Sanguine: Characteristics of temperament and suitable professions

Sanguine: Characteristics of temperament and suitable professions

In everyday life, the word “Sanguine” is consumed extremely rare. Meanwhile, people with a sanguine type of temperament are more common than with three other classic types.

For the first time this term appeared long before our summer. The classification of human temperatures was developed by the “Father of Medicine” – an ancient Greek healer, scientist and philosopher Hippocratic. The definition of “Sanguine” comes from the Latin word “Sangvis”, translated by “blood”. The meaning of the word can be translated and as “life force”.

The XVIII century in terms of medical research was distinguished by the fact that the types of human temperament developed by hippocrates were found in a slightly different form – scientific. From this time and at our days in psychology there is a line for studying temperaments.

Congenital properties of an individual in the field of mental activity are called temperament.

Karl Gustav Jung introduced the concept of extroversion and introversion of temperaments determining the dependence of human behavior. In the first case, the reaction is based on momentary impressions. Such people are called extroverts. In the second “driving force” repel from the psychological state of the person himself. Name these people – introverts. Almost all of the Sanguinics refer to extroverts.

Who is that?

Sanguine human temperament gives his nervous system activity. Moving psyche allows you to quickly adapt to any life situations. Such a person copes with stress without any problems, adapts to innovations, makes changes to the rules and conditions, it is not necessary for emotional and psychological loads.

Sanguines are least vulnerable to all sorts of trouble. Psychology studied the main features of the nature of the specimens with such temperament.

These include such distinctive features as:

  • Communicability+
  • Social adaptation+
  • activity+
  • High ability+
  • speed reaction+
  • stress tolerance+
  • optimism+
  • friendliness.

The definition of the Sanguine includes both extremely positive qualities and not painting. So, sensitivity and brightness can be coherent with impermanence and impatience. And this means that Sanguins are irresponsible.

The possessor of the temperament under consideration is an energetic person, ready to assist neighbor. Depression, despondency and idleness – it is not about him. It does not focus on emerging issues, it is optimistic, a cheerful temper, a good sense of humor. As a rule, Sanguins are good speakers. This means that there is no despondency next to them. They raise the mood with a whistle, drive uncertainty, bad mood. Their full speech optimism, pronounced by the well-posed voice, charge the surrounding vigor, forced to refuse a bad mood. Monologists often to such an extent are penetrating that they return to the life of those desperate, convinced the possibility of permission of any problems, curable from any diseases of spiritual and physical. Public speeches – the usual case for the Sanguiniks, where they feel the most comfortable.

A man with a similar temperament is able to “challenge” like the idea. Unfortunately, as quickly, he may lose interest in it, when something still tempting appears. The impermanence plays against the Sanguinik, making it an unreliable partner in any affairs and enterprises.

If someone can boast of non-standard thinking, the lack of stereotypes of the worldview, then it is Sanguine. Only he is able to see something unusual in the usual things, to reveal what no one else notice. Peculiar views make Sanguners interesting for people with other types of temperament.

    Curlance to people and events, to things and political processes are distinguished by individuals with a sanguine temperament. These people to adolescent age will know more peers due to the testing of various classes: visits to circles, sports sections, electives, through travel, reading books and simply seen and heard.

    Decide on the choice of something concrete young Sanguinics not. They want everything immediately, so nowhere are not delayed anywhere, they are attracted by everything new, unknown, including connectors and moving, change activities, new acquaintances and sensations.

    A number of professional psychologists believe the Sanguine temperament most preferable for a person, since it helps to cope with life troubles, it is easy to endure stressful situations, which in everyday life so much.

    Pros and cons

    Any of the types of temperament is non-ideal. Everyone has both positive and negative features.

    Sanguinic life is easily easily without stress, hysterics and other troubles. Congenital optimism and sociability allow you to go out of the “dry out of the water”, to cope with any unforeseen situations, easily tie dating with people. The ability to talk conversation makes Sanguiniks interesting interlocutors. There are always companies around them, jokes and laughter sounds.

    Temperamental individuals are able to combine the team, aiming it to perform the goal. In the team of such people appreciate. Fasciating a certain idea, the Sanguine becomes a real workaholic, trying to succeed as soon as possible. His excitement picks up. If something more attractive is not coming to such a person, he will definitely get the desired. Well, when interest is switched to another object, the residue will turn out to be on the shoulders of the colleagues.

    Sanguins have a lot of friends. Relationships can last for years, and they can quickly end. The Sanguynik does not regret the broken friendship.

    Sanguicious character is distinguished by empathy to problems of other people. Such a person will not leave even a stranger in trouble. He enthusiasm will take part in solving the problems that have emerged, will help the word and case.

    A stupid, friendly and smiling sanguine will not be shut, if something is charged. For him will not be difficult to apologize, ask for forgiveness. At the same time, he is sincere in repentant. Will obey and immediately forget about it. Sanguine will not worry about the upcoming trouble, he lives in that there is today.

    Huge minus is the impermanence of Sanguinics. And it is manifested literally in all spheres of vital activity. From changeability suffer, first of all, close: friends, relatives, those who believed that became the “second half”.

