3D designer: specifics, pros and cons profession

3D designer: specifics, pros and cons profession

Three-dimensional graphics – relatively new invention of man. Another 50 years ago, there was no such profession as a 3D designer or a visualizer, but with the development of technological opportunities we received not only a completely new kind of artistic graphics, but also a lot of jobs.

Specificity and profession

Now 3D is one of the most promising artistic directions. Three-dimensional graphics are used everywhere: from the design of the landscape and interior and before the development of advertising banners and clothing.

The specificity of the profession is such that designer jewelry, fashion designer, character artist – this is still not all posts, on which competent 3D designer can claim.

Pros and cons profession

As in any other case, in the work of 3D-Shnik there is both the advantages and disadvantages, and here are some of them.

Let’s start with the plus.

  • Competitive salary, Compared to other occupations in the labor market. Of course, to achieve her, you will have to try.

  • Huge number of jobs and individual orders. In rapidly developing companies, not only specialists are always required, but also students for this profession. And even if you do not want to work on any company, on the Internet exchanges can always find many private orders, for the execution of which they pay well.

  • Creative activity. No matter how strict the framework, in which the customer drives you, only you decide how the final result will look like. This is not a monotonous office work to which many are accustomed.

  • Ability to work directly from the house. Now many companies do not keep their employees in stuffy offices, and allow them to work remotely from home, coming to work only a couple of times a week.

Cons also eat, and they need to take into account.

  • High competition. This applies, rather, to low-qualified specialists, the number of which is very large. Employers are not hurry to take newcomers to themselves, spend time and money on their training and career growth. They are much more profitable to take already a knowledgeable and experienced person who will immediately get out of business.

  • Need for permanent learning. Design, like fashion, extremely inconsistent and changing day from day. And what you did literally yesterday, today may not be relevant. The same happens with 3D. All the time new programs come out, as well as additions to the old, new features that simplify the work process that improve the result appear. Therefore, without constant practice and observation of trends, you quickly lose your competitiveness before the employer.

  • Complexity of learning and personal creative search. Not everyone is suitable for this area of ​​activity. And even in the industry, people have a technical education, the lack of artistic taste can be a big problem.

Official duties

All operation 3D designer can be reduced to two simple items:

  • Creating three-dimensional models+

  • Their animation.

But depending on the field of activity Responsibilities are distorted (according to the need). So, the character designer creates three-dimensional models for games, movies and commercial video. His work is based on the drawings of the artist on concepts. And it is he who is looking for that very line between the beauty and functionality of the model. Often the designer is limited by a certain number of polygons that it can use. This is done so that the user’s computer, which will work with the model, could follow and use all its details.

3D animator creates not just static models, but engaged in their animation.

Despite the fact that from year to year work equipment is improved, the classical principles created by Walt Disney are based on the work of the animators.

Personal qualities and work skills

A good 3D designer must have the following qualities and work skills.


  • Developed sense of style+

  • observation+

  • Pottleness+

  • responsibility+

  • Understanding the basic bases of animation+

  • Creative thinking and imagination.

Skills and abilities:

  • Highly and low poly modeling+

  • Creating images by photography, photorealism+

  • High-level English to work with documentation+

  • Knowledge and understanding of artistic styles+

  • Ability to work in modern 3D packages (Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS MAX, BLENDER).

Training and salary

You can learn 3D modeling, both at home and in educational institutions. Now in the courses of many both state and non-state universities include learning programs for working with three-dimensional graphics.

Salary in Russia for designer is about 28,000 rubles. In Moscow, this figure rises to 63,000, and in St. Petersburg – 43000.

Of course, the student earns a lot less than these figures, but career growth in any company will not make himself wait long.

About work 3d designer see further.

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