetic will make the girl reveal this attitude towards you even against her will. Suddenly spoiled mood (which deteriorated after your plans), sadness – these features pointing to true feelings. Or try to evaluate a new girl in a friendly and share your impressions.

How to make jealous your girlfriend, look in the following video.

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