All about jewelry sellers

All about jewelry sellers

Shops selling jewelry, most of our fellow citizens attend special cases. And this is quite understandable, because coming to a similar place, we spend on the purchase of jewels. Large money amounts. That’s why Sellers consultants in jewelry stores must have a list of certain qualities, thanks to which the organization will be provided with a stable income, and customers will be satisfied with their purchase and level of service. All about sellers of jewelry will be discussed in this material.

What is this job?

Jewelry at all times were considered the most suitable gifts for any solemn event. However, choose a suitable decoration that corresponds to the requests of the perpetrator of the celebration and the thickness of the buyer’s wallet – not the most simple task. In this case, the competent sales consultant will become a real “chopstick”, capable of helping the client to decide on the choice of the product and remain satisfied with the purchase. So, the main functions of the seller of jewelry include the following:

  • Quality Customer Service+
  • Providing the most complete and truthful information about this or another product+
  • Compliance with a sales plan+
  • Ensuring the safety of goods and not the assumption of wasting money, reversed from the sale of jewelry+
  • Maintaining internal documentation+
  • Control of the cost of products and availability of price tags with current information.

There is a common belief that high-quality jewelry do not need an active presentation, because the truly standing thing will buy and so. However, the practice shows that the statement is rooted incorrectly.

Among ordinary alone, there are not so many specialists who can appreciate the qualities of one or another decoration, so for most of us the help of a professional seller-consultant in such matters is simply necessary.


Professional Seller Skills in Jewelry Store must cover the overall level of basic concepts about sales technologies, However, in addition, it requires knowledge and narrow specific information, namely:

  • Full range of store products+
  • Properties of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) and their alloys+
  • Basic concepts about the characteristics of stones (precious, semi-precious, synthetic), types of cut+
  • Types of diamonds+
  • Methods of weaving chains, their characteristics+
  • Types of fasteners on earrings, chains and other+
  • New fashion trends in jewelry world.

Depending on the level of the cabin of jewelry, the requirements for the management of the Organization to the Seller consultant may contain compulsory possession of a foreign language, as well as the availability of experience in the stores of such a focus. Personal requirements for the precious product seller in most cases consist of the following items:

  • External appeal (presentable view, tidy and other)+
  • Good language proficiency+
  • Emotional stability+
  • Responsible attitude to work+
  • sociability+
  • politeness+
  • discipline.

In addition to the listed, the seller of jewelry should have a good memory, because he will have to keep a large number of prices in the head, product characteristics, as well as monitor the storage conditions of expensive jewelry.


The seller-consultant of jewelry refers to the category of technical performers is in direct submission from the head (director) of the salon. It follows from this that such an employee is hired and is dismissed by order of the director of the company. Such an employee must know and follow the following rules:

  • Internal employment regulation+
  • customer service+
  • records management+
  • Safety technique+
  • fire safety.

In his work, the Seller Consultant of the Jewelry Store must be guided, in addition to corporate standards and direct orders of the authorities, legislative norms “On the protection of consumer rights”.

The job description of the seller-consultant jewelry includes the following functions:

  • High-quality consulting of customers of the store and the sale of goods+
  • Supervision of products+
  • Regular inventory+
  • Compilation of the order of economic and stationery+
  • Reception and preparation of precious products for implementation+
  • Reporting information about promotions and advertising information before buyers+
  • Showcase design+
  • Resolution of conflict situations in case of complaints from the client+
  • Timely provision at the request of the buyer “Books of complaints and suggestions”.

In addition, the sales assistant in the jewelry store Must to convey to the management of information about all freelance situations, as well as attend the collections of the Labor Group. Professional sales consultant can make personal innovation proposals that can improve the efficiency of the store and increase its income.

In addition, it has the right to demand from the authorities to ensure all the necessary conditions for the qualitative fulfillment of its duties.


Training of a professional seller-consultant jewelry consists of two components:

  • Receipt of commercial education General Directivity, which can be obtained from college, technical school or professional lyceum+
  • Obtaining additional qualifications, allowing to work in the realization of jewelry + most often such training The seller takes place in special courses, after the end of which it is issued to the corresponding certificate.

How much earns?

    The remuneration of the seller in the jewelry store depends on the following factors:

    • Salon level+
    • Degree of professionalism+
    • region.

    In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the salary of sales consultants of precious products varies within 45-85 thousand. rubles. In the regions of salaries of such specialists is approximately 25-50 thousand. rubles.

    About what sellers are better to type in the jewelry salon, look in the video.

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