Sanguine Phlegmatic – features of mixed temperament

Sanguine Phlegmatic - features of mixed temperament

Temperament is a combination of the characteristics of each of us. We are all individuals with their positive and negative parties, which creates a part of which is temperament. It has a direct impact on the life of a person who cannot live without communicating with himself like. Temperament, in turn, dictates to one degree or another, the behavior of a particular person who needs to take into account personal characteristics for successful communication and who he communicates with now.

What types of temperament are?

Select four main types of temperament in people: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic.

This division first produced in the II century Ancient Roman Medic, surgeon and philosopher Claudius Galen, making a huge contribution to anatomy and psychology. We will analyze each temperament and give a detailed characteristic.

– Choleric

These people like their behavior like a volcano. Cholerics can often be hot-tempered and irritated. It is quite difficult for them to control their emotions, because in any, even the very small occasion they can explode. They usually they are very initiative and energetic people, with a huge zeal that acting any work, but only the one that will be soul. Because the routine and monotonous work quickly tires them, as a result of which they lose to her at least any interest and become unproductive. It is worth noting that cholerics have a tendency to not bring the tasks to the end. It may hardly interfere with them in building a career on “office work”, but they can show themselves perfectly in creative professions – such as artists, musicians and t. D.

– Sanguine

This type of personality is characterized by a balanced nervous system. Such people love to come into contact with others, easily know how to adapt to new environmental conditions. Often, companies are in the center of universal attention, such is called the “soul of the company”. Different with expressive facial expressions and pantomimics. Sanguines, as well as cholerics are emotionally, but their feelings are not so deep and quickly pass.

Moreover, Sanguins are permanently in a good mood. Their distinctive feature from choleric is greater self-control and patience. Very productive at work, but the most significant successes from them can be achieved when the process itself fascinates. Since they are more impatient and inattentive, only the work liked the work deprives them of these shortcomings.

– phlegmatic

This type is the most balanced of all. Such a person is very difficult to pour out or blast, and if it happened, they quickly calm down and come to themselves. Phlegmatics almost do not respond to psycho-emotional shocks, they cannot sincerely rejoice or empathize. Have low self-esteem and often underestimate their own achievements in the face of others. People with phlegmatic temperament is just a discovery for the employer, as they are able to perform a large amount of work, recycle a huge amount of information in the shortest possible time. And even if they won’t like what they do, they will prefer to be quietly transferred in themselves without showing the surrounding or indignation. Despite the striking performance, it is difficult for them to find contacts with other people, while having the ability to take place with all other temperament species.

– Melancholic

These are precisely those people with whom it is difficult to find a common language, and in general to communicate. Melancholic, unlike phlegmatics, very wounded. They are characterized by quiet speech, timidity, inhibition of movements, hyperbolization. Also, probably, the biggest lack of melancholics is a tendency to suicidal thoughts and actions. There are cases when Melancholics, without citing difficulties, ended the life of suicide. So people are difficult to go through the career stairs. Since any stress, whether it is a remark of the director or the strength of the workflow, can be strongly pressed on a sensitive person and bring it to a nervous breakdown.

Mixed Temperament Sanguine Phlegmatic

We disassembled four main types of temperaments. Now it’s time to talk about the fact that the so-called “clean” species does not happen. There are so-called mixed species. But now we will consider only one of them. Sanguinik-phlegmatic is probably one of the most common temperaments. His main feature is the perfect balance of focus and emotionality. Sangvo-phlegmatic traits are sociability, positivity. Such a person can overcome any difficulties without too much effort. Often, such people have many friends, but they are capable of cooling the priorities and are not inclined to diffraction. Such people love the bosses and appreciate the team.

If we are talking about the Sanguinic Union and Phlegmatics, then everything is ambiguous here. In such a tandem, there is little mutual understanding, but mutual assistance at the highest level. Such a couple can cooperate well in any field of activity. Since the eternal activity and sagging of the Sanguinik is compensated by focusing and hardworking phlegmatics.

They simultaneously complement each other, coming to high results. Problems may arise at no effort due to dissolve interests because the Sanguins often are interested in active pastime. It can be different sports such as football, boxing or snowboarding. And phlegptics will prefer reading books, drawing, playing musical instruments with all extreme sports.

Does the temperament affect the success in life?

Yes, it affects our life. The speed of our reaction, behavior in one way or another depends on it. Temperament dictates the behavior that we adhere to life. On all our solutions, it has a direct impact. It can both positively and negatively affect us. There are some cases when people lost work due to hot-tempered nature or, on the contrary, due to excessive vision and closetness.

But this influence can be reduced and made it minor. For example, if you are very emotional choleric, try to look at yourself from the outside, imagine how your frequent “explosions” can offend people, you can also try to drink a course of soothing. If you are melancholic and it prevents you from living, then more often trying to go outside, enjoy the nature and company of other people. Remember, success completely depends on you!

About what are the types of temperament, look in the following video.

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