Who according to statistics changes more often: men or women?

Who according to statistics changes more often: men or women?

In society, men’s treason are more often discussed, make their details, exhibit a man with a real hero, while women’s treason is not the most popular topic for discussion. A woman who has changed her husband is condemned by society, and these facts themselves are infrequently becoming popular. And therefore the question arises – who changes partners more often: men or women?

What women are most often changed?

Do not think that the models are mostly men. Women also do not remain in debt. Daily Telegraph experts came to this conclusion, which denied all the facts of statistics. They published their own data obtained by a large-scale anonymous compassion. Their results showed that 2 out of 5 women at least once changed their husbands or chosenses, whereas only 3 out of 10 men were solved on Ajulter.

About half of women who were confirmed on the terms of anonymity, reported that it happened at a party, in the club. A quarter admitted that they had (have) a novel with a colleague at work, a third admitted that the signs of attention from foreign men lead them to inspired and playful mood, and 10% of the wrong wives stated that these were their vital principle, which is that life is not worth spending on monogamy.

Earlier it was believed that self-sufficient women, working and wealthy. But the latest data of sociologists suggest that Women’s treason does not know such a thing as security or social status – housewives change no less often than business woman. Up to 90% of the changers admitted that sex on the side helps them get rid of negative emotional overvoltage.

What women are prone to betrayal to her husband.


The lady, married, had its ideas about a man, built their expectations and illusions. Family life has put everything in its place, and the husband turned out to be by no means so prince, as it seemed in the registry office. A woman who considers himself deceived, subconsciously ready to replace partner. At the same time, it does not always seek to destroy the marriage, because the husband can be very comfortable and comfortable for living partner.

Foresting and tired

If the feelings for the spouse are lost, and the courage to break the relationship is missing or there are other reasons to remain married, the need for tenderness, love experiences, the disclosure of their sexuality is still saved. In this case, the Adulter often becomes salvation for a female psyche, and often everything ends with a stormy novel on the side and the collapse of an existing marriage.


Especially if their level of education is higher than the formation of their partner. Sooner or later, the split is planned in such a pair – it becomes nothing to talk about. A woman seeks a personal growth, and her less educated partner only laughs above her, does not approve of her aspirations. Lover who will support personal growth and development becomes not so much a sexual partner as a real friend. Sex to such an adulter is attached in secondary grounds.


A woman who has no time has been painted every hour has more time to dating (including on the Internet), for flirting on the side.

Under the age of 25 and after 40 years

The first are still too frivolous, the second is already wise enough and took little from each of the previous items – formed, disappointed, missed the routine, and in moderation tired.

Having free morals

This, as a rule, women who have seen how mother changes partners who are justifying girlfriends who are easily addicted and change men, as well as women who had a rich sexual experience before marriage.

Women go on treason usually not even for sex. They want to be desirable, loved ones, want them to admire, not getting it in the family. They want strap and passionate feelings, rich emotional experience, understanding, communicating, want to catch every word, appreciated them.

If a man in the family can not or does not want to notice this, that is, the high probability that he will be a deceived husband.

What men are not true?

Men by nature polygamines. Therefore, it is not necessary to demand a man to dream and dreamed of revealing. However, there is not only a natural desire to have a lot of ladies, but also upbringing, religion, principles, personal traits. And it is they who are a deterrent. Psychologists allocate several major types of men who have the effect of external factors not so much, and therefore they are most often treated.

Male child

Externally, a man as a man, but in the soul he remains an eternal child, at best, a teenager. He is fond of games, not to devote his free time to friends, he often deals with extreme sports and his wife is rather respectful attitude – as to mom. The more wife, taking into account the infantality of the spouse, puts the prohibitions, the more this thirty-year-old or a forty-year-old “teenager” rebuilt and do not mind to find a girlfriend on the interests on the side. But such men are not hurry to break the marriage.

Older beauties

This category includes men in 40 years, which married pretty early and did not have time to experience all the charms of life before marriage. By 40 years comes an understanding that if not now, it is already unlikely to ever. They sincerely believe that the wife is no longer going anywhere, and therefore the light flirt on the side will quite admit. Wife in secrets does not dedicated – protects her and her nerves.

