Jealous guy: reasons and signs of jealousy how to avoid it?

Jealous guy: reasons and signs of jealousy how to avoid it?

Moderate jealousy in relations is even flattered and perceived, as a demonstration of not indifference and love from the young man. The manifestation of attention is always nice, but sometimes the girl understands that she got too jealous guy. Causes and signs of jealousy, how to avoid it, and to pay attention – you can learn about it from the article.


Excessive jealousy does not benefit relationships. Different factors can lie at suspicion. Most often, low self-assessment becomes. In the depths of the soul, the jealous guy is insecure that worthy to be close to such a good girl, its own complexes cause him a constant feeling of discomfort and uncertainty.

Trying to hide it, the young man can arrange the scene of jealousy. Men with such problems can demonstratively to make attention signs to their lady and literally not to leave it when the couple is in the company of friends, in a restaurant or at a party.

Another common option is the owner syndrome. Such a guy begins to think that the girl belongs to him, and she has no rights and freedoms. He may try to control personal correspondence, trips and meetings with friends, point how to dress with whom to communicate. Such behavior indicates that he does not see the person in the girl and is not able to understand that every person should have the right to choose. From such a guy it is better to stay away, because people with such glances are often inclined to the manual application, if something displays them.

If the guy is jealous too much, in some cases it means that he is just afraid of losing his chosen. The more fear – the more suspicion appears, especially if over time in relationships not everything goes smoothly. The young man may be afraid of a frank conversation about problems, fearing to hear that the girl wants to part with him, so it does not attempt to start a constructive dialogue, but only rushes unreasonable accusations, leaving the flashes of jealousy.

The problem may be in the behavior of the girl itself. If she dresses pretty provocatively, flirting with other men and encourages flirting his fans, it will doubt her intention to build a serious relationship, because everything looks as if she is looking for new acquaintances.

Perhaps the girl and young people differ in the permissions permissible. This may be a consequence of different education, character, looks for life. If the girl is accustomed to spend a lot of time in a male company, then the guy may not be misunderstood. In such a situation, jealousy may arise due to misunderstanding, so it will be necessary to discuss everything together and designate the permissible boundaries.

Some guys are jealous because they are judged. Such is their psychology, they are not shyring to change their chosen, so they are sure that she does the same. These men think that loyalty does not exist, and everything is changed, they simply do not speak about it out loud. Relegate such people extremely difficult. Jealousy may arise due to negative experience in the life of a young man. If he already had unsuccessful relationships in which treason was present from the side of the girl, he may be afraid of repeating this story.

Sometimes suspicion is manifestations of too turbulent fantasy. There are certain scenes in such a person in the head, which overshadow reality, as a result, he may begin to blame the girl in romantic attachment for the better friend or to her past guy, and even at all to the actors who like her. If such a guy survived, it is not easy to convince him. Even worse when a man with a rich fantasy is fond of alcohol – under the action of drunk he will completely cease to objectively evaluate what is happening and can start performing unsightly actions.

How to understand what is jealous?

It is not always noticeable immediately that the guy is jealous. Some male representatives can arrange loud scandals, rushing up charges, but most are accustomed to not show their emotions. This may be the cause of education, because boys often express disapproval on the open manifestation of feelings, so growing, men prefer to keep everything in themselves, so as not to become objects of ridicule. However, emotions do not disappear anywhere, and hidden jealousy torments a young man.

There are some signs that can be understood that a man is jealous, even if he thinks that everything is carefully hiding.

  • Searches evidence. The guy begins to view lists of friends on social networks, study who comments on the records and puts huskies, trying to read a personal correspondence in the phone, constantly wondered who called it. He suspects something and is now trying to find evidence to make sure that.
  • Manipulations. A girl who is already going to go to a meeting with friends, can hear: “And I thought we ware together today,” after which she, of course, will stay at home. Only here is the guy as if nothing had been returning to his affairs, because this phrase was only a pretext, so as not to let the selected one for the meeting.