    Sanguine is striving for new knowledge, new atmosphere, new acquaintances. He often changes the place of work, and often. It is striking that new areas of activity are mastered quite and almost without effort. Such a person can deliver a lot of trouble to managers and partners when without significant reasons will decide to quit or sell his share in business.

    Often the words and actions of the Sanguinik are ahead of his mind. Then you have to regret what has been said or about a completely unnecessary thing acquired by the mood.

    It is noticed that the Sanguines are poorly monitored over time. The lateness for them is almost the norm, and the fault is the excessive curiosity, capable of distracting while somewhere a person is waiting, hope for its appearance and support.

    Sanguine temperament people tend to overestimate self-esteem, exposed to “star” disease.


    Inexhaustible positive energy makes a charming woman with a charming person. Success accompanies her professional field. In her family everything is fine, she has faithful friends.

    Activity literally beats through the edge, does not allow sitting in one place. Woman is always in business. And when they are not, it is in the search and very quickly detects interesting classes.

    Description of the character of a Sanguinik girl leads to not too pleasant conclusions. Passionate feature knows the price, like the opposite sex, it is interesting with her, but … men should not fall in love. The girl is guided not mind, but feelings, which leads to a frequent change of partners.

    Dreamy woman always tries to turn his ideas into reality. Once deciding to win the male heart or climb up the career ladder, it begins to actively act. Most often good luck to her accompany. Rare misses do not cause much harm. Such a trait of character, as optimism, is inherent, first of all, it is Sanguine. She protects his carrier from experiences and depressions.

    Without work, the lady of the Sanguine temperament do not remain for a long time. There is always an interesting option. In women with enormous potential, talents are opened if necessary. New professions on them on the shoulder, the main thing is that creative grain present in them.

    Men with a similar temperament are also not indifferent to the opposite sex. Women attracts in them not exterior beauty, but natural charm, internal force, unique charisma. It is not surprising that among people temperamental a lot of bachelors. A rare woman is able to not notice the treason of a partner, to put up with excessive attention rendered by her partner, with the invarriages of beautiful girls.

    Savior Sanguin is ready to conquer all attractive girls. When reacing the goal, he loses interest in the lover and switches to a new “sacrifice”. To marry such a man can only with that special that will not be boring. The lady of the heart should be easy to rise, cheerful, interesting and mysterious. The right choice will ensure consent to the family, the complete absence of scandals and scenes of jealousy.

    Male Sanguchik inherent such features as kindness, hard work, thirst for novelty. As for the work, the choice falls on areas of activity that includes frequent connectors, new acquaintances, permit extraordinary problems.

    Extravert is characterized by activity, his behavior is largely depends on the world around, that is, from what is going outside. The overwhelming majority of Sanguines are extroverts, which is natural.

    Sanguines introverts are rarely found. A similar personality in actions and actions is guided by its internal concepts and preferences. The introverts are used to thinking, and only then act, they are beautiful listeners, although they can pronounce beautiful speeches. In Sanguiniki-introverts, cheerfulness is intertwined with the beauty of the inner world. These are amazing people. Have such a friend – big luck.

    Difference from other temperament types

    Unlike Sanguinik, phlegmatic is always balanced and even inert. In people with a similar type of temperament, the nerve processes are actively proceeded, but, despite this, they are never very excited. Acute situations smoothed at the expense of the braking process.

    Phlegmatics do not make actions spontaneously. Each action is thought out, verified up to the smallest details. But you should not confuse calm with slowness. Lubility – positive trait. It will save from a rush, significantly helps in work. The assigned tasks are performed very carefully and with perfect accuracy.

    The inner world of phlegmatics is covered by others. He is always calm, emotions are not reflected on the face, although inside can be a real hurricane. Typical phlegmatic skid on feelings. With people such individuals agree with difficulty, but they are not inclined to the rapid clarification of relations and the scandals in principle. Phlegmatics, like Sanguins, easily adapt to the prevailing living conditions, but unlike the latter they do not want to change them, that is, they are conservative.

    Excessive restraint often becomes a reason for claims from loved ones, including spouses, parents and children, unreasonably believes that they do not like them and do not appreciate. Phlegmatic is an antipode of the Sanguinik.

    Cholerics, like Sanguins, belong to extroverts. This type of temperament is distinguished by such features as passionism, infusion, impassableness. Emotional outbreaks are quite quickly depleted, nervous processes are devoid of equilibrium. Unlike the Sanguinik, cholecical types of personality, littering by enthusiasm, will soon refuse him. They have a force, but they are wasted wasted, they do not target the result.

    Cholerics are easily excited. In order to calm them, you will have to work hard. People of this type of nonsense. Holding for work, they often do not bring it to the end due to lack of excerpt and patience. The fact that a choleric does not like, he makes “Sleeves,” the result is a deplorable. Painstaking work, where attention is required and a lot of time, generally contraindicated cholericians. They are able to manage the process, but not to fulfill it.

    But in one choleric, similar to Sanguines, for example, both types like to be the center of attention, both want to have listeners, both are ready to help need help. But the first pronounced need for recognition, he likes praise and even flattery. The second takes part in eliminating the troubles of the neighbor only on the call of the heart, without the “rear” thoughts on the recognition of merit. Often cholerics resort to scandals, trying to establish their superiority in this way.

