Pediophobia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pediophobia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The game of dolls is known to everyone from children’s times. They play both girls and boys. And even some adults, becoming quite independent individuals, continue to get involved in these toys. There are people who collect the most beautiful and old copies.

However, in our society there are such individuals that not only do not like dolls, but they are very afraid of them. Specialists argue that in one form or another suffer from pediophobia.

What it is?

This disease is characterized Fear of various dolls (mannequins, robots) Starting with very expensive porcelain beauties and ending with ordinary pups. Phobia manifests itself with a fleeting look at any thing, imitating a person or other living creature.

Fear of dolls is a mental disorder. Next to him is such a disease that is called Glavethobia. It is expressed in the silence of dolls. People with various psyche disorders seem to ensure that the doll monitors the eyes of human movements.

This alarming state of various individuals is manifested in different ways. Someone does not sharpen attention on this problem at all, someone fears absolutely all dolls, and someone falls into panic, seeing a kind toy “one eye”. While specialists cannot accurately answer the question why this disease occurs.

However, the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud tried to put forward the theory: children perceive the world of dolls as a reality, and perhaps the most impressionable because of any strong shocks begin to experience fear of these objects.

All this is happening because the child is infectious to fly. Because of what he confuses the real world with the world of toys. It seems to him that dolls can come to life when everyone sleeps.

Night is the time to awaken. And at night, as usual, all the most intimate fears are being implemented. So, simple fear develops into a persistent phobia.

Psychologists argue that it is not necessary to choose for children dolls, whose eyes are very similar to human.

The subject for the game should not have a living look. And if you bought fun for your tea, then watch his behavior. If a little man avoids dolls, then he is afraid of her. It will not be able to explain its condition. Therefore, adults must discern some anxiety themselves.

If the fear of the child is noticeable, then it is necessary to eliminate it as follows:

  • Remove the toy from the eye+
  • Do not attend exhibitions of wax figures+
  • Try to be a child away from mannequins in the store.

Remember Children are impressionable. Any child can take a look at the mannequin or an unusual growth doll, his visual perception provokes dissonance in consciousness, and this moment can be the beginning of the development of a serious illness.

In no case cannot be allowed such situations where a child is suddenly scared that a big doll arose before gaze. Especially children and adults frighten clowns in bright outfits with a big mouth, they look like dolls.

Negative experience will lead to the fact that the child will begin to develop phobia.

Next, your baby will inevitably grow up, and she can take a little. All this will happen due to the fact that he will surely appear other interests. And if his life will leak calmly and without any shocks, the phobia will not appear in the future. Nevertheless, adult life is always filled with bright events, among them there may be those who are negative.

For example, a man happened to a terrible grief or he experienced severe soulful suffering. Then the individual can begin neurosis. And this condition almost always awakens in the consciousness of a person who has tormented fears.

They suddenly manifest and break out. Then an individual to protect your condition from deterioration, try to avoid contact with dolls. Thus Adults have a protective barrier.

That is why men and women in adulthood almost do not watch movies, where the plot involves the sudden revival of dolls and their bloodthity towards a person. It should be noted that People with a completely healthy psyche do not need to be carried away by such paintings and especially attracting juvenile children with faster psyche for viewing.

In the subconscious, there may be some moments that will lead to small phobias. And the slightest stress can make them very big.

Basic symptoms

Phobias always arise for various reasons. And absolutely all individuals have such states manifest themselves differently. Some pediophobes are convinced that the creation of a person’s likeness from plastics is not amenable to a normal explanation, and they scares them. This reaction reaction is more like a natural reaction, therefore does not require special correction.

But if a person is very frightened or even exposed to a panic at the sight of dolls or mannequins, and fear is not a quick elimination, then it should be considered a manifestation of mental disorder. A person suffering from a phobia aggravates his emotion by other fear. He begins to be afraid that his heart can break away from strong overloading, and he will perish. Therefore, only one thought about the dolls and the sad experience of the consequences of fear cause panic attack from Pediophoba.

Naturally, when a person is afraid, his body reacts, and then the following symptoms begin to manifest:

  • The patient may have problems with defecation and urination+
  • His tremor of all extremities can begin+
  • The appearance of disorientation and hallucinations is another important feature+
  • Perception of reality may occur+
  • possibly vision disorder and even dizziness+
  • With a strong fear there may be an abyss+
  • Commissioning breathing, heart rate violation, rapid pulse – all this is another manifestation of phobia.

As soon as you notice or your loved one has such symptoms, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate phobias in order not to miss the time.

How to get rid of?

People with a strong character practically do not suffer from phobias. However, they may be subjected to this state due to severe stress or psycho-emotional overload. Naturally, a strong spirit can overcome all his fears. Nevertheless, you need to remember that from obsessive states, and even more so by pediophobia, to get rid of independently impossible. Its only can be suppressed With the help of will.

And if you do it constantly, then probably the accumulation of this fear in the subconscious, and it will return with a new force, as soon as the image of any doll will arise before. And optionally annoying object should be very large as the growth doll, for example. To the one who suppresses emotions, it will be enough to look at a small pups, which will be a push to serious problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to seek help to those experts who have proven themselves from a good side. Specialist will start working with you.

  • First of all, you must admit yourself, What is such a problem – pediophobia. Next should come to awareness of the need to combat the disease.
  • Serious obsessive condition – This is a mental illness, and the psychologist here may not cope. Therefore, with severe cases, it is necessary to seek advice and treatment with a psychiatrist.
  • Hard case implies a long ignoring problem. As a result of such actions, the condition is aggravated, and then drug treatment is required as an additional course to the main rate of psychotherapy. Treatment is carried out with the help of neuroleptics, tranquilizers and antidepressants.
  • Only a doctor can assign treatment pills, so an independent reception is unacceptable.
  • Course of medicinal therapy can last up to 12 months. During this time, the patient will get used to his calm state.

In easior, you will need help a psychologist. Just need to turn to such a specialist, which works with people suffering from phobias.

  • Testing a psychologist conducts in the form of a conversation. It is this way that the problem is detected. Openness of a person will help to identify all veiled aspects of the beginning of phobia. So do not be afraid of anything, do not hide, do not hesitate.
  • As prevention Specialist can recommend light homeopathic remedies. They will help improve the condition.

If you decide to get rid of your fears yourself, then refer to such practices as Relaxation and meditation. Yoga classes, visiting a sauna with a relaxing massage, aromatherapy will help you cope with an obsessive state.

In the next video you can visually familiarize yourself with the symptoms and diagnosis of pediophobia.

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