Is it worth making a husband to jealous?

Is it worth making a husband to jealous?

Men, in their essence, are breadcrumbs. It was happening since ancient times, and nothing can happen. To feel at the height, they need excitement and competition in all life areas, including in love. So a woman to be beloved should not be easily accessible. Then she will always be desirable and only for the hunter.

What do you need jealousy?

Let’s start with the fact that jealousy is called a feeling that causes proprietary instincts in people. If the object is very expensive to anyone, then “this someone” tries to raise power over him. The one who loves will always be jealous if it felt that it could lose its subject of unrestrained passion. By and large, the jealousy is not needed to anyone, as it causes very strong mental experiences. But without her love will be completely tasteless.

    In its influence, jealousy is divided into several forms.

    • Stubborn and despotic personalities suffer from tyranny jealousy.
    • If a person has an alarming, and everything else seems to him everywhere, he can “get sick” with jealousy from infringement of pride.
    • When the individual himself is not very faithful to his second half, he begins to suspect her in the same sin. This form is called converted jealousy.
    • Easily inspired people develop grafting jealousy.
    • People suffering from obsessive thoughts have pathological jealousy to his close people.

    Women often complain that their men lose interest in time. This is quite understandable. A close girlfriend is immersed in life, stops fashionable to dress and apply bright makeup. For his chosen one, she becomes almost a thing that he once acquired, used to her and now believes that it should always be near.

    In such cases, it is necessary to make a man take a look at you “in a new way”. So to speak, shake it and show that you are not going to put up with this attitude towards yourself.

    Need to do so that he is always afraid of losing you and family. Then you can draw a sense that causes suffering, in a weapon that will actively help you in the struggle for the return of love.

    What should be done?

    Before proceeding to action, we think well. Remember that jealousy can cause your partner the lowest feelings. It all depends on the temperament of a man. If he is adequate, and his character is calm, then perhaps he will start you slightly jealous. From this he will wake up new feelings, and your relationship will be stronger. However, it is not yet a fact that such a “Tikhonya” will become obedient, and all your plans will come true. The unpredictable situation can end that there will be a proprietary feeling about your chosen one that you did not even guesses. At best, he will split everything in the district, and only then calm down a little. At worst – everything will end the divorce.

    Even more carefully need to act if you know the explosive nature of your man. Cause jealousy for such – it’s like walking through a mineband barefoot.

    Do not know where you come for mine and how the situation is over. Therefore, the conclusion here is one – act, relying on female intuition. Each action is well thought about, before you begin to apply it in practice. Speak in time to stop. Scroll on the role of a sapper: act neat. Call jealousy The man is quite simple, but how to make it right, a few tips will help. You can invent a non-existent fan. There are various functions on modern phones. With the help of them you can arrange as if someone constantly calls you.

    Get out of the room and make the view that you have an important conversation. Only in no case hint that a man called you. Otherwise you will somete the whole plan. He can take the phone and see who actually called. So everything will turn out, and you will fall into an awkward situation. It is necessary to make your husband my husband think up the option with your treason and came across. Start something to find out, and you here, no matter how, at nothing. The fan, in fact, no, and who called – so the girlfriend is already tired with his problems. There is such a situation. Wife is on maternity leave, and husband always disappears at work. Comes home and looks at your fabulous like an empty place. Do not need to think that he sobbed you. Perhaps simply stuck feelings from surgery fatigue. Just refresh them.

    So that he began to jealous you, you need to leave for a time from home.

    For example, to mom. Being visiting, do not call her husband often. Leave the child with your grandmother, and go with the best friend in the cafe. Naturally, get dressed beautifully, make a causing makeup. Sit there, break in a relaxed atmosphere. Be sure to make selfie with her against the background of a colorful interior. Stop the page in the social network. The husband will surely see this photo – will begin to jealous at a distance call. And you again have nothing to do with. Was with a girlfriend. And then let him suffer: “Flirting wife on the side or not?”

    Take a husband with another tricky way. If you were often in different shopping centers or places of large cluster of people, they have seen more than once how some entrepreneurs offer their services. They do it with business cards. Do not refuse the offer to take a booklet. Dial them a few pieces. Surely among them there are one, where there will be an image of a beautiful man. Take them more and put in a bag.