    Holerik often changes the mood, not everyone is able to get used to it. It is difficult to be friends with a special cholecan type that does not know how to listen to the interlocutor. In addition, she is not able to perceive criticism.

    The exact opposite of choleric is melancholic. His character is weak and unbalanced. Long loads, both physical and emotional, not for him. He is always afraid of deception, a trick, suspicious to others and inseparal.

    Melancholics do not require recognition and communication. They are comfortable when no one touches them, nothing requires anything from them, does not teach and does not force. In stressful situations, melancholic looks literally paralyzed. He himself never starts not only quarrels, but also an ordinary dispute. If somewhere is brewing the situation when different opinions are expressed, Melancholik will try to remove before it comes to voice his own position on the subject.

    Any mistakes such a person perceives very acutely for a long time, it is capable of falling into depression. In a state of fear, it is able to make strange and non-logic actions.

    Melancholics are not executives. But the performers are canceled. And all because of the fear get into disrespect, hear negative feedback about yourself and your work. Therefore, all tasks are made extremely clearly with great responsibility and dedication.

    What professions are suitable?

    Human work is of great importance in his life, and not only in terms of finance. Unloved work, not brings satisfaction. Professional activities that allow the employee to assert themselves, move along a career ladder, to realize its own significance gives a lot of positive emotions, has a beneficial effect on his mental and physical condition.

    From the recommendation of scientists it follows that when choosing a profession should be guided by the character of a person and the type of its temperament.

    The main qualities of Sanguinikov:

    • stress tolerance+
    • The ability to quickly switch from one object to another+
    • Rapid fulfillment of tasks+
    • leadership skills+
    • invisibility for routine work.

    From Sanguinikov will not work conveyor assembly, weaver, spinners, seamstresses. The restless type of temperament will not allow a person for a long time to remain an accountant, archivist or clerk. Routine work can only be temporary.

    The most suitable for Sanguins are professions based on creativity and at the same time associated with constant human communication.

    The fully potential of the Sanguine will be revealed in senior positions requiring orientation in different areas of corporate activities. Of these, excellent lawyers, teachers, educators of preschool institutions, recruitment specialists.

    The best psychologists are Sanguini, who have the gift of instant adaptation to any situations, ready to delve into the problems of near and find out of them.

      The reaction rate brings success on the journalistic field, as administrators and managers. Oratoric skills make Sanguners with good trading professionals. Eloquence promotes the implementation of any goods on the most favorable terms.

      In its place, the Sanguinik will feel himself in such creative professions as the director, the organizer of the celebrations, the sewing master.

      In any case, the selected profession should like, otherwise the change of activity is inevitable.

      How to become a Sanguine?

      Perhaps someone wishes to become a sanguine. Agree, it’s great to like others, never lose heart, control your own emotions, to be a soul company. But not all the qualities of the Sanguines are positive. For example, impermanence brings many troubles around. And yet, if the desire to change itself appeared, you need to carefully examine your temperament, determine what requires development, and from what it is worth refuse forever.

      In nature, there are no “clean” sanguits or melancholics, cholerics or phlegmatics. Most often in the character of a person there is a mix of four temperament types. Just some damn more, and some less.

      If you wish to buy eloquence – go to rhetoric or spectal skills. Dream to expand the horizons – read more and travel. Want to send life to a new track – consult an experienced psychologist for help.

      Often you can meet the statement that we are able to achieve any success, the main thing, regularly work. Usually after such ads follows a sentence of learning for wonderful trouble-free tested techniques. Do not hurry with shopping and recording for seminars, do not waste money.

      It should be remembered that temperament is a type of mental system. Nature itself determines: who can be accommodated, and who is resistant to any stress. Change the rate of leakage of mental processes is impossible.

      On the basis of congenital psyche develop certain traits. Education and environment are able to influence the emergence of certain characteristics. However, the temperament affects the formation of some features easily and quickly, and others with difficulty for a long time.

      Conclusion: You can change the character if you work hard. The question is whether it is worth doing. After all, each type of temperament has its positive parties. Maybe it will be easier to develop these good qualities to ideal.

      Famous personalities

      Sanguitinic cohort includes famous people engaged in various activities. To them, for example, include Great Composers:

      • Antonio Vivaldi+
      • Joakkino Rossini+
      • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart+
      • Sergey Prokofiev.

      An example of the great performance of steel world famous writers:

      • Pierre Auguste Karon de Bearansche+
      • Mark Twain+
      • Honore de Balzac+
      • Mikhail Lermontov.

      Sanguines were:

      • leader of the world proletariat in. AND. Lenin+
      • The first woman in history, who twice became the Nobel Prize laureate – Maria Klodovskaya-Curie+
      • Roman emperor Mark Arellium+
      • 32th US President Franklin Roosevelt+
      • Napoleon Bonaparte.

      Now live by representatives of the cheerful temperament 42nd US President Bill Clinton, as well as a star of football Argentine Lionel Messi.

      Characteristics of Sanguinic Character Watch in Video Below.

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