Jealous girl: reasons and signs of jealousy, how to behave?

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Jealous girl: reasons and signs of jealousy, how to behave?

When the girl is too jealous, it happens it is very difficult to build with her even and full-fledged relationships. Jealousy interferes with mutual feelings, she provokes quarrels and conflicts, breeds distrust to each other. Before fighting with jealousy, it is worth understanding why the lady is jealous.

Main reasons

Many are confident that if the girl is jealous, it means that it is good. After all, jealousy is a testimony of its sincere and strong feelings in relation to the guy. But sometimes jealousy is too strong, and begins to interfere with the relationship. In addition, some girls are jealous of their soul mate to all in a row: to his girlfriend, sister, mom and t. D. Jealousy of such specials manifests itself constantly and without reason, and they can drive a guy to friends or even to his work. What to do in this case? To begin with, it is worth dealing with the reasons.

Sometimes you understand why the girl is jealous of the guy, it is simply impossible. For explicit signs of female jealousy, anything can hide anything. For example, she may have one reason for jealousy, and thinking about it, she comes up with the second and third, after hesitates herself, and in the end, the guy just wonders, what he guessed before her.

The main reason is that the guy often behaves strange and provocatively. For example, he always flirts with representatives of the opposite sex. These can be distant relatives, acquaintances, colleagues or just outsiders. Of course, such behavior makes the girl feel jealousy, and no matter how she tried to overcome this feeling, still calmly react to such situations.

As for strange behavior, it can be as follows: The guy is overwhelmed with someone with someone, communicates in social networks, and as soon as his girl appears, hides a mobile phone. Such secretive behavior, he definitely provokes his beloved on jealousy. As a result, the girl will be forced in secret from you to view the phone messages and suspiciously treat all your familiar on the Internet.

The following reason for jealousy is to look for in its insecurity. This also happens. If the girl in himself doubts, he considers himself not beautiful enough, constantly thinking that you are worthy of more, then in the end it begins to jealous you to all in a row.

In addition, the girl may well be jealous of you just because you do not pay her enough time. For example, she calls you to work, hears the female votes next to you and your justification that now you are busy. In such a situation, the scandal cannot be avoided. The same jealousy of the girl may experience if you are always answering my mother’s calls, sisters, colleagues, and you always have time for them.

Another common reason takes its roots from the childhood of the girl. That is, she grew in such an atmosphere, where jealousy, distrust, suspicion or even treason was constantly attended. When the girl grows and observes such parental relationships, she unwittingly transfers them to her personal life, because for her it was the norm.

In any case, if the girl is experiencing jealousy, it means that there are reasons for. Many girls are real owners and, starting in relationship, try to create their own cozy little world, in which they do not want to let anyone. Therefore, your usual behavior, communication with other girls is perceived as a personal betrayal.

Faced with jealousy, you need to look for not only the causes, but also the opportunity to explain everything and eliminate them.

What to do?

Before starting to act, the guy must find out for itself the causes. Is the problem really lies only in it, in its improper perception of reality or this is your wine, and you ourselves constantly provoke quarrels?

If the reason is really in you, then it is worth starting with yourself, then the jealousy of your second half will gradually comes up for no, and there is a complete trust between you again.

To change yourself, not it, you need if:

  • You are constantly lingering at work and do not warn that you will be late+
  • You give her little time, and even spend the weekend with friends, colleagues or just communicate in social networks+
  • You never ask her about how her day passed, do not interest her hobbies, work+
  • On the street, in a restaurant or in the store you constantly look at the girls+
  • You never answer her phone calls, messages, and forget to give flowers even for holidays.

Think about if the reason for her jealousy is in this, then you can fix the situation easily.

If you are expensive your relationship, and you want to live together calmly, without scenes of jealousy and scandals, the first thing you need to your girlfriend is attention and care of you. Actually make it much easier than it seems. Start with small. For example, simply answer her phone calls during the day and do not talk irritably with it. If you can not take the phone, then call back later when you have time. Send to her during the day at least one SMS message with the easiest question: “How are you? How is your day?”Whatever trite it sounded, but girls really perceive such little things like care and love from a man.

Try to give her flowers without reason, go somewhere together at the weekend. Speak compliments, especially in the presence of other women. Such an act on your part will allow her not only to feel like her beloved and desirable, but also will help her raise self-esteem. As soon as the girl will feel the care of you, she will find confidence and forget about all fears.

In order for the girl you did not jum you, try to watch only her society and do not look at other representatives of the beautiful floor. Of course, when you are only in the male company of your friends, you can look at other beauties. But it’s not worth doing this in the presence of your second half. Moreover, never praise in her presence of other girls, do not make them compliments and do not admire their abilities. Even if these girls are your sisters or relatives. Such behavior on your part will be incorrectly perceived by your girlfriend, and in the end, jealousy will be born in it. By the way, if your house is often friends, your spouse sisters, then you also need to behave more than restrained, and not give any reason for jealousy.

If your second half is very often and without reason jealous of you, then you should frankly talk to her. There is nothing complicated. On the contrary, the girl will appreciate such an act on your part. After all, causing it to a frank conversation, you demonstrate her your care and concern about her. The conversation must go in a relaxed atmosphere, without scandals and mutual reproaches.

Start a conversation with a simple phrase that will configure it on the right wave: “Dear, I want to understand what happens to you. Let’s talk and understand together in everything “. Hearing such, every girl will understand that she is not sensible for you, what do you think about her, worry and worried about her. During the conversation, you must more often tell her about your feelings to convince her that all doubts and fears should be left behind that you love her and value relationships.

In addition, it is worth starting to devote it to your affairs. Share with her your thoughts, plans, tell about work. Girls love when their second halves are completely trusted when they are advised to them. It is also worth to invite her to the general companies of their friends, to corporate parties so that she can make sure that you are true to her.

Main mistakes

Faced with the jealousy of his second half, many guys make gross mistakes, and thus only aggravate the situation. If you see that the girl is offended by you, that she is jealous, then you should start a calm and frank conversation with her – it will be right. But if you start screaming in response to her reproaches, blaming her that it seems to her or at all, slamming the door, then it will be your mistake. Thanks to this behavior, she is only firmly convinced that there was the right.

Another mistake of most men is that they let the situation on Samotek And sincerely believe in what she calms down and everything will work out. At such moments, men ignore messages, calls, behavior and claims of their second half. Ignore the lover and pretend that everything is fine – this is a mistake to avoid.

More about women’s jealousy, see the following video.

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