Pathological jealousy: what it is, what causes and how to get rid of?

Pathological jealousy: what it is, what causes and how to get rid of?

Pathological jealousy goes beyond common psychology and is the subject of studying clinical and judicial psychiatrists. And all because it is a very painful condition, which is dangerous for the rest of the jealousness, and for the people around him. If you do nothing, then she is able to destroy the person, break the life, to cause the tragedy, which will be reported in the criminal chronicle. In this article we will look at how and why paranoid jealousy develops, how to recognize it and overcome.

What it is?

The people are believed that if jealous, it means, loves. But in the case of pathological jealousy, everything is not. A man is jealous of constantly, without reasons and grounds, he is alien to common sense and reasonable arguments. With his jealousy, he assigns himself and brings those surrounding to the extreme point, becomes suspicious, aggressive, unmanageable.

Disease is it? Of course, this is the pathological state of the psyche, which some specialists in the field of judicial and clinical psychiatry refer to nonsense disorders. Almost always, this nonsense is accompanied by paranoid violations – the jealousness not only suspects the soul mate in the treasures, but also confident that he is being attached to food and drinking funds that reduce potency, they want to poison, kill. Some are even sure that the partner changes at night during sleep.

Officially, pathological jealousy refers to the prosecution. Often it is an initial sign of schizophrenia or accompanies psychosis.

Ordinary jealousy is considered to be psychoreaction, which nature has created to preserve the population. In other words, jealous of trying to prevent the transfer of genes to the opponent. Pathological jealousy goes beyond this mechanism, it develops according to its painful laws.

In psychiatry and psychology, pathological jealousy has long been studied. The jealies who erect their experiences and suspicions in the degree of paranoia are found in all nations, the disease does not depend on race, age, social status and level of income, from gender. Often, the violation is accompanied by a concomitant alcohol or drug addiction, but this is not at all a prerequisite.

The pathological form of jealousy is found on average in 2% of the population. These are only diagnosed cases, and how many jealous people never come to a psychiatrist, considering their behavior normal! Statistics are disappointing: 34% of men who killed their wives, as the cause of the act called the infidelity of the second half. Facts, according to investigations, were confirmed only in 30% of such cases, that is, most women died due to the invented partner of infidelity. Among women who killed her husbands, only 15% of criminals referred to the treason. The facts of the infidelity of men in these cases were confirmed identically – 32%.

In the forensic psychiatry, when a person is found in a person, if it has been proven that such jealousy is dangerous to others, the jealous of the journal is entitled to put on forced psychiatric treatment.

The most famous pathological jeques – blue beard, Othello. The disease itself in some psychiatric allowances is called “Othello Syndrome”.


The reasons for which the state of irrational jealousy developed, they deserve special attention, because they appear not just so, not spontaneously. To cravored paranoid psyche disorder, the background arises long before the first manifestation, and knowledge of risk factors will help to avoid mistakes even before the official marriage or partners are concluded to live together under one roof. If you look at the partner more carefully, then the prerequisites can be noticed in advance.

Most often, people with extremely understated self-esteem become pathological jealies. If a person is panicly afraid to stay alone – this is also an alarming “call”. The future jequitance, even in the candidate and bought period, constantly asks and clarifies that he feels a partner to him, since doubts the sincerity of feelings. Men and women with reduced sexual functions (here also applies to total infertility) have very high chances to become paranoid jeques in the future.

Other reasons can be described like this:

  • The presence of severe psychological injury in the past associated with betrayal and treason (talking about partings due to the real infidelity of the partner, after which the person was difficult to recover, needed medical and psychiatric assistance)+
  • The presence of brain injuries, after which there were violations of its functions (epilepsy), as well as post-traumatic and congenital mental deviations: paranoid type schizophrenia, depression+
  • Negative childhood experience (parents refused, upbringing with grandmothers or in an orphanage and t. D.)+
  • alcoholism, drunkenness, even if they were in the past, but cured, and today a person does not use alcohol+
  • Vascular disorders in the brain+
  • Hormonal violations+
  • Sexual dysfunction (frigidity, impotence)+
  • Menopause’s offensive in women.

The future jequinist is usually not confident in its abilities and abilities, it applies to all spheres of life.


If, with usual, in general, normal jealousy, suspicion and experiences from one of the partners begin with certain direct or indirect evidence, that is, the facts, then with irrational jealousy, no reasons for a person are needed. He himself comes up with itself events, facts, rivals or rivals, “cultivates” his sufferings himself, and all the partners’ attempts to explain that it has nothing to do with reality, perceived exclusively as a lie.

Even receiving convincing evidence of the loyalty of the spouse or spouse, the pathological jealousness does not calm down, he sincerely believes in their accuracy, it believes that those who provide such data into collusion with his incorrect partner.

Signs of such a psyche violation are most often manifested at the age after 28 years. According to psychiatrists, there are ages that are the most “dangerous” in terms of the development of symptoms – 30, 35, 37, 42, 48, 50 years old and older. The elderly (after 65-70 years) is jealous even stronger than young, especially for women who are in Clemakse.

