Skopid: What does this mean and how to treat?

Skopid: What does this mean and how to treat?

The obsession with the storage of various things for the purpose of accumulation of reserves refers to a mental obsessive-compulsive disorder. To cure the patient, it is necessary to deal with the causes of the skopidomism.


Unlike a leaning person who has a sense of self-preservation due to forced lack of money, Skopid keeps dilapidated, sometimes completely unsuitable things. Scooter reluctantly parted with all the subjects. They litter his apartment. Garden prefers to walk in the old.

For the sake of saving several kopecks, the souls are ready to go to the other end of the city with the purpose of buying almost overdue products. Accustomed to save on any trifles, they will take care of every penny, while Skopidomas may have solid cash deposits in the bank.

Such people run on the heels for their home from the room in the bathroom or another room to turn off light or water crane.

Some can complain about chronic lack of, Although they really have no financial problems. Most often, over time, people prone to accumulation change in nature not for the better: perseverance is reborn into stubbornness, caution – suspicious, thrift – in the nominity.


The following reasons can contribute to the development of scopidomism:

  • Adverse heredity, predisposition to anxious or obsessive-compulsive disorder sometimes manifests itself in descendants in the form of anomalous storage+
  • Card-brain injury or transferred encephalitis are able to damage neurons responsible for decision making+
  • Psychotracting situation related to the departure from the life of a loved one, a close relative, a severe disease of the second half or its own disease+
  • severe financial situation in the past produces some habit to consider every penny+
  • Ordinary habit to postpone money “on a black day”+
  • Total shortage of products and things in Soviet times could put in the subconscious of the person the fear of the disappearance of goods from the shelves of trading points overnight+
  • Elder dementia is also often the cause of exorbitant greed, anomalous inclination to pathological accumulation+
  • Personal features of socially non-adapted people and individuals inclined to excessive leaning, calculating and stamping + with constant cultivation of these character traits such people may well replenish the ranks of Skopidomes+
  • The perception of a purchased property with property and reluctance to part with it more, as she in the eyes of the souls acquires a special value.

Symptoms and diagnostics

Scooters do not always turn out to be poor. Most often such people have a good income, but money does not invest and do not implement. They prefer to strain them and save at any cost accumulated earlier property. These actions become profiling in behavior. Subsequently, the following symptoms appear:

  • irritability+
  • Hot temper+
  • aggression+
  • Emotional instability.

People of old age suffering from the scopeidism due to senile dementia, the following clinical manifestations are peculiar:

  • slope, indifferent attitude to its appearance+
  • Inspectorate, invisibility+
  • Social degradation+
  • Loss of realistic installations+
  • apathy+
  • No shame+
  • disorder in residential room.

Contact Such patients are reluctant.

Psychiatrist diagnoses diogen syndrome and senile dementia by usual inspection.

The sign of pathological storage is the preservation of old things, which are unlikely to be useful in the future, as well as their dumping in a common bunch without parsing and sorting. Man suffering from mania of leaning, usually regrets money for food. It is not bent overdue products covered with mold. Skopid does not like to contact the doctors and will be missed for the purchase of drugs.

How to treat?

Skopidomism – a serious mental disorder requiring the intervention of a qualified specialist. Treatment often prevents the misunderstanding of his problem by a person who suffers from a leaning mania. In difficult cases, assistance is provided in stationary conditions. With an outpatient treatment, the psychotherapist can apply Cognitive behavioral therapy.

She teaches the patient to control his thoughts and emotions. Having a launched form of the disease doctor prescribes medicines.

It can be antidepressants, neuroleptics, vascular drugs. Drugs apply strictly to the appointment of a specialist and under his supervision. Short courses of medication techniques improve overall well-being, but completely from phobia do not save.

After pharmacological treatment, patients acquire calm. They become able to come to contact. Further find an individual approach to them and try to negotiate.

If relatives or acquaintances suffer from storage syndrome, you need to take the following actions.

  • It should be convinced by the eye in that, that old objects have a property of accumulating a lot of dust and wind. There may be too many bacteria and parasites dangerous to human health.
  • Need to persuade Skopidomes get rid of old magazines, Old clothes and other garbage. You can refer to the beliefs of the Chinese that Chalms contains many negative energy in itself, which prevents the penetration of positive energy flows into the house. In addition, if the thing was not used for three years, then it is not needed.
  • With an unsuccessful attempt to enable the patient You need to slowly throw things out, but so that the whip himself does not notice their decrease, otherwise their replacement will occur at an incredible speed.
  • Should assure a greedy man, that no sense in total savings. You need to update your things more often, periodically please yourself with gifts. From this he will definitely not impoverish, but the feeling of joy and satisfaction will be 100%.
  • Excessive stiffness often ends pony. It is necessary to inspire a sick person that the journey of things bears a big danger to human life when a fire occurs. Due to the blocked approach to the home, the fire service and ambulance will not be able to penetrate the house or the apartment and save people, as well as their pets.

Assistance to whining is to return a person from a past life and immerse him to the present – awareness of the values ​​of its own being and the search for its place in the real world.

About who is such a Skopid and what it is dangerous, look next.

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