All about creating a portfolio for a photographer

All about creating a portfolio for a photographer

Most people when choosing a photographer for a solemn event (for example, for a wedding or anniversary) focus on his portfolio. That is why every professional knows how important it is to properly compose. Today in our article we will talk about what you need a portfolio photographer, and what kind of types there are.

For what is needed?

Portfolio is a meeting of the author’s works. With the help of it, a person must understand the style of the photographer and decide how much it corresponds to his own vision. Thus, the portfolio decides several serious tasks at once: It creates a visual series of work, and also attracts the attention of the audience. Collection of work should be every photographer.

It will help to demonstrate your skills and skills even a completely unfamiliar person and save time (you do not need to try to tell about your experience, just show the portfolio).


Currently, there are a wide variety of types of portfolio. It is constituted both universal photographers and those masters who specialize in one sphere, for example, on reportage or wedding photos. Collection of photos should even be narrowly removed specialists who shoot out candid photos.

In general, today allocate 2 main types of portfolio: digital and printed. They differ depending on whether there is a document only in electronic form or there is its paper copy. The main advantage of the digital portfolio is the lack of geographic restrictions, so your work person can browse from anywhere in the globe.

Consider in more detail the subspecies of digital and printed portfolio.

Personal site

A portfolio website or a business card site is no different from any other website. Wherein The main content is the work of the photographer. The main advantage of your own site is The possibility of maximum individualization. Thus, the viewer can immediately understand your individual style.

On the other hand, the creation of your own site takes a large amount of time, effort and requires material costs.

Social media

Any photographer can quickly and easily create your own Digital portfolio on the site of any social network (for example, in Instagram). Wherein the process will not require any financial costs, and you can get a large number of fans.

    However, it is necessary to remember the existing restrictions: for example, a person (your potential customer) must be a user of the selected social platform.

    Slide show

    Your author’s work in electronic form you can present in the slideshow format. To create a similar portfolio, you will not have to spend material agents, while according to the result, viewers will be able to enjoy pictures of sufficiently high quality. At the same time, today the format of the slideshow is considered somewhat outdated and can scare away a young audience.

    Printed photos

    Printed photos give a special feeling of tactivity, what can not be achieved using an electronic portfolio. Such a kind of assessment of the authors will prefer representatives of the older generation, which are not accustomed to work with gadgets and devices. If you wish, the photo can be collected in a photo book than you significantly simplify the process of viewing by your users. At the same time, it is worth keeping in mind that such a portfolio format is expensive (especially if you plan to update it often).

    Thanks to such a wide variety of possible varieties of portfolio, each photographer will be able to pick up that optimal version that will meet all its individual wishes. Many professionals simultaneously create both digital, and printed portfolio. So they satisfy the needs of a wider range of customers. In this case, the printed version may consist of traditional photos, which are always relevant and interesting, and the original ideas and unusual ideas can be included in the digital portfolio.

    How to do?

    Professional photographer without any difficulty can Make a portfolio alone. First of all, in order to create a collection of photos, you need to work samples and examples of work, as well as to decide on your own style.

    Specialists advise to follow several simple rules.

    • Use only high-quality photos. Each photographer was once a newcomer. He participated in his first filming and worked with the first customers. However, the photos that you did in the process of your training and formation as a specialist, in a professional portfolio, not recommended. On the contrary, you must use only the highest quality and interesting photos, the works you are proud.

    • Diversity. To date, in the professional community of photographers, you can find various professionals: those who specialize in creating photos of the same type (for example, wedding or portrait photographers), as well as universal professionals who are willing to take any job. Anyway, but your portfolio should be the most diverse as possible.

    Try to use the most diverse and unusual photos, So you will understand the customer that is not afraid to experiment and will be ready to listen to his suggestions.

    • Originality. To create a portfolio It is recommended to use not only traditional pictures, but also photos with original, bright and unique ideas. For example, it can be costumed photo sessions, pictures with exotic animals or photos in unusual places. Show the potential customer that you have a raisin that you are different from other photographers.

    Remember that the classic photo shoots have long come out of fashion. Your portfolio you should try to attract young customers.

    • Do not use the author’s logo. The logo of the photographer in his works is the first sign of the novice. Despite the fact that, refusing to apply the author’s symbolism to your picture, you risk the fact that the work will be stolen and used without your knowledge and permission (first of all we are talking about digital photos), this choice makes it possible to understand the viewer and the potential customer that you not vain, you enjoy the process and strive to get the best result, and do not chase for glory.

    • Photos without photoshop. Photoshop and other photo edits are the best assistants of any professional photographer. However, in your portfolio, there must be several pictures that are made and printed without additional intervention, no correction and corrections. It is these works that best allow the client to assess the level of your professionalism.

    Thus, the creation of a portfolio is a long and complex process that will require a large amount of your efforts. That’s why Collect your best works together follows only some time. Newbies in the field of photography to start should develop their skills and decide on their own style, which will distinguish them from other photographers.

    Tips for specialists

    Currently, there are a large number of professional photographers portfolio on the Internet. You can find works as newcomers and advanced professionals. In order to prevent the errors of your predecessors when drawing up your copyright collection of photos, should be guided by the advice given below.

    • Learn from the best. Constantly inspire the works of the best photographers: attend their exhibitions and galleries, learn photos on the Internet. At the same time, it is not necessary to copy worldwide recognized geniuses, but it is possible to strive for the level of their skill, you can take an example.

    • Look for your style. Photography is a real art, and each individual author can rightly call himself an artist. To date, there are practically no rules in this creative sphere. That is why every person is wave to create what his heart tells him.

    If you finally decided to connect your fate with the career of the photographer, then You need to find your own style, your individual handwriting. This will allocate you from thousands of other artists.

    It is due to the invisible at first glance, your viewer will distinguish your work from any other.

    • Regularly update the portfolio. Portfolio is a document that must comply with your current state, it must reflect your experience, your skills and your world weight. That is why the portfolio cannot be made up 1 time and for life. Collected photos should be constantly updated (at least 1 time per year).

    Thus, the viewer will be able to observe your progress and growth, for your condition of the soul and mood, for the evolution of your style. If only old photos are in your portfolio in your portfolio, then you create an untrouded impression of yourself as an artist.

    It may negatively affect the process of direct work on the project entrusted to you.

    • Do not be afraid of critics. Each photographer is criticized. The thing is that art is extremely subjective. In the world, there is not a single artist, not a single artist, not a single musician and a single photographer who liked everyone without exception. However, many newcomers, seeking to please as many people as possible, make mediocre and standard photos, afraid to show their uniqueness, their personal vision, which makes them interesting photographers.

    • Improve. Each your subsequent photo should be better than the previous one, and the updated portfolio must be completely outdated. So you and your viewers will be able to watch the process of your professional development in practically real-time.

    Mapping portfolio is an important and responsible task for any photographer. This collection of photos, in fact, reflects the inside world of the author. Exactly by The portfolio is oriented potential customers, and therefore, it is necessary to compose this document with all seriousness and thoroughness.

    About how the photographer’s portfolio should look like, you can find out below.

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