For jealous of any age, the predominance of personal over public. He is dealing only to his emotions, many of the events of family life (the successes of children, parents’ problems) pass by him, he does not delve into them. But he can talk for hours about his own sufferings about the allegedly walking partner and his allegedly insidious actions and plans.

Among women

Representatives of the beautiful floor most often the state of delusional paranoid jealousy develops against the background of postpartum depression or against the background of the climax. The development of a serious violation against the background of infertility or certain external changes is not excluded, to fix that does not work (obesity, cosmetic defects of the face and body after injuries, accidents, burns, the acquisition of disability). But other scenarios are possible: the disease was always, from childhood, just manifested later.

Women with pathological jealousy look like superpins. They can not be tired of following their partner, check where and with whom he went, what messages and letters are in the phone or in the mail of her husband who called him. Some establish partner tracking programs may reach the installation of hidden video surveillance cameras in its machine and in the apartment. Total control. A man cannot step on a step without the knowledge of the spouse.

Women in a state of paranoid jealousy often arrange hysterics and scandals with tears and charges, long ago refuse sexual intimacy, the flow of accusations on the husband’s head is poured almost constantly. Women are capable of threats, blackmail, manipulation by children.

In men

Representatives of strong sex The condition of pathological jealousy is usually developing against the background of a large spectrum of reasons, among which not the last place is given low self-esteem, failures in life, sexual dysfunctions. Follow and spy for the partner most jealous people do not want, although there are separate “copies”, which do not happen any means. Characteristic manifestation – outbreaks of unmotivated aggression. A man begins to shout, break out, spread his hands without visible to the reasons, spontaneously and suddenly.

Husband Othello ceases to show gentle feelings to his wife, he falls to bed separately, avoids sexual proximity, cavity, he dies from hugs and kisses, often reproaches the spouse. He seeks to establish control over the circle of communication wives: insists that she does not communicate with friends, colleagues, on time (with an accuracy of a minute) came home from work.

Men often become tyrana: They can engage in hand, limit the freedom of his wife, closing it in the apartment, select the phone. Often such men require detailed financial reports from the spouse for each speech spent. May blackmail to children and even threaten the murder to her and her allegedly lover.

Remember that manifested once, pathological jealousy will manifest itself and again, it is 100% of cases inclined to recur and progress, and quite a rapid pace.

Forms and Stages

Like any other mental illness, jealousy without reason has its stages and form of manifestation. Psychiatrists allocate three stages.

  • First, she is the most imperceptible, hidden. With her, the jealousness also bred delight ideas, at this stage it is still possible to convince arguments, however, for a while.
  • Second: obsessive ideas appear, the arguments are no longer perceived. A desire to control the partner appears, but it still causes shame and embarrassment, gradually jealous of the revision.
  • Third: The person is fully confident that the partner changes him. Aggression appears, a person becomes dangerous.

Forms of illness are classified in the degree and nature of the manifestation of symptoms.

  • Maniacal – Uninstall the jealousness is impossible, he sacred believes in treason partner, aggressive and inadequate. This form is most often the reason for the murder of a partner.
  • Depressive – Jealous leaves, avoids communicating with his spouse or his wife, trying to get angry from the partner at any cost.
  • Spontaneous – the person “explodes” from any careless word or act of a partner, the attacks of jealousy are indentioned as suddenly, as they started.
  • Alcohol – attacks of jealousy occur only in a state of alcohol intoxication. At the same time, it is gradually a person begins to specifically take alcohol, in order to once again “suffer” and torture a partner, since he has the need for these emotions.
  • Paranoid – Form sophisticated and very insidious. A person suffers from paranoia about the treason of a partner, he puts the cunning “traps” and adjusts the situations in which the second half must “pierce”, organize a surveillance.

Each of the forms and stages are dangerous in its own way.

Than dangerous?

Irrational jealousy is dangerous for someone who is jealous, and for whom they are jealous. Become a customer of a psychiatric clinic to the same extent risk both. Among other dangers can be called:

  • The risk of suicide of one of the partners+
  • Beating and disablement of one of the partners+
  • murder+
  • Psychological trauma for children growing in this family.


Cope with such jealousy yourself, by trusting talk, it is impossible. This is a disease, and should be treated by a qualified doctor – psychiatrist. After the history of the history and tests of the tests, the specialist will establish the type and severity of the disorder and will help cure it with medicines, hypnotherapy, NLP, the main thing is that the jealous man agrees to therapy. Practice shows that it makes jealous to make a reception to the doctor – the task is almost impossible.

If a person refuses to treat a disorder, but he is dangerous, a partner can turn to a psychiatrist one, but the question of forced treatment in Russia to solve quite difficult to burearatically.

Is there a way out? Of course have. The victim’s partner can stay nearby and at the same time to behave: not allow situations that annoy the jealousness, do not be late. Psychologists advise not to lie and not justify, it will only aggravate the conflict.

If the behavior of the jealous is aggressive, it is necessary to complete the relationship as soon as possible, limit all contacts, report on the risk of precinct you threatening.

How to get rid of jealousy and how to make relationships happy, look in the following video.

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