Skopophobia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Skopophobia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Many people buy beautiful things, care about stylish make-up, notable accessories in their image with the sole purpose – to be attractive to others. At the same time, there are people who will never stand out from gray mass, as they are panicly afraid that they will be examined. Such a fear is called Skopophobia.

What it is?

Skopophobia (SquapPobia) – irregular panic fear in front of steady strange glances. Do not confuse this mental disorder with Gelotophobia – fear of possible ridicule, although the scuffoffs are partially characteristic of the fear of ridicule. But only partially.

Skopophobia is directly related to a group of social phobias (code 40.1 in μb-10) because it is closely related to the interaction of a person with himself.

Skopophobia is considered a complex and heavy disorder of the psyche, after all, except for fear, the symbol is experiencing several more strong negative emotions – the feeling of guilt, shame.

It is difficult to say when mankind first learned about the scopeophobia, researchers suggest that this ancient fear that was peculiar to some representatives of the human race still at the dawn of civilization. It is believed that the “starting point” was the very first human shame. As soon as people have learned to experience this social feeling, there were separate individuals who were ashamed and shy more than others.

The term itself, denoting the name of this disorder, was first formulated by psychiatrists at the beginning of the last century. For a long time, experts could not accurately describe the distinctive signs of this disorder from others, but gradually became known to the average portrait of Skopofoba: This is a person who is extremely confident, he does not look at others in his eyes, he fears that someone can look at him closely. He fears to be ridiculous, humiliated, and therefore other people’s glances cause him a desire to escape and hide, find a safe space in which no one can see him. For such basic manifestations, popularophobia is often called social neurosis.

Why arises?

Specialists tend to believe that the most likely prerequisites for the development of this phobia are laid in childhood. As soon as the child begins to socialize – goes to the kindergarten or begins to study at school, he invariably faces the fact that he is “celebrated by clothes”, each of us in different moments of life is invariably visually assessed by others. If a child has a strong nervous system and normal self-esteem, it easily copes with the involuntary embarrassment and awkwardness that may arise under the evaluating views of the foreign.

But the confused children, for whom the opinion of others is very important, can easily get into the “trap” – one or two comments on the side of the teacher, teacher or peers, especially if they are public, it is enough for the child to experience the present Shock, worried.

If ridicule from the peers is repeated periodically, the complex of inferiority is developing, which is very fertile soil for the development and scopotophobia, and a number of numerous and varied mental illnesses.

Sometimes scorpobia startsAfter an unsuccessful public speech (the child forgot the words of speech, failed to present his project on an important conference or an Olympiad for him). In this case, the fear of unauthorized views is developing faster, and very soon a person even beyond situations when he needs to speak to someone begins to experience anxious due to a possible negative assessment of the public of appearance, actions, behavior.

A considerable contribution to the development of scopotophobia, in the opinion of psychiatrists, also contributes to parents. If the family prevails a comparative and evaluation type of education, when adults constantly compare their child, his actions, achievements, abilities with a neighboring veneer or son girlfriend, the likelihood of mental disorder increases significantly.

Moms and Pope, of course, want as better, believing that the comparison of their son-triple with a neighboring boy must stimulate his native child to achieve and achieve success in studying. But in practice it does not work. And if it works, then with probable capacities in the form of mental disorders.

Too demanding attitude of parents to the child – also the likely cause of scopotobia.

Tasks that adults can be placed in front of the tea, often turn out to be unbearable, and the requirement that the son or daughter is successful in everything they do, it can easily turn into severe consequences for mental health.

If at the same time adults subjected the inevitable failures of the child with tough criticism, the probability of disorder is even higher. The child closes, tries to close from the parents, and therefore from society as a whole, since it involuntarily projects maternal and fatherly criticism in relation to their person on all people around.

But this does not mean that the Skopophobia does not suffer from love and adults. Hypertension children who are accustomed to being the main, loved ones, central family figures, grow without useful skill confrontation problems, They do not know how to make responsible decisions, they are waiting for action from others. And over such children most often laugh in the team of peers (“Mamyenkin Son”, “Painka daughter”). Under the rift, the child can “break”.

Adult scope fillets try to keep a mansion, they are very modest, even painfully modest. In their appearance, clothing everything is thought out to the smallest detail, they are incredibly neat, followed by themselves, and this tremendous control and constant thoughts about how they look, exhaust them. They avoid crowds, big teams, new acquaintances. It is difficult for them to build a personal life, create a family, communicate with colleagues.

The occurrence of scopeophobia at any age can be due to the presence of epilepsy, turret syndrome.

Epileptic-mattowns are experiencing attacks of the main disease in public places, for example, in the mall. And suffering Touretta syndrome, worrying that they are considered, begin to suffer from a sharp exacerbation of Mimic Tikov, stuttering exactly when they look at others.

Symptoms and signs

Once in the “dangerous” situation, the scoptophobe blues or pale, he often beats the heart, the blood pressure rises, they begin to tremble hands, voice breaks down. A person may experience the attacks of nausea, may lose consciousness. To eliminate such situations, people with this phobia try to avoid the circumstances and situations in which their uncontrollable fear that they cannot do nothing at the conscious level with.

Skopofob never agrees to speak in front of the audience, even if he is a successful scientist, innovator, a brilliant writer.

Work he will choose not the one to which he has talents and sympathy, and the one in which it will not be necessary to contact unfamiliar people. Skopophobes are peculiar to constant alarming state, hypertrophied sense of guilt. They are checked many times done by them to eliminate errors, they are almost always confident that they cope with the worst things that do not have such abilities like the rest.

Critically mattable understand that their fear has no reason and still shame him and blame themselves that they cannot cope with phobic manifestations. It only aggravates their already unenviable position.

Often as popularity is speculated for others, dramatize. Having visited the doctor or having been in the mail, they think long, whether everything was correctly told, everyone did it, they looked well that these completely outsiders could think about them – Doctor and Postman. Skopophobes are deprived of sleep and lose appetite if someone, even random passer-by, disapprovingly or evaluatingly will look in their direction or release incorrect remark.

People with such phobic disorder are very difficult to focus, concentrate on something, their thoughts are almost constantly engaged in the analysis of their own “flights”, experiences. If the actions require their fulfillment to someone, then a person may not fulfill its task from excitement (for example, a librarian-scopeophobe feels perfectly alone, conducting an inventory of the book fund, but loses control over himself as soon as the visitor requests books or issue them).


Do not underestimate scopeophobia. She herself does not pass, get rid of it by folk remedies and it is also impossible on its own. Treatment should be practiced psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

A visit to the psychologist will not give anything. Mental disorder needs medical evaluation. Psychotherapy is considered an effective method – mainly rational and cognitive-behavioral.

But at the same time more often than in the case of other phobias, it is recommended to receive medicines. To remove neurotic manifestations, anxiety can recommend antidepressants, in severe cases – tranquilizers.

Often the treatment starts precisely from the medication part and only then the systematicly transfers to psychotherapy. The task of the doctor – to teach the patient to look at the traumatic situations with a different look, from a new position, as a result of the patient changes its attitude towards previous settings, the value of public opinion decreases, and at the same time the fear of being not so different.

No less positive results and Gestalt therapy, In which the doctor determines the causes and works with a sense of shame and guilt.

On the way to recovery is important support for loved ones. At first, it is desirable that the relatives accompany the scopeophobes in transport, store, on the street.

It is also recommended to master yoga and relaxation methods. Course of treatment may take several months.

The next video will tell about phobias and fears that are almost every person.

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