  • Whims and bad mood. He is constantly unhappy, although in a pair there was no open quarrels and conflicts. A man is offended, does not want to talk or rather rudely replies, but he does not admit that it is worried about him.
  • Permanent persisions. The guy can be interested in a joke, whether the lover’s girl does not have anyone at work, but the repeating questions of such content clearly make it clear that he is jealous.

Even if he denies everything without showing his emotions, on these signs you can find out that jealousy does not give him peace. If you communicate a lot on the Internet, then according to the correspondence, you can also notice that not everything is in order.

As a rule, guys in such a situation are becoming more closed, reluctantly respond to messages or, on the contrary, you ask too many questions about your activity in social networks.

How to avoid jealousy?

To avoid vain accusations and quarrels, first of all, start with yourself and analyze your behavior. You may like attention and accustomed to unconsciously flirt with others, which brings the guy from themselves. This does not mean that you need to urgently assemble into the monastery and stop all contacts with other men, just try to behave more restrained for the experiment. If you like frank outfits, try to pick up a less causing wardrobe, and sexuality is better to demonstrate at home, alone with your loved one.

No need to try to intentionally provoke a man, allegedly in order to check his feelings. Such tips do not work and only cause problems in relations and constant suspicions of the guy.

If you do not see anything in your behavior, what could call jealousy, but he still rushes accusations, no need to try to invent excuses. For him, this can be a sign confirming all suspicions, because if it justifies, it means that there is something to hide. Better in such a situation ignore meticulous questioning and maintaining imperturbability.

Do not forget to take attention to him, say that you love it, make compliments. It likes not only to women, men also want to hear nice words to their address. Praise his skills and skills, let it understand that without him it would be very difficult for you to cope with something so that he felt necessary. Make a compliment to appearance, for example, mark a good physical form if he visits the gym, let it see that you appreciate his efforts. Convince the chosen one that for you he is the best and unique, then he will not have reasons to jealous.

If you delay at work, tell him about it, because his anxiety can be caused not only to jealousy, but also by what he worries and experiences when you do not have a house lately. Tell him about meetings you are planning to go without it, and do not be offended if he decides to call you at this time. Take the phone and calmly talk to him to dispel suspicions, but the disconnected phone can be a reason for a quarrel.

Tell him about the fact that his jealousy and constant suspicions hurt you. Do not blame him and say that he is bad, make an emphasis on your feelings. Feel free to express and admit that you are upset and upset, it hurts you to hear unless accusations, you feel depressed because of such words from a loved one. Any adequate man does not want to force a girl to suffer.

Tips of psychologists

To deal with jealousy and reasons, you need to understand the motives of this phenomenon, so psychologists advise you to try to build a dialogue with a guy and discuss this issue. Many men reluctantly talk about their feelings, so it is important to show delicacy and patience from the girl here. Perhaps the guy will need help to cope with their fears or complexes, which lead to flares of jealousy. Try to convince him that together you can overcome everything, but for this you need to discuss the problems that have arisen, and not close in yourself.

Try to communicate more often, discuss various issues and life situations. It will benefit relationships, will teach the dialogue to build and will help develop confidence, which in a pair plays a very important role. Share with a guy with your thoughts – your openness will help dispel His suspicions. If a young man does not work independently to fight the complexes, invite him to ask for help to a psychologist. The main thing is to make it tactfully to feel your support and care.

Unfortunately, in some cases it will not succeed. The jealousness simply does not want to change, listen to the words and look for some compromises. He is convinced of his right thing and will continue to make you by reproach, whatever you do. In such a situation, nothing remains except to break these relationships. Any girl does not deserve life with pathological jealous, because this situation will turn into solid torment.

If he not only does not want to change, but also satisfies the scandals that reach the hands-written – this is a significant reason to break all the relationship with him immediately. No man has the right to raise his hand on a woman, and if he was able to hit you once, it will be repeated.

That is why it is better to immediately collect suitcases and leave. You can ask for a brother, friend or father’s help, who will be able to interfere and protect against the obsessive attention of the jealous.

On the main causes of jealousy and what to do with it, look in the following video.

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