    In the evening, when your husband returns from work, you will not lose colorful business cards in front of him. He will surely ask: “Where are there so much?”. And you tell me that one cute young man presented them with you at once a few pieces and suggested that it is necessary to contact him for help. The result will not wait long. Husband imagines in question, and you are only a jumper smile in response.

    If you launched your appearance slightly, then be sure to deal with your transformation. Go to the hairdresser, make manicure and makeup.

    There is not enough money, so it does not matter. This woman should be able to do everything. Buy hair paint, repaint hair into another color. For example, turn out of blonde into brunette. Screw the curls and delay at work. This method will necessarily.

    Take up jogging in the evenings. It will help you save and transform figure. At the same time, stop paying attention to your faithful. Get indifferent. This method acts without brand. Both pride causes many questions, including a zealous nature. Men if it comes to jealousy, what only yourself will not come up with. Husband will express his assumptions, and you only smile and smile in response: “I am a beautiful and worthy girl. Did anyone who look at me “.

    Buy yourself and bring a beautiful bouquet. If the husband asks: “Where the flowers come from?”Tell me that they were given to all women who work with you. Put a bouquet on a prominent place and straighten a bouquet all the time. These actions will cause suspicion, and at the same time the jealousy of your husband.

    How to make risk of ex-husband?

    But what to do, if the cell of society has already broken down or is about to disintegrate, and you don’t want to part with the former beloved? A man who has no longer any rights on you is still jealous if he has a feeling. With their help, you can return your relationship. No need to cry and get upset, but, on the contrary, it is necessary to show its strength of the Spirit and independent. Let everyone around you look with admiration, and men make compliments.

    Change your image in the root and shine like the sun. And then use the advice of specialists who will help cause jealousy from your former husband.

    There are a lot of ways, you will need to choose exactly what you just do. However, be careful, and do not cease.

    If you and your former have common friends, then it is easier to succeed. Appear on one of the parties you decide to organize with them in a completely different image. Before this change your image to be unrecognizable (in the framework of decency, of course – vulgarity and a mandrel was not helped by anyone). Come in a circle of friends independently and do not pay attention to your former one. Do not wait for everyone to start to disperse, and leave a little early. At the same time, hover the bustle, and still pretend that someone is waiting for you on the street. It is not surprising that your former will run to you after you.

    Do not show your bad mood if you accidentally meet the old husband on the street. Keep confident. Make the view that you do not notice it. You can say hello, at the same time “put on the face of a happy smile. Pretend that you do not suffer, but, on the contrary, there are changes in your life.

    Take advantage of social network services.

    Most likely, your former often looks at your page. Express every day “crazy” photos, where you are depicted with a happy smile in the company of new friends and girlfriends. Go to a professional photo session. Specialist will help you make several portraits where you will look attractive. Almost every day expose your art photos. Do not forget about photos of beautiful bouquets. Surely after viewing this material from your “yesterday’s” husband will break up jealousy. And jealousy and love go near.

    If you meet on the street, and he will try to speak with you, do not get closed in yourself, but start the dialogue. At the same time, behave independently and pretend that you are waiting for an important call. On his question: “someone has appeared?”Answer evasively, but do not say that you have brought yourself a new friend, otherwise you will lose love finally.

    Tips for psychologist

    A woman should understand how to keep her husband and make it so that he was afraid of losing her all the time. Specialist advice will not be superfluous here. Buy yourself beautiful underwear (several sets). Wear it demonstratively in the morning to see her husband. Spin in front of the mirror, as if looking at themselves from the side. Then also stay at work a couple of times. If you and your husband are in a public place, and you make compliments, do not hesitate and do not get. Start openly flirt at your husband. Just keep everything as part of decency, and do it in comic shape. Otherwise the scandal can not be avoided.

    Buy yourself a few new outfits and change the image.

    Make yourself mysteriously, especially when the phone calls. Get out often from the room or talk with a girlfriend on the staircase. Such a game will help call your husband a slight feeling of jealousy. Buy in the shop male cologne. Hide it away at work. Leaving home sprinkle perfume. The new smell will attract the attention of your husband, and you will tell you in response to the idea that you have a new employee at work. He loves so terrible so terrible. Please contact that the entire distribution department is already the aroma.

    Do not be afraid to experiment. In the struggle for happiness, all measures will be good. Smart and beautiful woman is always on top, and it likes to men. From such never and no one will leave. And if you try, it will very regret it.

    How to make a man jealous, look in the video below.

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