Seeker of adventures

Such a man has only one real passion – the passion of adventures. He does not know how to live calmly and measured, it will definitely need to find an adventure and tickle nerves. His motto – “No day without adrenaline!”. He can be a good husband, but family life is rapidly annoying, it becomes fresh for him. Treason is needed to him as a medicine from boredom. With all this, he does not seek easy ways and often makes very risky novels – for example, with his friend’s girlfriend or his friend’s wife, so that it is more dangerous and more exciting.

Self-sufficient and narcissist

Such men are starting his wife in order to officially show everything – he owner, winner, but he does not depend on his spouse. Moreover, she is his property, and therefore such men with new victories on the love front do not hide it from friends and not even too much disguised before the legitimate wife. They basically do not see anything bad in their behavior. But the treason from the spouses will never accept and do not fail.


Usually, the marriage of such a man has long existed only by habit or coincidence. Passion and love no, wife is not welcome. But the divorce is harmony, and sometimes it is unprofitable both for him and for his wife. Therefore, people live, but call it the family is very difficult. Sadness of gray everydays such a man asks an adulter. The man may not even have one mistress, he does not feel guilty before his wife, and therefore it does not mask, the wife knows many things, but prefers to be silent.

Doubting loser

Such men suffer doubts. Wife is good, but suddenly there are women better on the side? He checks, she moves, but he is too cowardly to declare it as his right, and therefore lies and twisted. In the shower it is shifting that the wife will one day will not stand and leave herself.

Victim of manipulations

Such men are usually married to very authoritarian and powerful women who even sex manage to make a tool for managing his spouse – it still needs to be earned. Treason for them only to satisfy your sexual desires, relaxation. They usually do not leave the family.

Statistics of married change

The statistics of infernarity in Russia are rather curious, and it can interest both representatives of strong sex and beautiful ladies:

  • About 62% of men who change wives prefer to meet on the side with married women, only 10% of men who are married, risk a relationship with lonely girls+
  • Women’s treason is more constant – up to 45% of ladies in marriage have a permanent lover and are not inclined to change it to another, and only 19% of men-makers can boast the same constancy+
  • up to 75% of men and up to 24% of women are changing systematically to their wives and husbands or at least once changed them+
  • Dissatisfaction with sexual life is the cause of divorce in 9% of men and 13% of women+
  • Desire to experience new sharp feelings inherent 14% of men and 7% of women+
  • True new love – 7% of men and more than 25% of women+

  • Increased self-esteem, desire to asserted – 14% of men and only 4% of women+
  • Long separation, forced separate accommodation becomes the reason for the infidelity of 12% of men and 8% of women+
  • from boredom and routine in new relationship “run” 3% of men and 7% of women+
  • Random treason is obtained (under the action of alcohol, at a party, corporate party and t. D.) 14% of men and 7% of women+
  • Treason in retaliation with an incorrect partner – mostly female reaction: this is so incubated 11% of women and only 0.5% of men+
  • Most often change with colleagues at work 30% of men and almost the same women+
  • The resort is changed more often women – 34% of the alters answered, while as soon as 19% of men allowed themselves an aduilter on vacation+
  • with neighbors and family close to family changes up to 10% of women and about 5% of men.

To supplement the picture, it is worth noting that the most often treason happens in the house of one of lovers. About a third of lovers prefer to ride a cottage or stay in common acquaintances. Just 10% remove the apartment or hotel room.

Who is more capable of treason: girls or guys?

If you rely on statistics, then men change more often, but girls do not remain aside. Capable of treason all, because the circumstances that can push to this may be the most different.

It is important that the couple is putting in the concept of treason. From the point of view of psychologists, there is no bodily or moral treason – no halftone. From the moment that one of the partners allows for himself the thought of possible relations with someone on the side, he becomes a moder. And such thoughts even in happy marriages may come to the partners. This does not mean that they rope to change. Do not forget about the personal experience, the nature of man, his upbringing and beliefs.

But in families, where understanding, mutual assistance, trust, where spouses have common interests and know how to communicate with each other on any topic, treason happening much less. All important is the amount and quality of sex, the presence of common children, a common hobby, a way to carry out joint weekends, family traditions and small signs of attention to each other.

The probability of treason increases in families where there is no understanding where they do not know how to talk and solve common problems together, where partners do not feel support, ignore each other’s needs. In this case, the probability of male treason will always be somewhat higher than the likelihood of feminine, but mutual treason is not excluded.

About why we change, who are more often men or women, how to forgive, look in the following video.

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